Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – review – update

I’ve been slightly distracted as I’ve had the Sony Xperia Z2 in the house.

However,  I’ve still been using the K Zoom to try and improve the user experience for me and also solve some of the battery drain issues.

Let’s start with the battery drain issues. I thought the high temperature had caused the battery to plummet but actually I’m now seeing if the new version of SwiftKey is the cause. I was using Google keyboard which worked really well but my typing speed on SwiftKey is seriously fast. When I’ve had a few more days usage I will report back. I did turn off swiftkey trending in the app settings and this seems to have helped a little.


One of the  phones widgets is the camera widget. I thought it had the fixed Pro Suggest camera launch mode and then 6 app options user selectable. Then by accident I realized it moved to reveal another 6 boxes for adding more apps.


As you can see my selection is all photo editing related. I just wish you could select which mode to launch the camera.

Bluetooth music streaming with my AKG K845 headphones is still not consistent with many dropouts. Fortunately, these headphones can also be used wired.

I now have a cheap eBay case for the phone, all of £2.90. But still no case from Samsung which was promised as part of the pre order.

I think despite a few issues I’m having with this device it is by far brilliant for my needs and is going to be near impossible to change this for anything else as my main driver.



1 thought on “Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – review – update

  1. Can you use the flash as a torch for night time video recording?
    Also I noticed that when using pro suggest settings such as a night shot, the flash does not get used.
    Whilst using miracast it seems you cannot play video,only files and photos.


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