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Shot on the Pixel 3 – My Top 10 Photos – So What do you think of the Shots?

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is renowned for having a very good camera for photography. Unlike many other phones, it only has one rear lens which relies heavily on Google’s AI and software computational expertise.

So below are my top 20 shots taken with the Pixel 3 so far.

Above, stunning shot of autumn leaves on a tree. The colours were extremely accurate.

Taken at night, in the rain and fog. The complex lighting was handled well by the Pixel 3.

A classic Dartmoor landscape shot.

A lovely sunset shot looking over Tavistock, Devon, UK.

The above two shots were taken using the new night mode on the Pixel 3. The night mode works really well. Low noise in the photos and fantastic dynamic range.

The Pixel 3 camera has no issues focusing on close up flowers or insects.

The Pixel 3 camera has a particular feel and look. It is also reliable and is just as good with the front selfies cameras, as it is with the rear camera.

So what do you think of these photos?


Pixel 3 Camera Review with 40 amazing photos!

Welcome to my Pixel 3 Camera Review.

For this review I have focused on the photo quality as this is the Pixel 3 forte.

The Pixel 3 or 3 XL feature a camera that in auto mode delivers a good photo pretty much every time. Video quality is good but Google decided not to include 4K 60fps. Also the video audio quality is sub par compared to its major competitors like the iPhone Xs, Samsung Note 9 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

The Pixel 3 manages to use its single rear lens to great effect but ultimately the super res zoom cannot compensate for proper optical zoom. It also is competing in a world where phones are having 3 or more lenses on the rear which translates into extreme flexibility.

Despite this, for portrait/people shots it really performs exceptional well. Take a look at the video review. There is a front camera shot at night. The level of detail was astonishing. The front cameras include a normal and wide lens to allow you to get more people or more of the background in the shot.

The Pixel 3 Camera also takes shots with fantastic detail and dynamic range. The new night sight mode turns darkness into daylight.

Pixel 3 Camera Review


If you predominantly take photos, you cannot go wrong with the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL.

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro Camera Review – all modes photos & videos

Welcome to my Huawei Mate 20 Pro Camera Review. In this review I have tested all the photo and video modes, explained the camera app interface and UI, sort of a mini tutorial, plus you get to see what the max resolutions are per mode.

So what lenses does the Mate 20 Pro have? 4 in total. 3 rear lenses, a 40mp main sensor, a 20mp ultra wide and a 8mp telephoto lens. The front camera is 24mp. The camera system is co-engineered with Leica.

Below are some photos from the camera.

A very windy day, but I still managed a close up of a bee feeding.

With the sun behind the church entrance, the ultra wide lens created a lovely effect.

My camera review includes shots of the moon, high action, pitch black, low light, all video modes, Video AI, stabilisation tests, zoom tests and much much more, plus my honest verdict on the whole phone from just a camera point of view, and then compared to the iPhone Xs Max and Note 9.

Of course, the Mate 20 Pro has many other unique or great features, like fast wireless charge, reverse wireless charging and did you know the bottom speaker is integrated into the USB C port!

The Main Event

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Shot on the iPhone Xs Max – My Top 15 Photos from the camera

After a few weeks, below are my favourite and top photos that I have taken with the iPhone Xs Max.

Apple released the iPhone Xs Max a few weeks ago. Smart HDR was one of the new camera features introduced which takes multiple shots and merges the best components of each, to create one amazing shot.

Then there is the new A12 Bionic processor that helps with the computational photography aspects.

The results from the Xs Max have really surprised me. The quality leap forward from previous iPhones in very noticeable. Even from the iPhone X.

The Smart HDR even allows shooting into the sun and producing a decent result.

The Xs Max have larger pixels than the X at 1.4 microns on the main sensor. This helps with low light and detail.

Another aspect of the iPhone Xs Max Camera that I have noticed is it’s speed to take a shot. It’s instant.

Talking of speed, holding the shutter button activates burst mode. Did you know you can take 999 shots in a single burst.

With each burst, I noticed how every shot was in focus and perfectly exposed as well.

Portrait mode has improved too.

Of course, portrait mode can be used in many different scenarios.

