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Fight – LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus

So last night Samsung and LG announced their new flagship phones. So firstly, which is best out of the phones and then how do they compare to the iPhone 6S Plus.

Well the decision is not clear cut and really depends on your personal priorities. However, these are my thoughts on each phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – This is the most attractive phone out of the bunch. The super amoled screen is gorgeous and using this tech for the always on screen is really good. For gaming, the Vulkan API is a great step forward, once developers support the API in their games. Quick wireless charging is good too as well as having larger batteries than last year’s model. Whilst the micro SD card has returned, the maximum storage is 32gb. Unfortunately, the S7 Edge does not support adoptable storage, nor does it support the latest USB-C standard. But it does have Gorilla Glass 5. Samsung has gone to town with its 12mp rear camera which has large pixels. Virtual Reality is also being heavily pushed. However, my experience of a Samsung VR headset involved feeling very sick. The accessories for the S7 Edge are decent too, from official cases and a case that has add on camera lenses. What is unknown is how good the loudspeaker is, and how good is the sound via headphones? Is there a HiFi DAC included? Personally, if I already had the S6 Edge, I wouldn’t upgrade to this phone. Samsung Pay is coming to the UK this year, but no firm date has been provided yet. However, when it does arrive, it will work with all terminals and not just contactless ones.

LG G5 – The design or look is just average. I need to see it in person, but from all the media footage it doesn’t inspire me. However from a specification point of view, the G5 appears to trounce the S7 Edge. Stunning IPS display capable of 850 nits. Really amazing camera with wide angle shots and some pretty funky options in the camera app. APT-X High Definition, infra red blaster, extra plug-in modules, and the kitchen sink. However, it doesn’t have any payment options unless Android Pay arrives soon. The Friends accessories are geeky too. So on paper it is likely the G5 will take high resolution photos and sound much better with headphones. The loudspeaker sound is unknown. What is also unknown is how the 16mp camera really compares versus the 12mp camera of the S7. Hard evidence is needed before being conclusive. Of course, it could depend on what type of environment you take photos in, which ends up dictating which phone camera suits you better. You may find having the option to shoot wide angle photos more useful than low light. With the G5 you won’t need to use an add on lens for wide angle shots that you will need with the S7.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus – So on paper it looks like the above phones will take better still photos, and in lower light this is quite likely. However, iOS is fortunate enough to have amazing apps, and therefore with the right apps, incredible low noise, low light photos are possible. There are no alternatives on android for these type of apps. iOS also has better apps, 3D Touch, a more advanced app eco system making use of 3D Touch and Apple Pay in full force. There are a number of aspects of both the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that wipe the floor of the iPhone from a hardware point of view, but iOS is supported by good software services , like iMessage and FaceTime. The iPhone is also 6 months old now, and 18 months into its product change cycle. The iPhone 7 could streak ahead of the Samsung and LG, or just level the field from a specs point of view. For example, whilst Samsung has introduced Vulkan API, Apple has been using metal for ages. However, Samsung clearly has the lead on VR, along with a decent number of VR apps already. But like everything, iOS offers some fabulous extras.

To pick a winner is a difficult choice. But I will in due course. Will the iPhone 6S Plus be history?? 🙂

iPhone 6S Plus vs Asus Zenfone Zoom vs LG V10 – 3 Way Camera Shootout

I am currently using an iPhone 6S Plus which has my main sim along with a Huawei G8 in backup. Well in about a week I should have the Asus Zenfone Zoom. Check out the video below to see what’s unique about this phone. 

Shortly after the Asus Zenfone Zoom arrives I will receive the LG V10. The good news is that I will have the phones all available to carry out a 3 way camera shootout with my iPhone 6S Plus. I will use a Sony RX100 as a measure to compare how much better or worse each of these 3 phones compare to a dedicated camera with a decent one inch sensor found in the Sony RX100. 


As the Asus Zenfone Zoom is likely to arrive first, I will start with some camera shots from it and then carry out some comparisons with the iPhone 6S Plus until the LG V10 arrives. I could include the Huawei G8 in some of the shots too. 

However, I wouldn’t mind knowing if there are any particular aspects of the Asus Zenfone Zoom or the European LG V10 that you would like mean to cover off in terms of the camera and hardware/software. Both phones will also have a full review written in due course. 

Filming 4K on the iPhone 6S Plus

So you have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus. 


