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Huawei Braces for a Steep Drop in Overseas Smartphone Sales – The Numbers Detailed

Huawei Technologies Co. is preparing for a 40% to 60% drop in international smartphone shipments as the Trump administration’s blacklisting hammers one of the Chinese tech giant’s most important businesses.

China’s largest technology company is crunching internal estimates and exploring options including pulling the latest model of its marquee overseas label, the Honor 20, people familiar with the matter say. The device begins selling in parts of Europe June 21 including France and the U.K., but executives are monitoring the launch and may cut off shipments if it sells poorly as expected, they said, asking not to be identified discussing internal matters. Already, two of France’s largest carriers aren’t bothering with the Honor at all, two people familiar with the matter said.

This is painful to read.

Source – Bloomberg


LumaFusion 2.0 is released – The Best Video Editing App on iOS just got turbocharged – Full Details

LumaFusion on iOS is my favourite video app. I have used it for years to produce my YouTube videos. The app is universal and works on iPhone and iPad.

The update on Sunday, consisted of an array of both engine and interface improvements. The app now supports double the number of tracks, from 6 now up to 12 — split between 6 video/audio and 6 audio-only tracks. Editors can additionally connect GNARBOX 2.0 backup SSDs, and the Photos Library supports nested folders in Album, Moments, and Media Types groups.

You can now push video to an external display, when in action, this makes room for denser editing and library views. Just imagine using your iPhone or iPad in this way. Plus if you have a keyboard, there are tons of keyboard shortcuts.

The UI has a whole has been revamped with things like a new timeline overview, and track headers that make it quicker to lock, hide, or mute. Colour coded markers can be used to flag and comment on important timestamps, and pressing and holding on the app’s new shuttle control will scrub at different speeds.

Smaller enhancements include help pop-ups, the inclusion of fonts in saved styles, and changes to trimming. It’s easier to trim clips on overwrite tracks with attached transitions, and trimming the head of a linked clip no longer re-links to a different clip.

How powerful is Luma Fusion. Well I tested Luma Fusion with 4K Pro Video Editing on an iPad Pro, iPad Air and Macbook Pro Core i7 to see which was fastest and more. Click HERE to read more and see the video.

LumaFusion put together a video of what’s new, but I can assure you its full list of what it can do is huge. It is currently being sold at its old price on the App Store but is going up soon by quite a margin.

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Tim Cook delivers Stanford Commencement Speech – Full Video

Yesterday, Tim Cook delivered the commencement address at Stanford University. During the speech, Cook recalled Steve Jobs, talked digital privacy, and more.

14 years ago, Steve Jobs delivered the commencement address, so Tim Cook’s speech at Stanford today was made even more notable. The Apple CEO explained that Stanford and Silicon Valley have long been woven together, but that recent events demand some reflection.

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LG’s Folding Dual Screen for the LG V50 Thinq Review

The LG V50 Thinq is quite a remarkable phone. It seems to have all the features anyone could ask for in a phone including triple rear cameras, dual front cameras, large 4,000mAh battery, the best 3.5mm headphone jack audio from any phone, Qi wireless charging, OLED screen and 5G.

But it also has another party trick up its sleeve. It has a folding screen accessory, called the LG Dual Screen.

So check out my review to see it in action and all the options available, including using it as a gamepad. Fortnite gamers will love using it for this.

This is the Perfect Smartphone – Finally!

Own up, who wants the perfect smartphone? Will manufacturers ever give us the perfect smartphone? Unlikely, as they need you to buy the newer model. But putting that aside and after testing 100s of smartphones, I have come to my conclusion what makes the perfect smartphone.

Let’s break it down into categories –

Screen Quality and Size

Let’s get real, a QHD display is fantastic, but for a mobile device, a decent 1080p OLED panel is all that is required. With minimal bezels, a 6.5 inch screen size is perfect.


Whilst under screen fingerprint sensors are getting really good now, nothing is a good or versatile as Face ID from the iPhone. Yes, it has a notch, but it works really well, fast and even in the dark. It enables fantastic animojis to. However, what would define this technology, would be having no notch, but with the cameras hidden beneath the display.


It’s time all phones had a 4,000mAh battery. Such are the demands we put on our phones, this should be the minimum. All day battery, should mean all day! Fast charging should also be available using USB C and with a universal fast charge system and not some proprietary one that requires a special cable and plug. So long as the phone had a 4,000mAh battery the fast charge speed is not that important. Qi Wireless charging and reverse Qi charging. This is a must. Just makes life so simple. I have the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Active Watch. All Qi chargeable. And couple this to a Qi enabled phone, and life is a dream when it comes to charging all the gadgets. All devices should be USB C.

