Sony Xperia Z2 – more second thoughts

I’ve had the Sony Xperia Z2 for nearly 4 days, thanks to Clove Technology.

In this time, I’ve reacquainted myself with the Z2 after my initial time with it at release. I’ve also owned the Z1 and Z1 Compact, and without a doubt I think the Z2 is the best yet from Sony mainly due to the best screen that doesn’t feature the pre applied Sony screen protector. Also the profile size and comfort in the hand has been tweaked rather well.

So how has the Z2 performed during the time I’ve had it so far. Rather admirably to be honest. The loudspeakers are reasonable so if you did want to listen to a podcast the stereo speakers are acceptable. The screen is fine too although sunlight was a struggle to see anything on the screen. The headphone sound output was stunning. Sony really excel here with their sound quality. Sony also feature events. So for example when you plug in headphones, or connect to a Bluetooth device or plug the charger in, you can configure it to then carry out another action.

There is also a selection of Sony software from tools, media, and even aTV remote. In addition if if you have other Sony devices like a TV or Playstation then the Z2 becomes even more useful as the devices work well together in an Eco system.

The Z2 is slab like with a more pronounced rectangle shape. This means it’s not the most comfortable phone to hold, but it is one of the better looking designs so long as you like larger bezels on the front of your phone. But then the larger bezels also help provide the IP68 waterproof rating. Also, as the phone has a dedicated two stage hardware camera button, you can take photos and film video underwater.

Talking about the camera, this is by far the best incarnation of the 20.7mp sensor Sony has achieved. The shots are good, with some fun camera modes and some more serious options for photographers. Moving targets were easy to capture. Auto mode was super fast. There is an option to start the camera using the hardware camera button and take a photo immediately. On some situations the photos possessed too much noise and processing artefacts. Low light shots on still objects were okay.

I was trying to think how I would rank this against the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5. For me personally, the S5 is the best option but even though all these phones run google android they couldn’t be more different in the user experience. So ultimately, it depends on what YOU want and what matters most to YOU.

My thanks again to Clove Technology. For all your smartphone needs head over to them. Click here..


3 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Z2 – more second thoughts

  1. I have loved my Z2 from the start and have it customised to my requirements (inc double tap to switch On/Off) and with each update it just gets better.
    If I had to be REALLY PICKY it would be the shape can at times make it troublesome to hold but to that I purchased a soft gel case to make it super grippy.

    All this however won’t stop me from taking an early option on an LG G3. I will happily run both phones and use accordingly to their situation and requirement.


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