Connected Apps, Home & Security Devices

Below are all the reviews I have written for The Internet of Things.

The new Apple TV with Siri Remote review
Amazon Echo Dot vs Apple HomeKit vs Google Home
Lightwave RF Smart Home Products reviewed with HomeKit
Optoma 1080e Projector Review

Bosch FreshUp review

App Enabled Accessories

Belkin WeMo Smart light Bulb starter kit review
Brando Shopping Gala NFC Ring review
CEL-Fi Prime Mobile Signal Booster Review
Fake TV – review
Imperihome Pro review
miGuard A105 DIY Alarm System – review
Mipow Playbulb Rainbow review
Mipow Playbulb review
Moga Ace, Moga Pro and Moga Pro Power Game Controller Reviews
Netatmo Welcome camera review
Netatmo Urban Weather station – 5 Part review
Piper NV Smart Security Alarm System Review
Sphero Ball review


3 thoughts on “Connected Apps, Home & Security Devices

  1. For myself in Canada, I clicked on your Amazon link above, edited the URL to be Canada (at which point it still had your code in the URL), then searched for the Fake TV (at which point it no longer had your code in the URL) and bought one. I would like to know if this worked to give you some credit in which case I could do it again.

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