My LG Watch Urbane just got more interesting with Android Wear update – details


A few days ago I received an update to android wear update bringing it to version 1.3. There was no change log but it transpires it was actually a big update. All the screen shots are from my LG Watch Urbane. Above is Google Fit progress clock face. Looks similar to one of the Apple Watch faces.

Android Wear v1.3 brings support with a proper API for interactive watch faces. I’ve installed a few of these new interactive watch faces. Now it is up to developers to hone their creativitiy. The extra functionality is endless.


I can’t wait to see what other designs are created shortly. Below is the Bits watch face. With this watch face you can select a background style and then choose which complications to select.


Below is the screen saver mode of my Bits face. This always on screen is handy. Now if it comes out of screen saver mode, the edge of the circle lights up, and becomes an active circle.


Another addition to the Android Wear functionality comes via Google Translate app. Using your watch, you can now hold a 2 way conversation in over 44 languages, and all by both people using the watch.

Android Wear v1.3 also allowed the LG G Watch R to have the WiFi antenna activated.

I am sure we will see more hidden features of this update revealed over the coming weeks.

4 thoughts on “My LG Watch Urbane just got more interesting with Android Wear update – details

  1. I like the new faces and gave a few a ride with my LG G Watch R. Bits looks cool but I cannot get the little circles to show the more details when touched. Touch anything and it jumps to apps. Of course long per and I can choose a new watchface. What’s the trick?


    1. There are 2 parts to the update for Android Wear. The app on your phone. And the firmware on the G Watch R. The android wear app on your phone should have received an update to v1.3. But if you go to the G Watch R settings, about, versions (tap on Versions) , it will show the firmware as still v1.1 etc.. You need the OTA update, due over the next few weeks to get v1.3.


      1. That was the issue. Funny. I looked on my watch, it said version 1.1. I dinked around a bit with other things and then decided to switch to another watch face in the meantime. As I went to switch, my watch said “update available.” After the update (to 1.3) it all worked as advertised.


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