Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – cases

photo 1
If you are lucky enough to have a Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, you are also unlucky in that accessories for this device are scarce at the moment.

You can buy a £2-3 wave silicone style case as shown quite easily but in my opinion it is ugly. There are now a few more styles, a yellow back style that provides less protection and when in stock Samsung have their fake leather looking case. The official fake leather Samsung case is in transit, and photos will follow shortly. There are other styles coming soon along and hopefully spare batteries which for a camera phone are needed.

photo 2
The yellow back case shown , is more stylish than the black silicone case but does offers less protection. The top and bottom of the case is open and the buttons are exposed as opposed to the black silicone wave style where everything is covered and offers a lot of protection. Also, this case is too slippery. So even though the black case looks ugly it provides better grip and protection.

One other style of case made by Araree is Autopop, where even the lens is covered on the K Zoom, and pops open when you activate the camera.

Hopefully, I will be able to get hold of a number of different styles and do a quick comparison between them.


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