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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – Huge 26 Part Review

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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – one last point

I have had the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom for over 6 weeks now as I mentioned in my final conclusion post last week.

However, I do have one beef with the K Zoom which I forgot to mention. Somehow, and on a regular basis, a film of dirt seems to appear on the lens. I did wonder why the user manual mentioned wiping the lens from time to time. Now I know why! The annoying part is that I didn’t realise this until I examined all my photos from a day out and realised most were ruined. So now, before I start a session, I check the lens.

Apart from that it is a unique piece of kit which I intend to keep for a very long time.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – The Final Part – Part 1

This is the final part of my review on the K Zoom. Final Part 1 since a newer firmware might change things for better or worse later on in the future.

In my last post https://gavinsgadgets.wordpress.com/2014/07/15/why-the-samsung-galaxy-k-zoom-is-winning/ I mentioned the K Zoom was winning. It still is, but it no longer used as my main device/phone. This duty has moved to the amazing LG G3.

However, the K Zoom is still carried with me at all times. It compliments the LG G3 due to the optical zoom, xenon flash and wide angled lens, plus it runs android so connects to my G3 as easy as ABC.

Continuing the easy as ABC theme, because it runs android kitkat, you have a full feature Google Play app store at your disposal, along with the Samsung Camera and Studio Editing apps, with simplicity at the fore front.

For example, the camera has many modes and creative options. So if you are visiting a waterfall, just select waterfall mode. There are other modes like fireworks, indoor party, night, HDR, snow, sunset and so on and on. With all its modes, it makes it so easy to always capture that moment in front of you regardless of the conditions. It is not DSLR quality but at least I know I have never not been able to capture something. In fact I have used Shot and More mode, then the Drama selection many times and all to great success.

I even considered at one point changing the K Zoom for a dedicated compact zoom camera but there is nothing quite like the K Zoom. It is already fairly compact, has the advantage of android kitkat and if I so desired I could put my micro sim back into it and use it happily as a standalone smartphone.

However, at the moment, it is used as a connected camera and this shall be the case for the future months and years.

Why the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is winning

With the LG G3 in the house fighting for top spot, I have been wondering why the K Zoom is winning.

For a start it has issues. Less since the software update. But it is fat and needs to go on a diet. It has a bulge sticking out for the zoom lens.

And yet I have no desire to sell or return the phone to Samsung, not that I can anymore either.

So why is it front of house? Simply, it is running android which has an excellent selection of apps. Samsung include a superb array of editing apps too and a huge selection of camera shooting modes to ensure you always will photograph the view in front, from action shots, panoramic, HDR, creative shots, waterfalls, light traces, fireworks and more. It takes the pain out of any guesswork.

But what else, well it has a full suite of connectivity options from WiFi, Bluetooth, DLNA and more. It is also a phone. The photos it takes are not class leading, but they are on the whole really excellent and shots I would not have been able to shoot on any other smartphone.

So the K Zoom is a winner.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom software update – includes camera too


I was greeted this morning with the first software update for the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. It’s installing now, so let’s hope my Bluetooth music streaming is fixed and the camera is tweaked in auto mode. I will report back tomorrow. Update. Camera firmware has been updated.

Also, the Samsung Apps app is now Galaxy Apps. New icon and interface.



Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – official Samsung Protective case


A few days ago, I showed you a few cases from eBay that I had for the K Zoom. Well finally, I have from Samsung their official protective cover case. It costs £20 so is not cheap but it is so much better than the previous 2 cases I had.

First up, the case seems to make the K Zoom seem slimmer. Not by much but every little bit helps. Second the edges are grippy rubber. The zoom lens is slightly protected by the case due to it covering the very edge of the mechanism. The same protection is offered for the screen. The power and volume buttons are covered, but the 2 way camera button is uncovered. All other cut outs for the other parts of the phone are exactly aligned.


I will say this is the best case you can get for the K Zoom. Well, it is if the Samsung ever get more in stock!

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – cases

photo 1
If you are lucky enough to have a Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, you are also unlucky in that accessories for this device are scarce at the moment.

You can buy a £2-3 wave silicone style case as shown quite easily but in my opinion it is ugly. There are now a few more styles, a yellow back style that provides less protection and when in stock Samsung have their fake leather looking case. The official fake leather Samsung case is in transit, and photos will follow shortly. There are other styles coming soon along and hopefully spare batteries which for a camera phone are needed.

photo 2
The yellow back case shown , is more stylish than the black silicone case but does offers less protection. The top and bottom of the case is open and the buttons are exposed as opposed to the black silicone wave style where everything is covered and offers a lot of protection. Also, this case is too slippery. So even though the black case looks ugly it provides better grip and protection.

One other style of case made by Araree is Autopop, where even the lens is covered on the K Zoom, and pops open when you activate the camera.

Hopefully, I will be able to get hold of a number of different styles and do a quick comparison between them.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – camera samples from yesterday

Just a few shots from yesterday. One is a macro, the others of my labradors, Fury and Tiggy, both girls. I have 3 in total, but George was resting from his earlier walk.





If you want to see the full resolution of these shots and more photos from yesterday, head over to my flickr account , http://www.flickr.com/photos/gavinfabl100

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – one month later

Well, it’s been a month nearly with the K Zoom. It’s my vintage device and my main phone still.

I still have some of the small issues mentioned previously, but it’s unique enough that no other phone tempts me. Well, that’s not true. Every new phone is tempting 🙂 but the camera on the K Zoom keeps me on track.


Finally, I’ve given touchwiz the boot. I’ve installed Apex Launcher Pro. I own Nova Launcher too but Apex is better when it comes to theming, although the difference between the two is very close. The above screen shot is using 2 Netatmo app widgets, and the 1theLucent theme. I have 2 other screen shots. One for the camera widget and the other my calendar. What I like about Apex Launcher is with the phone on any home screen, just say “Ok Google” and Google fires up listening for your commands. This is done with needing to add the Google search widget to the home screen and makes the user experience really slick.

I have a feeling that I’m enjoying the K Zoom so much it could be my main driver for quite a while longer as there is not much to dislike if photography is your thing.

Because I’m using Apex Launcher and customised the number of row and columns the camera widget looks better as shown below.


So it’s happy days for now.