Samsung Galaxy Gear – review update

I have had the Gear a bit longer and thought I would just provide some additional feedback.

Initially, as much as l loved using the Gear with my Note 3, I just couldn’t stand wearing a watch on my wrist and consequently I was going to sell it. But the functionality of it in the end won and therefore have kept it. And here’s why.

Battery – normally a days use will drop the battery anywhere by 30-55% but never any further. I don’t charge it overnight simply because it only takes 30-40mins to recharge. So I recharge just before I go to bed, unplug and switch off ready for my 5am start.

Convenient. I can have the Note 3 in a different room or even upstairs. If somebody calls me I can accept the call on my Gear. The same for a text message. I just use S Voice to dictate a reply and send it. Obviously the Note 3 doesn’t need to be upstairs. It could just be nearby.

Notifications. I have selected which notifications I want to receive on my Gear. It means it becomes very discreet checking them and deciding which ones are worth responding or even reading.

Pocket for Gear app – in the car I select my clipped news items from my Gear and they are read aloud via my Note 3. Really love the text to speech aspect of this Gear app.

Apps – there are a number of apps on the Gear which just make life a little easier. Like the timer when cooking.

Camera – even the camera works rather well. It’s fine for sharing on social media.

So all in all it’s proving a heady accessory for the Note 3.

And the other day I was trying to send wireless a photo from my Note 3 to my TV but it wasn’t working. I tried many different things even switching off Bluetooth which disconnected my Gear. I realised the fault was with my TV. I hadn’t changed the wireless settings for my new router. Anyway, I forgot to switch Bluetooth back on, and for the next hour I thought my Gear was not functioning properly until I realised my error. But in that hour it felt unnatural not to be monitoring my notifications via the Gear.

Talk about a turnaround. And here’s the next part. Normally I get withdrawal symptoms and need to move to the latest piece of tech. And for some reason the Note 3/Gear combo leaves me very content.

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Gear – review update

  1. Gavin as usual you are very thorough with your reviews. The point I make and at LIM over and over again is that unless you use tech in real life a review cannot exploit the potential of a device. Reviews work okay for commodity products more than for newish products.


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