Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Photography Special – Video and Photos – Part 1

Today I will be looking at some photography options with the iPhone 6S Plus that I have achieved so far. I will also list the apps I use as well. Many of these apps are available on android too. All the photos shown are available to view full size if you click on the photo. Where possible, when I have mentioned any accessories I have made them active links to Amazon.

First up is the problem you get when shooting buildings and the walls aren’t straight. Now the best solution for this is something like Adobe Lightroom 6. See how the walls of the church are slightly warped.

Straightening the building using iOS -

Now using an app called SKRWT, you can fix this and make it look a lot better.

Straightening the building using iOS -

Now what about shooting in RAW format. The default camera app on the iPhone does not permit this. But I use Camera+ which has so many features both from shooting to editing, it really is a great app. It also has 3D Touch enabled. So below is a macro shot in RAW. Note the file size is up to 7 x larger than normal shots. If you view the full size version of the berries the amount of detail is huge.

Wow Red berry fruit #rawformat #unedited #iphone6splus #macro

Again using Camera+ macro mode you can get really close up. So the flower shot first, then the macro.

Pink Pink Macro Flowers #macro #unedited #iphone6splus

Pink Pink Macro Flowers #macro #unedited #iphone6splus

What about using something like an Olloclip lens attachment for macro. This is what you get. Notice the bokek.

Wild Thing #macro #unedited #setof4 #iphone6splus

The Olloclip 4 in 1 does wide, fisheye and 2 levels of macro. I also have the Olloclip Macro Pro kit. Whilst these lenses are fun, the quality is poor. They are best used for macro if anything at all. First you can’t use a case or screen protector, and the photos goes soft on the edges. But they are great fun. Below was a photo taken in fisheye mode and then straightened using SKRWT. More info , click here Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens

Exeter High Street - Fish Eye #olloclip #iphone6splus

The Olloclip softens the photos too much in wide mode on the edges. FYI the version for the iPhone 6/6 Plus according to Olloclip works with the new 6S and 6S Plus. Details on Amazon Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens

My recommendation is to use Camera+ for macros with a small tripod. For wide shots use the standard pano mode. You can get photos like this. For this shot below I only took half a panorama as it was not necessary to move across the whole screen. Sometimes 3 or 4 frames are just enough.

Believer Forest #panoramic #iphone6splus

However, sometimes the full panoramic is ideal and this is where the iPhone works really well.

Stunning Panorama over Dartmoor #iPhone6SPlus

In terms of apps, I use the default Photos app. The editing is non destructive. From within the Photos app editing I can access my following apps – afterlight, adobe photoshop express, camera+ and diptic. Also in the Photos app I can import a photo into VSCO Cam or use an app called ViewExif to view the exif details. So apart from the apps mentioned I also have installed Slow Shutter, Flickr, Playmemories, Photogene, Color Splash Pro, Snapseed, Nightcap Pro, Cameratamo, Phoster, Camera360 and Waterlogue.

I do use Live Photos and really like it. Sadly at the moment, I can’t share this with any of apps or services other than within the Apple eco system. I hope this changes soon. However, I do turn it off when I know the shot will make no difference with Live Photos enabled. But it does make moving through the camera roll a bit exciting.

iMovie is used to finish off videos and add photos if needed.Talking about video the video capture is absolutely stunning. 4K, 1080p and other modes like timelapse work so well. I have created a few videos. Ignore the iMovie editing on the timelapse video at the start, that was my fault cutting a frame too agressively at the very beginning. So first up a 4K recorded clip, in 1080p and then a timelapse.

First up time lapse mode. For the 360 degree movement I use Veho VCC-360
on my tripod. My phone is attached to the Veho using a ShoulderPod S1 Grip

Then 4K video with a sweep at the end of the view from the summit of Staple Tor. This had no post processing in iMovie.

The best accessory I have used with all my phones is the ShoulderPod S1 Grip as this is the most rock solid way to attach your phone to a tripod!

Anyway that is all for Part 1. If you have any tips or apps or any accessories you like using please leave a comment.


9 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Photography Special – Video and Photos – Part 1

  1. Cortex cam is a really great camera app , it takes quick multiple pictures and pastes then into a single high megapixel photo. If you use a tripod the results are stunning. Just not good with moving objects . But it is also great in low light.,, . But then tripod is a must.

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  2. Can’t wait!! From my testing it seems the 6plus really gets low light photos right. The G4 and Samsungs do add more light .,,,but so much so it alters the scene. The 6 plus seems to depict exactly what the scenes look like in low light .


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