Samsung Galaxy S7 – Two Months Later + 1 Month with the S7 Edge

The Official Samsung Lens Cover case for Samsung Galaxy S7 with Wide Angle lens fitted

I have now had a Samsung S7/Edge for 3 months with a few other phones in review within this time period.

The Official Samsung Lens Cover case for Samsung Galaxy S7 with Telephoto lens fitted.

I started with the Samsung S7 Edge but migrated to the S7 Standard. Why? Same phone in a more practical shell, that as slightly smaller, also easier to fit, hold, use, grip and more.

Panoramic view of the architecture at The Hoe, Plymouth #S7

So what makes using the Samsung S7 so special and such a great user experience.

360 Challenge 2

Well, one of the reasons is the accessories. The Lens Cover case is fantastic. My review is HERE. I also have the S7 Wireless Battery Back Pack. My review click HERE. Then there is the Samsung Gear VR and Gear 360, the Samsung Level One Pro headphones and more. Click HERE. for my thoughts on the S7 Edge.

My S7 is always kept in the Lens Cover case. It is worth getting the Lens Cover just for the case alone. The case feels like leather, its not, reassuringly grippy and has a slightly raised section to help with more grip when taking photos. Then you can add either a wide angle or 2 x telephoto lens. I use these lenses all the time now. I also use the Gear 360. The other accessories like the Gear VR, Level One Pro headphones and Gear S2 don’t get used that much.

Continuing with the camera, the S7 just snaps a great shot nearly every time. Being water resistant means I am not worried about if its raining either. Between the S7 and S7 Edge I now have nearly 300 shots in my Flickr albums. That is a record number over every previous smartphone.

S7 Edge Flickr Album

Samsung S7 Flickr Album

Then the rest of the phone is all superb. Fast charging, Qi charging, an amazing QHD screen, great battery life, a proper gaming mode with options to remove disturbances and improve battery life. I even use Touchwiz on my S7 and love changing themes. The loudspeaker isn’t the loudest or clearest, but its usable for podcasts. The audio output via headphones is only good when matched with easy to drive headphones. Luckily using bluetooth headphones and HiFiMan Edition S headphones I have superb audio via headphones, although I do miss the HTC 10 for headphone audio.

But overall, the S7 package and experience is second to none. There are phones available that are better than the S7 in particular fields, but nobody beats Samsung for the whole package.

Some shots from the camera below and aboe –

Tiggy says "Hi" #SamsungS7

Church of St Michael #frontview #SamsungS7 #lenscover #wideangle

Incoming storm The Lighthouse , Plymouth #S7

Triangular Ears #Tiggy on #Dartmoor

George Selfie on Dartmoor - drenched in water #Dartmoor #dog


4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 – Two Months Later + 1 Month with the S7 Edge

  1. Great review as always Gavin. I might just get the lenses too. Quick question, how did you take that black and white photo with the lighthouse in colour? I’m off to Florida in a few weeks so would like to take some different type of photos.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shailesh. I used the S7 with the wide angle lens. I then edited photo using Camera360 app and the magic colour filter. This filter lets you choose a few different colours. I choose red. Then I edited photo in Snapseed which included a slight crop as well. Camera360 makes light work of colour popping.


      1. Excellent. Thanks for that. I better get some practice in before my trip πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


  2. I have recently moved to the s7 edge from the Note 5 and I have to say after using it for awhile now I see the differences in the speed and camera I always loved my Note 5 for the camera but having the larger aperture and dual focus pixels I see differences in low light shots it’s truly a axing device


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