With the Xs Max, the telephoto lens can help get some great macros.

And even without the telephoto you can get some great close up pics.

I really love how the camera captures sunsets and sunrises.

In addition, if you edit the photos in the iOS Photos app, there are some lovely filters available.

Video has also been improved on the Xs Max. The iPhone Xs Max is one amazing camera. And so easy to use and reliable.

iPhone Xs Max Camera Review & Showcase

Imagine taking just your iPhone Xs Max with you, filming video and taking lots of photos.

Then using all the video and photos and being able to create, edit and upload a video without ever using another device.

Well what you are about to watch was produced completely on the iPhone Xs Max, edited, and then uploaded.

For video editing, Luma Fusion app was used.

Headphones are recommended.

Nokia 5 – Check out the Camera Samples from the 13mp camera

The Nokia 5 is made from a solid piece of 6000 series alumimium. It runs on a near stock version of android, called android one and it is a joy to use. My full review will be up this weekend, along with some tips and tricks. This is sat squarely in the budget category too, with 2gb ram and 16gb storage which is expandable with a micro SD card. You can buy this from Amazon UK for just over £110.

So what can the 13mp rear camera achieve when it comes to taking photos?

Let’s take a look.

The Dominos sign is looking crispy. Nothing wrong with this shot.

Again, another good shot. Maybe could do with a little brightening up, but overall pretty reasonable.

Above is the front facing 8mp camera, taken indoors. My face is a little pale as it hasn’t exposed perfectly for the light that is streaming through the glass window.

A couple of sheep on Dartmoor that were moving fairly quickly. Again, quite a fairly reasonable shot.

Before the storm. My village. Quite like this shot.

So what happens when we take the above shot, edit it in Snapseed using the HDRscape filter. A more dramatic shot!

Above, post box. This is the snapseed edit. Camera was aimed towards the sun, so the original shot was a little too dark, but snapseed helped make the shot a little bit more interesting.

I will talk more about my conclusion on the Nokia 5 camera and the rest of the phone in my main review. So stay tuned.

If you fancy buying one of the budget gems, you can pick one up from Amazon now.

Planes & Landing at Exeter Airport – filmed in 60fps, 240fps & 960fps

What do you do while you are waiting for your plance at an airport. Naturally film somes planes. Flybe use the above plane for short haul UK flights and they are pretty bumpy when landing, albeit enjoyable.

So with the Samsung Galaxy S9, I took some video using 60fps, 240fps and 960fps. 960fps were tricky as the planes speed often meant you missed the action. But I did get some footage.

Anyway, enjoy.

Sunset on Dartmoor National Park in 4K 60FPS – Filmed with a Samsung Galaxy S9

Out of all of the phones I have used in 2017 and 2018, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is still the king when it comes to video recording. The video quality is excellent and the microphones record top notch audio. The phone itself still has a headphone jack and the best display of any phone. The Samsung Galaxy S9 (not plus) is a great sized phone too. Fits nicely in the hand with a superb body to screen ratio.

I went out last night and ended up with a short video capturing some of the scenes around sunset on Dartmoor National Park, along with a short time-lapse.

Apart from the Samsung Galaxy S9 I also used a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 . If you are into video, you should not be without this stabiliser. It’s cheap yet brilliant at the same time.

It just so happens that Amazon are selling the Samsung Galaxy S9 in the dual sim version at a discounted price of £619, and including a Samsung LEVEL Bluetooth speaker and a pair of AKG Y50BT Bluetooth Headphonesat no extra charge (all products must be added to basket, discount applied at checkout). – Learn more, click HERE.

When you watch the video below, make sure to change the video quality to 4K.

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BlackBerry Key2 – Camera Showcase – Vote now on the camera quality!

In my BlackBerry Key2 review I was extremely critical of the phone’s cameras. So I decided to create a camera showcase of over 50 photos.

The BlackBerry Key2 features a dual rear camera setup, with 2 x 12mp lenses, dual tone LED flash. The rear camera can record 4K video at 30fps. The main 12mp lens has a field of view of 79.3 degrees, with a pixel size of 1.28um, F/1.8 and with dual phase detection auto focus. The second 12mp lens is for 2 x optical zoom, has a field of view of 50 degrees, a pixel size of 1.0um, F/2.6 and phase detect auto focus.

