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Tidal HiFi Music Streaming service – update

2 days ago I wrote about Tidal HiFi Music Streaming service.

So as an update to my post and review here’s my further thoughts.

I experienced music I had downloaded for offline playback featuring skips in the music which was infuriating.  Since then it’s not happened again.

Streaming FLAC music is so good and pleasurable.  I’ve also spent more time exploring the content on Tidal and it is more extensive than I first imagined. I’m currently listening to Audiomachine which I also have on mp3 320 bit rate. There just is no comparison. Led Zeppelin is now on Tidal and I had a play 15 mins ago of a couple of tracks. Again, really stunning sound.

So as my 7 day trial draws nearer to a close, I am leaning to giving this a go.