Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Shooting with sun glare – tips

The Apple iPhone 6S Plus picks up sun glare fairly easily. Obviously, you can tilt the phone slightly to avoid the glare, but if you do shoot in to the sun slightly, not only will you get sun glare, but also sun spots.

The sun spots register as green spots and are rather annoying. Now post processing you could mask these if the spot is over some dark background. Just paint over it with the same matching background. Or, tilt the iPhone so the green sun spot is placed right into the sun itself, as per shot below. The end result is quite pleasing.

Sunrise over Great and Little Mis Tor, Dartmoor #iphone6splus

12 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Shooting with sun glare – tips

  1. I like that picture!! How are u finding the camera compared to G4? I know that was your favorite phone camera of all time. I was wondering if the 6Splus mostly filed the void ..,.or if you are missing your old camera


    1. The G4 takes better stills. The iPhone camera has many modes, and it’s a good camera across everything. It’s also very quick. Obviously there is more to the iPhone than just the camera which does help. I miss the G4 but not enough to want another one.


  2. I will say the 6s plus is the smoothest phone I have used. Not one hiccups or stutter no matter what I am doing on it. I am 50 / 50 on the camera . I am liking the results sometimes , but then sometime I feel it is really behind the current flagships


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