The front camera is 8MP and fixed focus, with a selfie flash using LCD. 1080p video recording at 30 fps is possible too.

So just as some context, the photos were shot in auto and portrait mode. The low light indoor church shot was in manual. 90% of the photos have been edited on the device to bring the best out of each shot.

But what do you honestly think? Vote “thumbs up” for its a good camera, or “thumbs down” for its sub par. Also feel free to add a comment as well. Now for even more clarity, I have a Key2 Flickr Album where you can browse

So sit back and look carefully at the photos and then vote afterwards or leave a comment.

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Honor 10 Camera & Editing App Tutorials + 90 Photos Camera Showcase #Honor10 #BeautyInAI

Welcome to my tutorial video, showing how to use the Honor 10 Camera app and all its modes. The video features a number of tips and tricks. Then I take a look at the Honor photo editing app, which is part of the Gallery app.

Then as requested, I have included a camera showcase with over 90 photos that I have snapped with the Honor 10. All of these photos are in Auto with AI left on!

You can find me on –


I am more active on Twitter than the other platforms.

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Views from the summit of Staple Tor – One of the highest points on Dartmoor National Park – Shot on the Huawei P20 Pro

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

Walking uphill to Staple Tor, the weather didn’t look too clever. Unfortunately, my 4 labradors, George, Fury, Tiggy and Sophie don’t quite understand or care if it rains 🙂

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

At the start of the walk, it was a mixture of strong winds, the odd blast of sun and spits of rain. In fact hail stones had fallen 5 minutes before the start of the walk.

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

From a distance, Staple Tor is difficult to distinguish all its features. There are three parts to Staple Tors – Little, Mid and Great. Great Staple Tor is famous for its towers of granite blocks that perch on each other creating unusual shapes. Little Staple Tor has an extensive clitter field. The Staple Tors together with Roos Tor form a chain of tors that stand proud on the west side of the Walkham valley.

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

From the summit you have stunning views across Dartmoor National Park.

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

In the distance, you can see North Hessary mast.

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

Staple Tor is one of the largest Tors on Dartmoor as well as one of the highest. These naturally formed granite stones are incredible to see.

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

My 4 dogs love the granite rocks, exploring and jumping over and around them.

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

The views are stunning from Staple Tor, but you do have to watch out for flying red flags, as you can see in the distance. This means the army is practising manoeuvres using live ammunition. Therefore, you are not allowed to pass beyond this point.

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

There is a published timetable of when the army will be carrying out its activities, so it is possible to walk beyond and into the danger zone.

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

After walking downhill, its time to cool off. Well for my 4 dogs.

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

Views from the summit of Staple Tors #dartmoor #huaweip20pro

Staple Tor is definitely one place worth a visit if you are travelling to Dartmoor National Park. Photos shot using a Huawei P20 Pro smartphone.

Exeter Guildhall – The Medieval Grade 1 Building – Shot on the Huawei P20 Pro

Exeter Guildhall #exeter #huaweip20pro

Exeter Guildhall is located in the High Street, Exeter, Devon, England. It has been the centre of civic government for the City of Exeter for at least 600 years. Much of the fabric of the building is medieval, though the elaborate frontage was added in the 1590s and the interior was extensively restored in the 19th century. It is now a Grade I listed building and is still used for a range of civic functions.

The building appears to have been on its current site since the 12th Century and therefore it has been claimed to be the oldest municipal building in England still in use.

Exeter Guildhall #exeter #huaweip20pro

The elaborately carved oak door, dated 1593, was made by Nicholas Baggett, a local carpenter. It leads via an anteroom to the council chamber which apparently dates to 1468-70, though it was much restored in Victorian times. The arch-braced roof with seven bays is original; its main trusses rest on carved corbels representing grotesque animals.

A large chandelier hangs from the centre of the roof. It was made by Thomas Pyke of Bridgwater and installed in 1789. Apart from this and the roof, all the internal fittings are Victorian, including the stained glass, the gallery, the furniture and the stone floor, all 1863, and the heavily restored Tudor panelling (year 1887). Above the fireplace is a bust of Queen Victoria by Henry Hugh Armstead.

