August EP610 In-Ear Bluetooth Stereo Sports Headphones – review

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Welcome to my review of the August EP610 In-Ear Bluetooth Stereo Sports Headphones.


The August EP610 have been designed to be lightweight, yet provide extra grip along with incredible as a sports utility products on the market. The weight it kept down by using plastics. The August EP610 earbuds come in 3 sizes and with 4 stabilizers to help you adjust them to your ear shape. The in-ear controls allow you to answer phone calls and adjust the volume. The EP610 retail on Amazon at £27.95.



– Bluetooth Version: v4.0
– Frequency Response: 200Hz~20kHz
– Output Power: 10mW x 2
– SNR: ≥ 80dB
– Distortion: ≤1% At 1KHz
– Battery: 40mAh x 2 Polymer Lithium Batteries
– Working Time: Up to 5 Hours
– Charging Time: Approx. 1 Hour
– Standby Time: 180 Hours
– Produce Weight: 15g

Key Features

– Wireless Earphones for Bluetooth Devices
– Microphone for Hands-Free Calls
– Built-in Rechargeable Battery
– Micro USB Charging Port
– Bluetooth Range up to 10m
– Bluetooth v4.0
– 5 hours battery life

Sound Quality/Usage

My ears are different to yours. As is the next person. That’s why it was good to see August had supplied different ear buds and 4 different size stabilisers. Whilst the in-ears look big, they are so comfortable and only 15g in weight.

Call quality was ok and playing music provided an enjoyable listen.

For the music test, I listened to several different genres over hours and hours. Below are my findings from a selection of 5 tracks.

“The Sound of Yo-Yo-Ma, The Score – Oh My Love, Ellie Goulding – On My Mind, The Martian – Movie – Emergency Land, Cassandra Wilson – Come On in my Kitchen”.

Across the music spectrum everything was reasonable and not over played. However, I did notice a slight background hiss which was more noticeable in quieter tracks and classical music.



Just shows how far technology is moving forward. In-Ear Bluetooth headphones for £27.95, and currently on offer at Amazon too. This price 2-3 years ago would not have been possible versus the quality. Not only that the August EP610 sound reasonable and are comfortable. Recommended.

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August EP610 In-Ear Bluetooth headphones deal at Amazon UK

16 thoughts on “August EP610 In-Ear Bluetooth Stereo Sports Headphones – review

  1. Great review. I’m a real fan of Bluetooth earphones.. At last we can do away with tangling wires and cords. The battery standby time looks amazing and with a quick charge to keep than topped up, what’s not to like here.


  2. Thanks for another great review Gavin. These look a lot better than the ones I am using now and if I am not lucky in the draw I may ask Santa to bring some.


  3. I’ve heard quite a bit about August…seem fabulous. Bluetooth really gives you your hand free which for a wheelchair user this is totally awesome and helpful. Although I’ve yet to use Bluetooth headphones. Your review looks good, great quality photos too.


  4. Nice review Gavin – I just recently starting working out again and if I want to look decent again at some time I need BT headphones for the next 523 years 🙂


  5. I had a go of a friends August EP650 Bluetooth headphones and was pretty impressed for £40 on Amazon. I am currently using xiaomi cabled earphones which I bought to replace those uncomfortable Apple ones Silicone all the way!


  6. Having used the EP650 Bluetooth headset and SE50 speakers, I’m quite impressed by the quality offered by August International products considering their price. Not a fan of wired type Bluetooth headphones, but after reading your review I wouldn’t mind giving it a try.


  7. Complimenti per la recensione. È un prodotto di cui ai sentiva la mancanza. Per chi non vuole fili e tirate d’orecchio è una soluzione che consiglio. 


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