With a tripod and a few extra pieces you can start to get creative. Attached to the tripod is TARION Model TR-S120 Track Slider Stabilizer which in turn has the ShoulderPod S1 Smartphone Grip and R1 Pro.

On the Shoulderpod R1 Pro is the Sony QX10 and HTC Re used for a few stills. The below video shows a shot of the church, taken on the iPhone 6S Plus, HTC Re and Sony QX10. Each photo is labelled. Finally the iPhone 6S Plus is used to film in 4K using the slider for effect.

Light Trails on the iPhone 6S Plus

The Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus come with a rather simple but easy to use camera app. 

But what if you want to take create special effects for example, light trails. 

Well below are a few examples of what is possible using a third party app called Nightcap Pro. 

Nightcap Pro also have a long exposure mode which has the ability to take superb night shots. 

The photos above have been compressed down from 13mb to 1mb.

Truly simple photos to create as well. 

Apple iPhone 6S Plus – A variety of camera footage demonstrating the magic of the 12mp camera!

Apple made a big point at just how good its new 12mp sensor was on the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. I have taken a variety of footage, both video, photos and timelapse and below is a selection of what was possible.

Please allow a few minutess for all the photos to appear if they do not appear straight away. Click on all footage to gain access to the original version.

Timelapse Mode – Impressive as taken on a windy day too which meant iPhone 6S Plus was moving on tripod.

4K Video. Play clip to the end to view a quick breathtaking view across Dartmoor.

Photos – A selection including panoramic mode

St Andrews Church, Whitchurch #iphone6Splus

I'm watching YOU #Tiggy #iphone6Splus

Out to Sea - Views of Newquay #iphone6Splus

The Rock #Goliath #Roborough #Common with Dartmoor in the distance #iphone6splus

Staple Tor, Dartmoor with George #iphone6splus

Sunrise over the summit of Staple Tor, Dartmoor

Pink Pink Macro Flowers #macro #unedited #iphone6splus

Staple Tor, Dartmoor

Believer Forest #panoramic #iphone6splus

The Chase - Tiggy & Fury dash through the water on Dartmoor

Sunrise over Great and Little Mis Tor, Dartmoor #iphone6splus

Beautiful sunset on Dartmoor tonight

Beautiful but cold - Dartmoor at 6pm Today

Summit of Great Mis Tor, Dartmoor

The Bench with a View #Dartmoor #iphone6splus

Pink Pink Macro Flowers #macro #unedited #iphone6splus

Stunning Panorama over Dartmoor #iPhone6SPlus

Recent Phone, Bluetooth Headphones and Audio Equipment reviews

There have been several reviews over the last few weeks. Below are the links. Over the next few weeks there will be more reviews covering new smartphones and the brand new Chord Mojo which has taken the audio world by storm.

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How’s the iPhone 6S Plus and Apple Watch going?

Let’s start off with another change of heart. iCloud Photos and iTunes Match is binned forever. Neither works for me and are both pointless and a PITA.

I am never going to use iTunes Match. It provides a copy of my music at a lower bitrate than what I have encoded. It once again uses my broadband which is not as fast as using a cable.

Apart from the sync issues of iCloud Photos, I kept getting a phantom photo that was always waiting to upload. I thought I had solved this by finding the single photo that was the culprit, deleting it, but only for the problem to resurrect itself a few days later. Turning off iCloud Photos didn’t solve the phantom photo. Also, if you turn off iCloud Photos on your Mac you need to reboot your Mac for the changes to work.

So I to remove the phantom photo. I wiped my iPhone clean and started again as a fresh device. Another PITA. However, I now have a solid phone which gives me up to 2 days battery life.

Despite all of the above the iPhone is a joy now to use, except the Apple Watch is actually annoying me over how it is designed to notify you. Basically, whilst wearing the Apple Watch, with your iPhone screen off, you won’t hear any notifications of any kind except if you receive a telephone call. Now you can set the Apple Watch to make a ping or taptic vibration, but the ping is just the same sound and impossible to differentiate between the different app notification tones. There is no option as far as I can see to allow the iPhone to makes sounds even if watch is on your wrist. I have missed several taps on my wrist and consequently the notification. Apart from that the Apple Watch is good, not brilliant. Sometimes Siri is slow to respond and apps can take an eternity to load. The Apple Watch is despite its flaws a stunning piece of kit.

I am also in the process of testing the iPhone 6S Plus for low light and the results are astoundingly amazing, much better than any review I have read recently. I am hoping to have this test completed over the next week or so.

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