Photography – Hardware,Apps, Editorials & Accessories

Welcome to my new review section covering photography with a slant to mobile photography accessories and lenses.

Smartphone Camera Mounts & Tripod & Tripod Accessories

Glif+ for iPhone 5 review
Shoulderpod S1 smartphone rig review
Zecti Aluminium Ball Head review
Zecti 55inch Aluminium Tripod review

Mobile Cameras and or Lenses

Apple iPhone 6S – Using Clip on Lenses – review
Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Portrait Mode Tips and Tricks

DJI Osmo Mobile review
HTC Re Camera Review

LG 360 Cam – Review
LG G5 Cam Plus review

Olloclip 3 in 1 Lens review for iPhone 5

Samsung Gear 360 First Impressions 
Samsung Official Lens Cover for S7 and S7 Edge – Review
Samsung Official Lens Cover for S7 and S7 Edge – Telephoto Lens put to the Test

Sony QX10 and QX100 – 13 Part master review

Editorials and Apps

Shot and Edited on an iPhone 6S Plus – Details of which apps and how