Fluidity and UI

More 90hz screens will appear this year, and this is definitely the way to go. Smooth scrolling, lag free too. If you could take the best aspects of an iPhone with a Oneplus 7 Pro, that’s the g spot. Top of the line processors for speed, camera, multimedia performance/gaming and battery optimisations. 8gb ram to back this all up.


Quality over gimmicks. Pixel photo quality. But with more rear lenses. Ultra wide and 3 x optical zoom is all everyone needs, plus excellent macro. Panoramic shots need to be high quality as well as a good night mode. Night mode does not mean turn night in daylight. That is overkill. Video quality needs to be ultra stable right up to 4K 60fps and with exceptional audio quality on video.


Whilst companies are removing the 3.5mm headphone jack, this is so they can make more money with their bluetooth offerings. So every phone should have a 3.5mm jack, with the quality from the LG G or V series. Bluetooth 5 should be present too with all the high quality codecs.


Excellent cellular and wireless. WiFi Calling and VoLTE too.


256gb storage on all phones. Memory is cheap enough now. Optional 1TB.


Who cares, once a case is fitted, it could be black with pink spots. What does matter is having IP68 or better and some resistance to damage from accidental drops.

So what makes your perfect phone?

LG V50 Thinq – First Camera samples from the triple rear cameras

The LG V50 Thinq features 3 rear lenses and 2 lenses on the front providing superb flexibility.

Above and below are sample photos from the camera.

The main rear lens has a f stop of f/1.5 providing excellent natural bokeh.

This also means the lens is fast enough to freeze motion.

Excellent detail is also possible as you can see from the bee above.

Colours are pretty good too.

The ultra wide lens is 107°. Not as wide as the Samsung Galaxy S10 at 130°, but definitely wide enough. I was able to capture the above house without needing to step too far back.

The LG V50 Thinq also captures the mood of the weather pretty well !

So there you have it, the first camera samples from the LG V50. My camera and audio reviews for the phone are coming soon as well as my review for the LG Dual Screen accessory for the LG V50 Thinq.

How to officially remove the lock screen ads on Huawei & Honor smartphones!

Earlier today, I published news that Huawei and Honor phones were displaying adverts on the lock screen. This affected most Huawei and Honor phones.

Well, Huawei and Honor reached out to me and explained the issue, and more importantly how to remove the adverts.

See below –

Dear users, we thank you for your candid comments, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to your experience.

Please kindly be informed that we have taken down those lock-screen images from our servers, as they should not be appearing on lock-screen interfaces.

For the image/s already downloaded to your phone, you may delete as per following:

1) When the image appears on the screen, slide up from the bottom edge of the screen, and the operation toolbar appears;

2) Click the “Delete” button and click “Remove” in the confirmation box which pops up.

We will continue to improve our services and brings you excellent user experience.

So there we have it, added adverts into their images, that then appeared on Huawei and Honor phones.

UK tells telecom firms to be cautious over Huawei after U.S. warnings – full details

British telecom companies should show “all due caution” before using China’s Huawei equipment in their 5G networks because the government cannot ignore the warnings from the United States, its digital minister said.

Britain has found itself caught up in the diplomatic row between Washington and Beijing after the Trump administration told allies not to use Huawei’s 5G equipment for fear it could allow China to spy on sensitive communications and data.

Britain’s National Security Council, chaired by Prime Minister Theresa May, had agreed in April to allow Huawei restricted access to non-core parts of the 5G network, but that decision has been put on hold following the U.S. intervention.

“Because those decisions have been made by the U.S. relatively recently that means we have to take a step back and think carefully about them before we make our final decision,” Digital Minister Jeremy Wright told reporters.

“What that means for telecoms companies is they’ve got to make their decisions with all due caution. If there is a complete ban on the inclusion of Huawei equipment in 5G networks then of course that means what it says.”


Unbelievable – Huawei phones now show ads on the lockscreen! – Updated with Official Response

Update – see the official response and how to remove from Huawei.

According to Huawei users on Twitter, ads for the hotel reservation site are popping up on the lock screen of some Huawei and Honor smartphones. The ads seem to appear on devices using the pre-installed landscape wallpapers. They’ve been spotted in several countries — including the UK, Netherlands, Ireland, South Africa, Norway and Germany — and on various models including the latest P30 Pro.

Both Huawei and Honor representatives deny any knowledge of adding adverts to the lockscreens and are consequently investigating. It seems to point to an app which may be the culprit.

Have you seen ads on your lockscreen?

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