So will Google launch its own phone?

The Telegraph published an article saying Google was going to launch their own phone to take on the iPhone.

This wouldn’t be a Nexus branded phone, it would be a full on Google branded phone.

If Google released their own phone, what would that message say to all the other smartphone manufacturers selling android phones? Would Google be able to upstage Samsung? Or is Samsung , Huawei and others looking to breakaway with their own OS just in case Google pulls a rabbit out of the hat and launches their own phone!

This really doesn’t make sense. New Nexus branded phones are expected so why would Google upstage themselves? Maybe to sell a Project Tango phone, an experimental smartphone perhaps.

There are many reasons why the Telegraph’s article seems out of sync with reality BUT what if Google did go hell for glory and release a super cool smartphone. Would anyone buy it? Look at what happened to the Amazon Fire Phone.


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