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Big Changes – Update

Big Changes. Update.

Since my last post about the changes that were happening with Gavin’s Gadgets, the response has been overwhelming.

I have received such kind comments and feedback on here, via email, twitter, Google+, Facebook, texts, WhatsApp and more.

Thank you, thank you. There are no words to express my gratitude. So as “Steve Jobs” famously said “Just One More Thing”. 

So stay tuned. One more thing incoming that wasn’t going to be published but will be 15 minutes after this post. 


The LG G5 review – 2 weeks later

I am now into my second week of the LG G5 and will start to put pen to paper to document my thoughts on the LG G5.

I want my review to include at least 4 of the LG G5 Friends so that I can provide a FULL experience. I also want to wait until the first firmware which is due very soon, to see if any of the small bugs are fixed and also what new features are added. (new features are coming).

The G5 uses USB Type C and that meant having to make sure I had enough cables and USB Type C adapters. Now that I have a wide selection and more devices using USB Type C, I just cannot look back at micro USB. It feels so primitive. It is the same feeling after using Apple’s lightning cable.

So it is at this point in time, if you have anything you want included in the review, please let me know. I already have been asked about GPS performance.

How’s the iPhone 6S Plus and Apple Watch going?

Let’s start off with another change of heart. iCloud Photos and iTunes Match is binned forever. Neither works for me and are both pointless and a PITA.

I am never going to use iTunes Match. It provides a copy of my music at a lower bitrate than what I have encoded. It once again uses my broadband which is not as fast as using a cable.

Apart from the sync issues of iCloud Photos, I kept getting a phantom photo that was always waiting to upload. I thought I had solved this by finding the single photo that was the culprit, deleting it, but only for the problem to resurrect itself a few days later. Turning off iCloud Photos didn’t solve the phantom photo. Also, if you turn off iCloud Photos on your Mac you need to reboot your Mac for the changes to work.

So I to remove the phantom photo. I wiped my iPhone clean and started again as a fresh device. Another PITA. However, I now have a solid phone which gives me up to 2 days battery life.

Despite all of the above the iPhone is a joy now to use, except the Apple Watch is actually annoying me over how it is designed to notify you. Basically, whilst wearing the Apple Watch, with your iPhone screen off, you won’t hear any notifications of any kind except if you receive a telephone call. Now you can set the Apple Watch to make a ping or taptic vibration, but the ping is just the same sound and impossible to differentiate between the different app notification tones. There is no option as far as I can see to allow the iPhone to makes sounds even if watch is on your wrist. I have missed several taps on my wrist and consequently the notification. Apart from that the Apple Watch is good, not brilliant. Sometimes Siri is slow to respond and apps can take an eternity to load. The Apple Watch is despite its flaws a stunning piece of kit.

I am also in the process of testing the iPhone 6S Plus for low light and the results are astoundingly amazing, much better than any review I have read recently. I am hoping to have this test completed over the next week or so.

My LG Watch Urbane just got more interesting with Android Wear update – details


A few days ago I received an update to android wear update bringing it to version 1.3. There was no change log but it transpires it was actually a big update. All the screen shots are from my LG Watch Urbane. Above is Google Fit progress clock face. Looks similar to one of the Apple Watch faces.

Android Wear v1.3 brings support with a proper API for interactive watch faces. I’ve installed a few of these new interactive watch faces. Now it is up to developers to hone their creativitiy. The extra functionality is endless.


I can’t wait to see what other designs are created shortly. Below is the Bits watch face. With this watch face you can select a background style and then choose which complications to select.


Below is the screen saver mode of my Bits face. This always on screen is handy. Now if it comes out of screen saver mode, the edge of the circle lights up, and becomes an active circle.


Another addition to the Android Wear functionality comes via Google Translate app. Using your watch, you can now hold a 2 way conversation in over 44 languages, and all by both people using the watch.

Android Wear v1.3 also allowed the LG G Watch R to have the WiFi antenna activated.

I am sure we will see more hidden features of this update revealed over the coming weeks.

Tidal HiFi Music Streaming service – update

2 days ago I wrote about Tidal HiFi Music Streaming service.

So as an update to my post and review here’s my further thoughts.

I experienced music I had downloaded for offline playback featuring skips in the music which was infuriating.  Since then it’s not happened again.

Streaming FLAC music is so good and pleasurable.  I’ve also spent more time exploring the content on Tidal and it is more extensive than I first imagined. I’m currently listening to Audiomachine which I also have on mp3 320 bit rate. There just is no comparison. Led Zeppelin is now on Tidal and I had a play 15 mins ago of a couple of tracks. Again, really stunning sound.

