Apple iPhone 6S Plus – The Review

I have written many posts covering my views on the new iPhone 6S Plus and Apple Watch, so for ease I have created this post whereby all further sections will now appear as well.

Panoramic Shot from the iPhone 6S Plus

Stunning Panorama over Dartmoor #iPhone6SPlus

Part 1 – Day 1 Experience plus Rose Gold plus Apple Watch

Part 2 – Camera First Looks

Part 3 – Apple iPhone 6S Camera vs S6 and LG G4

Part 4 – More photos with the iPhone 6S Plus and my views

Part 5 – iTunes Match and iCloud Warnings

Part 6 – Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Time Lapse test

Part 7 – iCloud – it really doesnt work

Part 8 – iOS 9 and iPhone Data Usage warning plus fix

Part 9 – Shooting with Sun Glare on the iPhone 6S Plus

Part 10 – 2 week review of the iPhone 6S and Apple Watch

Part 11 – iPhone 6S Plus Photography special with details on apps

Part 12 – Apple iPhone 6S Plus and Apple Watch update

Part 13 – Camera Shootout – iPhone 6S Plus vs Moto X Play vs Huawei G8

Part 14 – Syncing and Notifications – solved

Part 15 – Extreme Low Light – Photography Special Part 2

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