FedEx has had enough- starts legal action against the Department of Commerce after Huawei package misrouting- full details

FedEx is suing the United States Department of Commerce, claiming that it has been essentially deputised to enforce its trade blacklist.
In a statement today about the lawsuit, FedEx said that the current export ban places an unreasonable burden on FedEx to police the millions of shipments that transit our network every day. Filed on Monday, the lawsuit asks the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia to stop the Department of Commerce from enforcing prohibitions in the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) against FedEx.

The whole saga needs to end as soon as possible.



FedEX refused to deliver a Huawei Phone in the US – My Unabridged Opinion!

What is Fedex smoking?

Journalists from PC Magazine tweeted that they tried to ship a Huawei P30 from their UK office to their US office. A few days later it got returned after having previously actually arrived in the USA ready for delivery.

PCMag clearly labelled the package as to the contents. It was shipped all the way from London to Indianapolis. First using Parcelforce in the UK, and then transferred to its partner FedEx. Then a legal issue emerged and the shipment was returned to the UK with the attached notice, “US government issue with Huawei and China government.”

This is utter nonsense, and guess what UPS tweeted PC Mag and offered to deliver the package for them. Nobody should use FedEx after this saga. Stupidity at the highest level.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – the latest on the camera

Twitter leaker with a good track record, Ice Universe, tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 camera will offer the ability to switch between three apertures (f/1.5, f/1.8, and f/2.4). Ice Universe claims that Samsung China engineers revealed this news,

If this is true this will make for an interesting camera performance, but of course this all could be great marketing, with the end results no different from other phones.

What is more worrying, is Samsung may be ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack. Not long until we find out on the 7th August.

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Honor 20 generates record sales in China – now available globally – details

The Honor 20 took China by storm and now its on sale globally, from today. the Honor 20 is going global starting today, in the UK, EU, and Asia. Today, June 21.

The Honor 20 will be available to purchase in the UK (£399.99), Russia (RUB 27,990), France (€499.00), Germany (€499.00) and Malaysia (RM 1,699). Those in Italy (€499.00) and The Netherlands (€499.00) will see the Honor 20 on June 24, India (INR 32,999) on June 25, Poland (PLN 1999) on June 28, and Spain (€499.00) at the beginning of July.

The Honor 20 Pro will see a global roll-out shortly.


LG V50 Thinq Camera Review including 120 Stunning Photos & Comparison Galaxy S10 vs Huawei P30 Pro

Welcome to my camera review of the LG V50 Thinq. This is a detailed review covering a multitude of sub topics covering the camera. There is also a comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 Pro.

Index to Review

– O mins 0 seconds – Front Video Camera
– 0 mins 33 seconds – Camera App Deep Dive plus tips and tricks
– 4 mins 45 seconds – Special Camera Modes sample footage
– 8 mins 14 seconds – Manual Photo and Manual Video
– 10 mins 40 seconds – Video Samples incl Manual Video, HDR10 Video, Manual Slow Motion Video
– 14 mins 10 seconds – LG V50 Thinq vs Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera Comparision
– 22 mins 30 seconds – 120+ Photos from the LG V50 Thinq
– 28 mins 26 seconds – Final Thoughts

Other posts on the LG V50 Thinq include –

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Useful Links

LG V50 Thinq on Amazon

5 x Bee Shots ALL photographed using the LG V50 Thinq – The Phone with 5G

Photographing bees isn’t the easiest thing to capture. Bees move, the sting if you’re not careful and using your phone isn’t always the best option.

However, the LG V50 Thinq has a little trick up its sleeve that I will reveal in my Camera Review which goes live tomorrow.

The Camera Review will also include a mini tutorial of the camera app, how to gets the best shots from the app, and live samples of the camera modes.

I will also show some of the editing options you can perform after taking the shot.

In addition to photos, video will be covered off too, with footage and more covering the auto and manual options.

The LG V50 Thinq is full of surprises!

The Camera Review will include a photo gallery at the end of over 120 photos.

Facebook launching its own digital wallet – full details

Facebook has announced Calibra, a brand new digital wallet that would see the social media giant handle your digital transactions and currency. It goes hand-in-hand with Libra, Facebook’s own cryptocurrency that they are working on, and would allow users to very easily share money with each other to buy things, split bills, or whatever else you might need.

Except, would you really trust facebook with your money?


Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Note 10 on 7th August – More details of the Galaxy Note 10

Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy Note 10 at the same location as they did for the Galaxy Note 9, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The Galaxy Note 10 via leaked renders earlier this month, pick up on the fact of the lack of a headphone jack. It also looks like Samsung is set to roll out two models — a standard version with a 6.28-inch screen, and a Pro variant with a massive 6.75-inch display.

In addition to the loss of the 3.5mm jack, Samsung is said to be getting rid of the Bixby button. Round the back, we’re likely to see four cameras, with the introduction of a time-of-flight module.

So what do you think of the new design and the lack of the 3.5mm headphone jack?

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Huawei CEO says US ban will wipe away $30bn in revenue & more – full details

The U.S trade ban and continued war between China and Trump, has already impacted Huawei in a massive way. But now Huawei CEO went on record to reveal exactly the costs and more.

“Our revenue will be down by about $30 billion compared to forecasts. So our sales revenue this year and next will be about $100 billion,” Ren noted in a discussion in Shenzhen. The Huawei CEO expressed surprise at the extent of the U.S. trade ban.

“We didn’t expect the U.S. would so resolutely attack Huawei. We didn’t expect the U.S. would hit our supply chain in such a wide way, not only blocking the component supplies, but also our participation in international organisations,” Ren said.

Ren confirmed that Huawei’s international smartphone sales dipped by 40 percent as a consequence of the ban.

Ren, the Huawei CEO also said the firm was hoping to maintain its R&D budget, and steer clear of major asset sales or layoffs. In the case of the latter, Ren said Huawei would likely assign employees in non-core businesses to core businesses in a bid to avoid layoffs. Do you think Huawei will emerge from the U.S. ban as a stronger company? Let us know in the comments.

Some big numbers!