Samsung Gear 360 (2017) – Review – Every Mode Tested on iOS, Samsung S8 & Mac

Samsung Gear 360 2017 Review. This is my review of the Samsung Gear 360. I used it on my Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 7 Plus and MacBook Pro. The review covers all modes, the pros and cons, the differences using it on a Samsung S8, iPhone 7 Plus or Mac.

Plus there are sample footage of all modes below, with links. This page will get updated as more 360 footage is captured and or any updates arrive that impact the experience good or bad.

The Blockbuster Review of the Samsung Gear 360 2017

Samsung Gear 360 2017 Live Broadcast Sample Footage

Below is a sample of the footage from a live broadcast using the Samsung S8. This was at max quality. Unfortunately the duration is shorter than expected as I lost cell signal.

Samsung Gear 360 2017 4K Video Sample

Samsung Gear 360 2017 Video Looping Mode Sample

Samsung Gear 360 2017 Time Lapse Mode Sample

Samsung Gear 360 2017 Photos

I have embedded the photos below with full 360 and VR headset support. Just click play. If you are wearing a VR headset press the icon top right. I have also uploaded these to my Flickr and Google Photos accounts. Links are at the end of the review.

Landscape HDR photo mode

Normal Photo Mode

Normal Photo Mode HDR on

Low Light Photo


The new Samsung Gear 360 2017 is a win. Much easier to use than last years, easier to hold and good quality output.

Useful Links

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6 thoughts on “Samsung Gear 360 (2017) – Review – Every Mode Tested on iOS, Samsung S8 & Mac

  1. Thanks for the review, Gavin. Good stuff. I’d be interested to know how complicated it is to upload to YouTube and how video compares native verses on YouTube (I’ve heard YouTube and Facebook do additional compression that negatively impacts video quality). Also, do you know if you can “stitch” full resolution on a Windows PC? You mentioned Mac and iOS didn’t do as well as Samsung phone so wondered about a PC.


    1. Samsung provides software for PC and Mac to stitch the photos. Both work at full resolution. Samsung recommends a powerful processor for stitching. Both do a good job. The fastest stitching is done on the S8. The iOS Gear Manager app can’t stitch at full res. YouTube and other do compress slightly but there is not much you can do about that. Uploading to YouTube is no different that uploading any other video, except the post processing of a 360 video can take up to an hour.


  2. Thanks for adding the samples for each type of video/picture. I was impressed with the low light one in particular. I just received my Gear 360 2017 that came with my Note 8 and wasn’t quite sure what to do with it until I saw your review and these samples. Great information.

    Liked by 1 person

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