Imperihome App for Android


I have recently been trying a number of apps to integrate my weather station, located in Princetown, with my other internet connected devices. I encountered several technical issues, but these have been resolved by using a fantastic app called Imperihome, currently available only on android. Link to Google Play Store – . For once iOS users are currently left out but I believe there will be an iOS version by year end. Imperihome provide a free (lite) version for you to try out but it won’t be long before you will be looking to buy the pro version for a few pounds or dollars.

As you can see from screen shot above, I have created a dedicated dashboard, customised it to my liking for the purpose of showing information from selected sections of my connected home. For the purpose of the above dashboard, this includes parts of my Netatmo Weather station and IP Camera. The IP Camera is used to view the sky and take a snapshot at the time I request the information. This updates as required. I have also customised the text labels and layout.

If you jump to my dedicated weather page here you will see graphs produced by Imperihome providing further information on the actual weather recorded. An example is as below –

But back to Imperihome. For sharing my weather information, I have created a dedicated page (dashboard) with Imperihome. However, if you head over to Imperihome’s website you will see you can connect so much more and create additional dashboards or a list view with many connected devices including Netatmo, an MJPegIP Camera, Eco Devices, Koubachi, Vera, Zibase, Zipabox, eedomus, IPX800 v3, Lightmanager. You can even integrate Imperihome with Tasker app. Imperihome also comes with tablet enabled views and the customisation is endless.

So what do all the above systems mean this app can control – Switches, Sensors, Dimmers, Shutters,IP cameras,Thermostats,Locks and Scenes. Basically you can control you whole house. There is more. Options for –
-Voice recognition
-NFC Tags actions
-Support for Samsung’s multi-window
-Shortcuts to launch scenes, start voice recognition, and watch camera from Android launcher
-Sony Smartwatch 2 integration
-Tablet optimized landscape layout that matches the “wall mounted tablet” use case
-Different layouts fully customizable
-Place holders for smart widgets
-Automatic wake-up using camera move detection

I have to say, I have downloaded and bought many apps in my time. I would estimate in the region of 2,000 apps/games in the last 10 years, but by far the most useful and intelligent app is Imperihome. If you head over to their website, you will see screenshots for many other applications, from plant maintenance, home security, home automation and so much more.

Imperihome is highly recommended.

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