So as my 7 day trial draws nearer to a close, I am leaning to giving this a go.

LG G Watch – just over a week later – update – plus some new apps

So I have had the LG G Watch just over a week so far. In fact it is nearly 10 days. My thoughts and experiences on this device have changed since using it.

After just a few days, I really thought this smart watch would be returned as I was thinking it is simply an overpriced piece of plastic that does nothing useful.

Fortunately, I have been really busy with my day job, so I have not been able to give the G Watch any specific time, and that is actually why I am loving it now.

It has simply just slotted into my life, providing useful information in a timely manner and nothing too excessive. Each day, I find another handy thing to do with it without too much fuss.

It does help that I like the look of the white/gold finish as well. It has also saved me time as I have not had to pull my smartphone out of my pocket that much, meaning that at the end of a working day, I still have 90% battery left on my G3.

It is sad however, the it needs a charge daily, although that does not take too long and the charging cradle is magnetic making it a breeze to drop on and off.

As time moves on it will be interesting to see what improvements are made to the Android Wear firmware and apps.

Now just a quick note of a couple of new apps that I have installed –

Android Wear Calculator – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rocketstartups.wearcalculator
A calculator on your watch and on the square LG G Watch is simple and easy to use.

Wear Camera Remote – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.dheera.wearcamera
This is an awesome app. It is a remote camera shutter for your phone, but you also got a preview on the watch.

And another called IFTTT. I’m not going to say anything about this app. Just install it and get blown away at what can be done. Eg. Use your watch to turn the lights on. Silence your phone. Or turn volume to full. And another 100 options.

The annoying part of the Android Wear apps is Google’s own list is missing over 100 apps. So it is a search and search again at the moment.

LG G Watch – update after a few days

I’ve had the G Watch after a few days. I’ve been out in public with several people asking if it’s a smart watch. And everyone asked if it was a Samsung. Nobody had heard of LG.

I’ve started to use it a bit more in its natural format. I was shocked to find at 6pm a low battery card. The battery was at 14%  – the watch wasn’t even going to make it till the end of the day!

Unless some decent updates arrive soon I just worry that it’s battery life will hamper its usefulness.

In summary at the moment it’s an expensive bit off plastic with potential. 

Samsung Galaxy Gear – review update

I have had the Gear a bit longer and thought I would just provide some additional feedback.

Initially, as much as l loved using the Gear with my Note 3, I just couldn’t stand wearing a watch on my wrist and consequently I was going to sell it. But the functionality of it in the end won and therefore have kept it. And here’s why.

Battery – normally a days use will drop the battery anywhere by 30-55% but never any further. I don’t charge it overnight simply because it only takes 30-40mins to recharge. So I recharge just before I go to bed, unplug and switch off ready for my 5am start.

Convenient. I can have the Note 3 in a different room or even upstairs. If somebody calls me I can accept the call on my Gear. The same for a text message. I just use S Voice to dictate a reply and send it. Obviously the Note 3 doesn’t need to be upstairs. It could just be nearby.

Notifications. I have selected which notifications I want to receive on my Gear. It means it becomes very discreet checking them and deciding which ones are worth responding or even reading.

Pocket for Gear app – in the car I select my clipped news items from my Gear and they are read aloud via my Note 3. Really love the text to speech aspect of this Gear app.

Apps – there are a number of apps on the Gear which just make life a little easier. Like the timer when cooking.

Camera – even the camera works rather well. It’s fine for sharing on social media.

So all in all it’s proving a heady accessory for the Note 3.

And the other day I was trying to send wireless a photo from my Note 3 to my TV but it wasn’t working. I tried many different things even switching off Bluetooth which disconnected my Gear. I realised the fault was with my TV. I hadn’t changed the wireless settings for my new router. Anyway, I forgot to switch Bluetooth back on, and for the next hour I thought my Gear was not functioning properly until I realised my error. But in that hour it felt unnatural not to be monitoring my notifications via the Gear.

Talk about a turnaround. And here’s the next part. Normally I get withdrawal symptoms and need to move to the latest piece of tech. And for some reason the Note 3/Gear combo leaves me very content.

HTC One – OTA update version 1.29.401.12

Russian HTC One owners are receiving the following update OTA.

The update contains important update for the smartphone, including:
* Increased system stability
* best geo positioning
* HTC Zoe: improved sound quality
* Camera: Adjust settings
* Bets Audio: improved sound
* Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Lets hope it wont be too long for others now to receive this.