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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – official Samsung Protective case


A few days ago, I showed you a few cases from eBay that I had for the K Zoom. Well finally, I have from Samsung their official protective cover case. It costs £20 so is not cheap but it is so much better than the previous 2 cases I had.

First up, the case seems to make the K Zoom seem slimmer. Not by much but every little bit helps. Second the edges are grippy rubber. The zoom lens is slightly protected by the case due to it covering the very edge of the mechanism. The same protection is offered for the screen. The power and volume buttons are covered, but the 2 way camera button is uncovered. All other cut outs for the other parts of the phone are exactly aligned.


I will say this is the best case you can get for the K Zoom. Well, it is if the Samsung ever get more in stock!