The LG G5 review – 2 weeks later

I am now into my second week of the LG G5 and will start to put pen to paper to document my thoughts on the LG G5.

I want my review to include at least 4 of the LG G5 Friends so that I can provide a FULL experience. I also want to wait until the first firmware which is due very soon, to see if any of the small bugs are fixed and also what new features are added. (new features are coming).

The G5 uses USB Type C and that meant having to make sure I had enough cables and USB Type C adapters. Now that I have a wide selection and more devices using USB Type C, I just cannot look back at micro USB. It feels so primitive. It is the same feeling after using Apple’s lightning cable.

So it is at this point in time, if you have anything you want included in the review, please let me know. I already have been asked about GPS performance.


6 thoughts on “The LG G5 review – 2 weeks later

  1. Maybe more détails and advice with the camera. Particulary how to shoot people who move. Also i see an article about the auto mod who are better than the G4 but so better that it now more hard to use manual control on the G5. Particulary manual + macro it’s seems to be not easy on the LG G5 (at this software version) on comparaison of LG G4


    1. The G5 is new. Future updates will hopefully improve everything.

      Action shots. First up I save all photos to internal memory and not the micro sd card. Internal memory is faster. Once I have decided which photos to keep these get moved to the micro sd card. Make sure flash and hdr are set to off. For action shots in auto mode, try using the burst mode. Press and hold shutter button. Up to 30 shots are taken. You can review and save the best shots. The other option is using manual mode and work with a slightly faster shutter speed and playing slightly with the ISO. Best idea is to recreate lighting conditions at home or work and practice taken photos when it doesn’t matter what the outcome is. For my dog shots I normally use burst with flash and hdr off and saving to internal memory. Gavin.


  2. An update fixing the brightness issues, not bright enough outdoors and too dim indoors would be welcome.


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