How’s the iPhone 6S Plus and Apple Watch going?

Let’s start off with another change of heart. iCloud Photos and iTunes Match is binned forever. Neither works for me and are both pointless and a PITA.

I am never going to use iTunes Match. It provides a copy of my music at a lower bitrate than what I have encoded. It once again uses my broadband which is not as fast as using a cable.

Apart from the sync issues of iCloud Photos, I kept getting a phantom photo that was always waiting to upload. I thought I had solved this by finding the single photo that was the culprit, deleting it, but only for the problem to resurrect itself a few days later. Turning off iCloud Photos didn’t solve the phantom photo. Also, if you turn off iCloud Photos on your Mac you need to reboot your Mac for the changes to work.

So I to remove the phantom photo. I wiped my iPhone clean and started again as a fresh device. Another PITA. However, I now have a solid phone which gives me up to 2 days battery life.

Despite all of the above the iPhone is a joy now to use, except the Apple Watch is actually annoying me over how it is designed to notify you. Basically, whilst wearing the Apple Watch, with your iPhone screen off, you won’t hear any notifications of any kind except if you receive a telephone call. Now you can set the Apple Watch to make a ping or taptic vibration, but the ping is just the same sound and impossible to differentiate between the different app notification tones. There is no option as far as I can see to allow the iPhone to makes sounds even if watch is on your wrist. I have missed several taps on my wrist and consequently the notification. Apart from that the Apple Watch is good, not brilliant. Sometimes Siri is slow to respond and apps can take an eternity to load. The Apple Watch is despite its flaws a stunning piece of kit.

I am also in the process of testing the iPhone 6S Plus for low light and the results are astoundingly amazing, much better than any review I have read recently. I am hoping to have this test completed over the next week or so.

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