Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – one last point

I have had the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom for over 6 weeks now as I mentioned in my final conclusion post last week.

However, I do have one beef with the K Zoom which I forgot to mention. Somehow, and on a regular basis, a film of dirt seems to appear on the lens. I did wonder why the user manual mentioned wiping the lens from time to time. Now I know why! The annoying part is that I didn’t realise this until I examined all my photos from a day out and realised most were ruined. So now, before I start a session, I check the lens.

Apart from that it is a unique piece of kit which I intend to keep for a very long time.


5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – one last point

  1. I just happen to stumbled across your K Zoom review, of which I didn’t know you had! For sure your opinion matters now about the Zenfone Zoom since you own a K Zoom as well… And you are right about the dirt on the lens. It is super annoying! I guess its because of the huge size of the lens… Thus it is prone to dirt. On my K Zoom, there seems to be dusts inside the lens as well.. Which makes me wonder how did it even get in there :/ Hows your K Zoom lens? I have been contemplating to buy the Arere autpop case or not.. But it all depends whether I’ll change to the Zenfone Zoom or not. How I wish the lens is dust & scratch proof!


      1. I see. Looking forward to that! 😀 But yeah about the dusts… Does it get into your K Zoom lens as well? I am wondering how we can remove them since it is already inside the lens.. 😦


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