Piper NV Smart Security Alarm with HD Video Camera review

Piper NV Security camera

Welcome to my review of the Piper NV Smart Security Alarm with HD Camera. The Piper NV system costs £229.

Piper NV Security camera

I have now had the Piper NV for over one month before writing this review to try and see how it performs over this period.

Key Specifications

The Piper NV is a device that lets you manage and connect with your home. For starters the camera is a 180 degree HD affair. You can set the device up to capture video and send it to your phone when doors are opened and more. Notifications are customisable. You can add home automation accessories to Piper to control lights and appliances remotely, with no monthly fees or contracts. The HD camera is excellent quality and I could see everything with ease.

Setting up the Piper was as easy as downloading the app, create an account, run the setup and connecting via wiFi. There are customisable security modes: home, away and vacation. The Piper NV includes motion, sound detection, a high quality microphone and a super loud 105db siren.

With the camera you have options to pan, tilt, zoom and split screen while watching live or recorded video with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities. You can even split your screen into four independent viewing zones. On top of all that there is two-way audio.

What makes Piper NV more useful is support for Z-Wave home automation accessories. I linked up some Z-wave window and door sensors into the app and system. You can connect up to 5 Pipers.

So apart from Z-wave support the Piper NV system also support IFTTT integration. Using IFTTT I was able to get the Piper to automatically arm or disarm according to three factors:

1. Geolocation – e.g. if I was on my way home, then Piper could disarm

2. Time – e.g. at a certain time it could disarm or arm.

3. Connection to Wi-Fi – e.g. if I left home with my smartphone the Piper would arm itself

But auto arm and disarm isn’t the only IFTTT recipe. The options are only as limited as your skill with IFTTT.

During the month, the app got updated. This provide the app with a fresh new theme and provided a more streamlined experience due to –

· More intuitive layout with three tabs – Dashboard, Events and Rules

· Security modes have been simplified to ‘Armed Away’, ‘Armed Stay’ and ‘Disarmed’

· Piper View – view a live feed of all Pipers that you have linked

· Panic Slider – trigger the blaring siren directly from the dashboard

· Wireless accessory drawer – quickly see the status of every wireless accessory you have connected

· Faster app start-up

· Enhanced setup experience

If the power goes, the device does have battery back up. Also Piper offers cloud storage for up to 100 snippets of recorded events at no additional charge. That’s really cool.

One aspect which would impact the service would be if Piper NV servers were out of action. This would be the same for most other systems too.

Because I live on Dartmoor which is rural and has low internet speeds, I did notice a time delay of 10 seconds from sending an audio message to the message being pumped out of the Piper NV. A faster internet connection will improve this situation.

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a versatile security system and without any monthly charges. Recommended.

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2 thoughts on “Piper NV Smart Security Alarm with HD Video Camera review

  1. > The other aspect which would impact the service would be if Piper NV servers were out of action

    As you say, this is not something unique to this particular project, but it is quite a worrying trend: your £200+ piece of kit only works properly, perhaps even works at all, for as long as the manufacturer is willing to keep the servers running. At the point of buying, no-one knows how long that is going to be, and so is quite a gamble.

    Obviously more work/effort, but you could have a self-hosted alternative running pretty quickly, for about £100 — a cheap Wi-Fi-enabled IP camera talking to zoneminder running on a Pi 3 should do the trick, and the worry about a company choosing to stop its server goes away. (Although obviously at the cost of being fully responsible for supporting and maintaining your own kit, and the time and effort / skill in setting it up in the first place!)


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