Exeter Guildhall #exeter #huaweip20pro

Under the council chamber there is an early 14th-century cellar. This was once a prison that was known as the “pytt of the Guyldhall”. In the 16th century another prison, for women, was built on the ground floor at the back of the building. It remained in use until 1887. In 1858 a room was built above this to store the city’s records; it was later used as a jury room.

Exeter Guildhall has been a Grade I listed building since 1953 and is also a scheduled ancient monument. Exeter City Council still use the Guildhall for civil purposes such as official receptions, mayoral banquets, some City Council meetings, other meetings and exhibitions and occasionally as a magistrates’ court.

Inside Exeter Cathedral – The Architectural Gothic Masterclass – Shot on the Huawei P20 Pro

Exeter Cathedral - inside the Cathedral #huaweip20pro

Exeter Cathedral was founded in 1050, and the construction of a Cathedral on the present site began in 1114.

The two towers and the lower part of the Nave walls of this Norman (Romanesque) building survive in the present Cathedral. A major rebuild, in Decorated Gothic style, was carried out under six bishops between c.1270 and c.1350.

Exeter Cathedral - inside the Cathedral #huaweip20pro

Exeter Cathedral - inside the Cathedral #huaweip20pro

Exeter Cathedral - inside the Cathedral #huaweip20pro

The magnificent Bishop’s Throne is one of the greatest treasures of medieval woodwork in Europe. It was made in the early 14th century using local Devon oak and is 18m (59ft) tall.

Exeter Cathedral - inside the Cathedral #huaweip20pro

Exeter Cathedral - inside the Cathedral #huaweip20pro

The 14th century stone vault which forms the nave and quire ceiling is one of the glories of Exeter Cathedral. It is the longest continuous medieval stone vault in the world. As there is no central tower, the vault can run all the way from the west wall of the nave to the Great East Window at the far end of the quire, a distance of approximately 96m (315ft).

Exeter Cathedral - inside the Cathedral #huaweip20pro

Either side of the Cathedral, about half way along the north and south sides, there are two square towers. They were built between 1114 and 1133 as part of the Norman cathedral.

Exeter Cathedral - inside the Cathedral #huaweip20pro

The West Front Image Screen of Exeter Cathedral is one of the great architectural features of Medieval England. The addition of the image screen around 1340 marked the completion the re‑building of the cathedral in the Gothic style. Work continued on the screen with the additional top tier completed about 1470.

Exeter Cathedral - inside the Cathedral #huaweip20pro

An extensive project to repair and reset lead crestings along the Cathedral roof was completed in 2014. The leadwork, comprising over 400 single pieces, each in the shape of a fleur de lys, is a unique feature of the Cathedral’s roof. Over the centuries some of it had slipped and there was a significant risk of lead falling from the roof. Work was carried out to remove and examine each piece, and cost £70,000. Part of the project was funded by the First World War Centenary Cathedral Repairs Fund.

Exeter Cathedral - inside the Cathedral #huaweip20pro

In 2016 a specialist survey (carried out every five years) examined the state of any remaining colouring (the original polychrome) as well as investigating the condition of the carved statues.
This survey informed a phased programme of works around the following areas:

Non-invasive cleaning of the polychrome areas. Repairs to the statues with lime mortar to prevent water from pooling around the stonework and, where possible, halt further decay. The cotton wool used around these repair sites prevents the mortar from drying out too quickly and failing.
Application of a sheltercoat to protect the image screen from the weather. The work was carried out by the Cathedral’s own stonemasons, supported by The Prince of Wales who made a donation through The Prince of Wales’ Charitable Foundation.

Exeter Cathedral - inside the Cathedral #huaweip20pro

The Cathedral stonemasons have commenced the repair and conservation of the stonework and glazing to three bays of the South Quire ‘Clerestory’. This work will be completed during 2018.

Exeter Cathedral - inside the Cathedral #huaweip20pro

Exeter Cathedral is one of the great Cathedrals of England, and one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture anywhere. It is well worth a visit.

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