Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – one month later

Well, it’s been a month nearly with the K Zoom. It’s my vintage device and my main phone still.

I still have some of the small issues mentioned previously, but it’s unique enough that no other phone tempts me. Well, that’s not true. Every new phone is tempting 🙂 but the camera on the K Zoom keeps me on track.


Finally, I’ve given touchwiz the boot. I’ve installed Apex Launcher Pro. I own Nova Launcher too but Apex is better when it comes to theming, although the difference between the two is very close. The above screen shot is using 2 Netatmo app widgets, and the 1theLucent theme. I have 2 other screen shots. One for the camera widget and the other my calendar. What I like about Apex Launcher is with the phone on any home screen, just say “Ok Google” and Google fires up listening for your commands. This is done with needing to add the Google search widget to the home screen and makes the user experience really slick.

I have a feeling that I’m enjoying the K Zoom so much it could be my main driver for quite a while longer as there is not much to dislike if photography is your thing.

Because I’m using Apex Launcher and customised the number of row and columns the camera widget looks better as shown below.


So it’s happy days for now.


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – one month later

  1. I am very sure you prefer Apex now Gavin, but… Nova will also do “OK Google” on any Home page and again just like Apex you can customise your icon rows and columns to give not just more icons but more Widgets.
    However, I am sure you already know this and you must have other reasons to prefer it over Nova.
    I really ought to give Apex a go and check out what benefits it has.

    In the meantime, K Zoom will be on order sometime today 🙂


    1. Apex offers finer theming controls. That’s the main difference. Both really similar otherwise. As an example icon sizes can be independently adjusted for the home screen, dock, and app drawer. Applying an apex theme changes more components. Creating folders in Apex is easier. But as I said the differences are marginal. Hope you like the K Zoom when it arrives later 🙂


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