Are Chromebooks about to become awesome? – Editorial

Several tech websites are reporting that Google is about to introduce some new updates to Chrome OS to allow around 1 million android apps to work on Chromebooks. This is likely to be introduced at Google I/O.

Is this happens, the Chromebook will become the most compelling laptop type device in ages. I have used several Chromebooks and for 95% of my workflow they worked beautifully. Super fast and cheap and easy to wipe clean and pass on to another person too. And with just a few of my android apps a Chromebook would take on a new lease of life.

Would android apps working on a Chromebook make you re-evalate purchasing one?

3 thoughts on “Are Chromebooks about to become awesome? – Editorial

  1. Yes. For some time I have been considering my computing setup. I have an ageing PC. But when I really think about it so much of my time is spent on the ‘web’. Even document editing all done in drive. Thus this looks like it could be a very cost effective solution. That said there are always limitations that make it more difficult for me. But for 95% who want casual browsing etc this sounds brilliant.

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  2. It sounds really interesting but I’ve just upgraded my aging netbook to Windows 10 and put in a Samsung Evo SSD drive. It’s much faster and resume from hibernation is quick as well. Very usable as a portable solution. Probable fills the gap that a Chromebook would fill as far as I’m concerned. If it dies and this new Android implementation is good, I would probably look at a Chromebook.


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