Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – The Final Part – Part 1

This is the final part of my review on the K Zoom. Final Part 1 since a newer firmware might change things for better or worse later on in the future.

In my last post I mentioned the K Zoom was winning. It still is, but it no longer used as my main device/phone. This duty has moved to the amazing LG G3.

However, the K Zoom is still carried with me at all times. It compliments the LG G3 due to the optical zoom, xenon flash and wide angled lens, plus it runs android so connects to my G3 as easy as ABC.

Continuing the easy as ABC theme, because it runs android kitkat, you have a full feature Google Play app store at your disposal, along with the Samsung Camera and Studio Editing apps, with simplicity at the fore front.

For example, the camera has many modes and creative options. So if you are visiting a waterfall, just select waterfall mode. There are other modes like fireworks, indoor party, night, HDR, snow, sunset and so on and on. With all its modes, it makes it so easy to always capture that moment in front of you regardless of the conditions. It is not DSLR quality but at least I know I have never not been able to capture something. In fact I have used Shot and More mode, then the Drama selection many times and all to great success.

I even considered at one point changing the K Zoom for a dedicated compact zoom camera but there is nothing quite like the K Zoom. It is already fairly compact, has the advantage of android kitkat and if I so desired I could put my micro sim back into it and use it happily as a standalone smartphone.

However, at the moment, it is used as a connected camera and this shall be the case for the future months and years.


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – The Final Part – Part 1

  1. You now carry two phones ?

    What this tells me is the K zoom cannot compete with other flagships as a daily driver. That the K zoom is a niche device and if one had the choice between k zoom or a flgship, its better to go with the flagship.

    if one had the space to lug around two phones then the k zoom might be used as a secondary.


    1. Hi

      I actually carry 3 phones. One is a work provided phone which is ultra locked down/secure Blackberry. The K Zoom is in flight mode now, but is carried with me as there are some shots no flagship can manage at present. If I didn’t have a tech blog/podcast etc… I wouldn’t be receiving the latest phones. And therefore, the K Zoom would likely be my main driver.

      Just as a bit of balance, its not sold as a flagship and even costs over £150-180 less than most. I suppose it all boils down if you want a point and shoot camera thats also your phone….

      Its not for everyone though.


  2. Ah, ok. Was a bit surprised when i read your post about getting the new G3 and it would be the daily driver, whose virtues you would dutifully blog about for the next month, only to be replaced yet again with something else. K zoom has some unique features in a package that can’t be beat until its successor or another rival appears. Somehow Sony’s QX10 whilst similar in functionality, allowing to reduce bulk and only have it when required isn’t quite as handy as it won’t be there when you want it if you forget to carry it. Neither is its software as comprehensive and integrated. The only advantage i can see with Qx-10 is it allows to detach lens from viewfinder which may be useful in some circumstances but this strikes me more as the exception. Guess you could say the same applies to the k zoom as well.

    When i read your latest post about dirt on the lens, it reminded me of the auto-pop case that’s offered free with the k zoom here in India. Covers the lens up completely but is more bulky at 82 gms in weight than the official samsung case which we don’t get here yet. The official case looks about right, keeps the scratches off the body and outer lens housing. Would try to get it when it becomes available.


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