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iMovie Trailers using the iPhone 7 Plus – Tors of Dartmoor National Park

When you have an iPhone 7 Plus you also have access to iMovie. Apart from creating professional videos you can also create short movie trailers which are great fun too.

Below is a short iMovie trailer made this afternoon. This is using all video and photo footage I have snapped on Dartmoor National Park.

Enjoy and let me know what you think too.

Walk on Dartmoor – Shot on an iPhone 7 Plus – Edited on the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar using iMovie

I wanted to see how tight the integration would be shooting video and photos on my iPhone 7 Plus and then trying to edit it on my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

For starters, I got some great photos and video from the iPhone 7 Plus. Since the latest software update on the iPhone 7 Plus, the Live Photos seem to be even better quality. Below are the a few photos the walk out on Dartmoor.

Moody Face #Tiggy #Dartmoor

None of these photos have been edited in any way.

All tongue #George #Dartmoor

What a tongue!! George has a huge tongue.

Sunk in the mud - Tiggy :)

Someone has been in the mud 🙂

Fury had just bathed in mud :) #dartmoor

Because Fury is black, she disguises the fact she is lined in mud !

Ok, some firing up my MacBook Pro, and all the photos and video from my iPhone 7 Plus are already synced into the Photos app on the Mac. Open iMovie on the MacBook Pro and you can simply select the video and photos from the photos app and import them into iMovie. Next select create a movie, tweak the order of the clips, adjusts and colour corrections on the media if required, add a theme, choose from a vast selection of music and audio clips, or add your own, add a few titles and export. iMovie is relatively intuitive to use. Next save to iMovie Theater and now it appears on my iPhone 7 Plus in the iMovie app too.

The last stage is uploading to YouTube via iMovie. And below is the result. The power of the post processing speed of the MacBook Pro is stunning BTW.

Filming 4K on the iPhone 6S Plus

So you have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus. 


With a tripod and a few extra pieces you can start to get creative. Attached to the tripod is TARION Model TR-S120 Track Slider Stabilizer which in turn has the ShoulderPod S1 Smartphone Grip and R1 Pro.

On the Shoulderpod R1 Pro is the Sony QX10 and HTC Re used for a few stills. The below video shows a shot of the church, taken on the iPhone 6S Plus, HTC Re and Sony QX10. Each photo is labelled. Finally the iPhone 6S Plus is used to film in 4K using the slider for effect.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus – My Time Lapse Test

Below is a video produced from 3 separate time lapse clips recorded on the iPhone 6S Plus. It is worth noting that my tripod was shaking in the strong wind whilst recording the first clip. The optical image stabilisation was working overtime!

There are 3 clips in total merged together on the iPhone 6S Plus using iMovie iPhone app.

The middle clip is my favourite. Watch the boat appear and seemingly swerve at high speed. The first time lapse clip is filmed with a 360 degree rotating device mounted on the tripod.

Let me know what you think. The highest quality setting is 1080p.