Samsung Protective Lens Cover for Samsung S7 & S7 Edge – Review


Welcome to my review of the Samsung Protective Lens Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Below is a photo of the wide angle lens fitted to my S7.

The Official Samsung Lens Cover case for Samsung Galaxy S7 with Wide Angle lens fitted

And below is the photo showing the size of the telephoto lens.

The Official Samsung Lens Cover case for Samsung Galaxy S7 with Telephoto lens fitted.

The Samsung Protective Lens Cover is a beautiful accessory from Samsung. For starter the actual case without the lenses attached is wonderful. Great grip in the hand, solid protection and a raised back to aide with the grip when taking photos.

Each lens is made of glass and fitted to a metal body. For storage the lens fits inside a plastic barrel. Both barrels screw together. The packaging shows both barrels screwed together. Be careful, as the two barrels unscrew with ease.

Samsung stated in the instructions NFC doesn’t work with the case fitted. That is not true. I have used Android Pay with no issues. What won’t work is NFC with a lens fitted. Well surely that’s obvious!

I can also confirm Qi Wireless charging also works with the case fitted.

Image quality is excellent from these lenses. Sometimes there is a little softening at the edges, but who cares as overall these are best add on lenses I have used. The lenses screw on beautifully to the rear of the case too.

So let’s have a look at image quality.

Here is a shot of my local church without any lenses attached.

Local Church #SamsungS7 #nolenses

And now with the wide lens attached.

Church of St Michael #frontview #SamsungS7 #lenscover #wideangle

And now with the telephoto lens attached.

Local Church #SamsungS7 #lenscover #telephoto

With all these photos, if you click on them you can view the original and pixel peep to your hearts content.

I even used the telephoto in burst mode.

Along the Two Moors Way, Warren House Inn #SamsungS7 #LensCover

The telephoto lens is prone to lens flare quite easily. This can be prevented by placing your other hand near the lens to block the offending light source. The telephoto lens brings the action closer and would be ideal for portraits too.

Below is a shot from my LG G5 wide angle lens as a comparison. This was not shot on the same day but does clearly illustrate the differences. The G5 wide angle has more fish eye effects.

Chilling in the Graveyard #lgg5wide

I have taken over 60 photos with these lenses. You can view many more at my dedicated Flickr album. Click HERE. If you want to see wide angle shots from my LG G5, there are many located in my LG G5 Flickr album. Click HERE.


Probably one of the best accessories I have ever bought. If you like your photogrpahy and have a S7 or S7 Edge, the Lens Cover is a superb addition. The lens cover case has also been one of the key driving factors in my decision to keep the Samsung S7 and part with the LG G5.

More information and the latest deals on Amazon UK – Click HERE.






9 thoughts on “Samsung Protective Lens Cover for Samsung S7 & S7 Edge – Review

    1. Only if you use 4:3. All the shots above are in 16:9 which means 8-9MP.

      If these lenses can be made to work with the S6, then you have 16MP to play with.

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  1. How a bout a video using the telephoto ?

    Already at 2x.

    If you shoot at 16:9 and 1080p

    Digital zoom of 2x means actual 4x.

    Digital zoom of 4x means actual 8x.

    1080p only needs 2MP frames.

    How will 4x digital zoom look like. Show us how clear or not it is and what the limit is.

    720p means less than 1MP frame.

    You could go to 8x and get a cool 16x :O

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