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Shot on a Samsung Galaxy S7 – Video

Samsung has decided to take a leaf out of Apple’s book and publish a video “Shot on a Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge”. The selected clip below emphasises the 4K quality from the S7, which is perhaps one of its best features.

In terms of video quality, I too have found the S7 is superb. Consequently, I have been using it for all my unboxing and video reviews for the last month.

You can check out all of these videos by clicking HERE. If you haven’t subscribed, please do so 🙂

Samsung Gear 360 – First Impressions and Video

So having used the LG 360 Cam and being slightly disappointed by the photo and video quality I had no intention of even looking at the Samsung Gear 360.

But then I started to see some footage and read some early reviews and noticed that the video footage looked a lot better than that I took from the LG 360 cam.

Primarily the Samsung Gear 360 has higher quality optics and better software stitching – well that is the claims  I have seen so far.

I will say because the LG 360 cam’s profile is more rectangular / flat in shape it’s far easier to stick in your pocket.

Anyway back to the Samsung Gear 360. First impressions of the hardware and test photos and videos have been pleasing. I will be sharing some of these soon.

I mentioned there was a lanyard strap in the video below. I have since discovered that  this connects to the black tripod. This becomes apparent when you watch the video as you will see the lanyard attachment holes .

For now enjoy my unboxing video and overview.

Asus Zenbo – The Robot we all Need?

Asus announced the Asus Zenbo, a robot for the home. It will retail at $599 which according to the CEO of Asus is unbelievable value.

My wife watched the video below from Asus and simply said “Does it do the ironing? Does it go up stairs? So it suggests a recipe, but what if you havent got the ingredient? Does it get it for you? With all these questions, the answers are no it doesn’t.

But have a look at the video below and tell me does it do enough for YOU to want one?


This is the HTC 10 – Full Reveal & Specifications

At 1pm today, HTC will officially reveal its new flagship the HTC 10. However, why wait until 1pm!

Below are the specifications are full product video.

Specifications –

– Processor – Snapdragon 820, Adreno 530
– 32 Storage, 4gb ram
– 3000 mAh battery
– 5.15 inch Amoled QHD display with 570 PPI
– Gorilla Glass 4
– USB Type C
– 12mp Ultrapixel Rear Camera with OIS f/1.9 26mm, laser autofocus, dual tone flash, a 5mp front camera with OIS
– Micro SD Card support up to 200gb
– Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, hotspot
– Bluetooth 4.1, APT-X
– Boomsound speakers
– Fingerprint sensor
– Quick Charge 3

And below is the full product video. So is this enough for you to consider this as your main phone?

Apple iPhone 6S Plus – A variety of camera footage demonstrating the magic of the 12mp camera!

Apple made a big point at just how good its new 12mp sensor was on the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. I have taken a variety of footage, both video, photos and timelapse and below is a selection of what was possible.

Please allow a few minutess for all the photos to appear if they do not appear straight away. Click on all footage to gain access to the original version.

Timelapse Mode – Impressive as taken on a windy day too which meant iPhone 6S Plus was moving on tripod.

4K Video. Play clip to the end to view a quick breathtaking view across Dartmoor.

Photos – A selection including panoramic mode

St Andrews Church, Whitchurch #iphone6Splus

I'm watching YOU #Tiggy #iphone6Splus

Out to Sea - Views of Newquay #iphone6Splus

The Rock #Goliath #Roborough #Common with Dartmoor in the distance #iphone6splus

Staple Tor, Dartmoor with George #iphone6splus

Sunrise over the summit of Staple Tor, Dartmoor

Pink Pink Macro Flowers #macro #unedited #iphone6splus

Staple Tor, Dartmoor

Believer Forest #panoramic #iphone6splus

The Chase - Tiggy & Fury dash through the water on Dartmoor

Sunrise over Great and Little Mis Tor, Dartmoor #iphone6splus

Beautiful sunset on Dartmoor tonight

Beautiful but cold - Dartmoor at 6pm Today

Summit of Great Mis Tor, Dartmoor

The Bench with a View #Dartmoor #iphone6splus

Pink Pink Macro Flowers #macro #unedited #iphone6splus

Stunning Panorama over Dartmoor #iPhone6SPlus