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Huawei announces the P10 and P10 Plus – And all 4 Networks will be selling them! – My Thoughts

Huawei announced the P10 and P10 Plus at MWC today. As upgrades to the Huawei P9 there was a lot of interesting new improvements and more colours too.

For me the P10 Plus was the highlight with a bigger 5.5 inch screen than the standard 5.1 inch screen on P10. The P10 Plus screen also moves up from 1080p to QHD, includes stereo speakers, infra red blaster and the next generation of Leica rear dual cameras, called the Leica Pro Edition 2.0. These new dual lenses a f/1.8.

The Plus comes in either a 4gb/64gb or 6gb/128gb ram/storage configuration. Gorilla Glass 5 are on both P10’s models.

Huawei also made a lot of noise about the brand new finishing process called hyper diamond cut, which according to Huawei prevents scratches unlike other glossy (jet black) phones.

Huawei also announced the Huawei Watch 2. One noticeable difference over the Mate 9 and P9 is the higher price tags. Huawei is now charging flagship pricing for its phones. The P10 Plus will cost 699 or 799 euros depending on storage configuration.

Apple had brilliant Third Quarter Results – But Here’s Small Print

Apple announced its third quarter results last night.

The Key Points –

– The iPad and Services (iTunes/App Store) were the only growth areas. The iPad Pro helped with profit despite a downturn in actual number sold. Services had a boost due to the ever expanding size of the user base. iPhone and Mac numbers both declined. The iPhone had a significant boost from the iPhone SE, without this handset, iPhone sales would have been even lower.

– For Next Quarter’s forecast, more declines are forecast by Apple. Despite this Apple’s shares went up 5% because they smashed the analysts forecasts. Worth remembering the Apple still made $8 billion profit and that is still a lot of money! For Q4 2016, Apple is providing guidance of revenue between $45.4 billion and $47.5 billion, and gross margin between 37.5 percent and 38 percent.

– The Financials – $42.4 billion in third-quarter revenue , that’s a 15 percent year-over-year decline. iPhone shipments in China plummeted by 33%. Japan was Apple’s only growing region, where sales grew 23 percent. But these figures were better than expected.

– Profit down 27%.

– Apple Pay has had 400% growth

– Other Apple news – Apple bought ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Late Late Show segment and will release new episodes weekly via Apple Music.

So what does the future hold for Apple? Well at the moment it is selling loads of hardware, but the world is becoming saturated with iPhones etc and other companies have managed to build premium phones for a lot less money. When Apple introduces the new iPhone and other hardware will it be enough to stop the decline. Personally I don’t think so, but I don’t think it matters too much. I see Apple shifting more and more into the Services business – iTunes, Apple Music and such like. Unless Apple can find the next big thing hardware wise, hardware will continue to shrink very slowly.

Asus Zenbo – The Robot we all Need?

Asus announced the Asus Zenbo, a robot for the home. It will retail at $599 which according to the CEO of Asus is unbelievable value.

My wife watched the video below from Asus and simply said “Does it do the ironing? Does it go up stairs? So it suggests a recipe, but what if you havent got the ingredient? Does it get it for you? With all these questions, the answers are no it doesn’t.

But have a look at the video below and tell me does it do enough for YOU to want one?


ZTE Nubia X8 – A Chinese Powerhouse – Should other manufacturers worry?

1 ZTE-Nubia-X8

ZTE Nubia X8 has got leaked and it looks like it is going to be a monster of a smartphone based on the specs. Specs could include a 4K 6.4-inch screen, Snapdragon 823, 6GB RAM, 128 or 256GB internal storage. Other specs are all top of the line from metal build, slim bezels and a fingerprint scanner.

And here lies my point. Are these specs for specs sake? Will this phone get full worldwide support on all the network bands. Will this phone get software and security updates and for how long? What if you damage the phone? 4K screen and 6gb ram. This might be needed for Virtual Reality but really isn’t needed for anything else.

But then there is the other side of the coin. If Chinese manufacturers can keep pushing ahead with inventions will their be a new “Apple” brand but from China? It is not impossible but it will take a mammoth task to beat Apple at marketing and world wide distribution!

Source – pocketnow.com

Apple produces 6 videos to promote the new Apple TV – Plus updated review on the Apple TV

Apple has released 6 new videos to promote and or sell the Apple TV.

You can view the next 5 clicking HERE.

I have now had Apple TV for several weeks and even purchased the Nimbus Game Controller as well. The new Apple Siri Remote is a pain in the arse to use. The top half is a trackpad which I seem to touch by accident even from the edges when picking it up off the arms of the sofa. That means my accidental presses keep interfering with whats playing on the Apple TV. Sometimes I end up fast forwarding a movie, pausing or even quitting it. 

The remote also doubles up as a game controller. Some games work really well with it, others are more fiddly. So I bought the Nimbus Game Controller for the Apple TV and it works half of the time. The issue is limited support by developers. The good news is the game controller works with my iPad Pro and iPhone. The Nimbus game controller is the best game controller I have used on iOS. It recharges using a lightning cable.

I use my Apple TV for viewing films and TV shows. This function works fine, and for the fast time on Monday night, I pressed the siri button on the remote and said “what did he say”.  I was watching Walking Dead, and the Apple TV rewound the program back about 10 seconds and turned subtitles on, to reveal the word spoken as “help”. That is so freaking cool and useful. 

Another issue I have had is the Apple Siri Remote not responding as it was flat and needed recharging. That meant I could not operate the Apple TV until I put some charge back in the remote.

There is still a shortage of apps but in time this will be rectified. App discovering in the UK Apple TV store is not as easy to find stuff as the US Apple TV store.

Apart from that, I love it and all the other aspects from Airplay all work beautifully. 

Is TalkTalk ruined after its 3rd Cyber Attack? – Detailed Viewpoint & Editorial

Unless you have been hibernating you would have read about TalkTalk and that it has been a victim of a Cyber attack for the 3rd Time.

Reports are already pouring in about money disappearing from people’s bank accounts, strange calls trying to obtain money and more.

If you want to learn more about the actual incident, click on the link to the BBC News at the end of this article.

Now for my thoughts on this situation and the potential outcome.

The facts are alarming on Cyber attacks. I don’t mean to scare you BUT over 50% of small businesses have suffered a Cyber attack last year. We all hear about the big name companies, but small companies are being targeted like never before. Why? Easy prey as their computer systems are not locked down enough. So with the stats so high for small companies, it comes as no surprise of complacency by even larger ones.

TalkTalk is going to need a lot of money to recover from this incident. Here’s why –

1) It will need to investigate how exactly the breach occurred, and for the third time and remove and crypto lock, virus, trojan or more.

2) It will have to investigate to see whether an employee was part of a crime that aided the hackers.

3) It will to allow for example £10 per customer in costs in contacting them and advising of the incident.

4) Remedies will need to be put in place (which will cost) to change and improve systems

5) PR and Marketing – costs for managing this will need to be allowed for

6) Brand – loss of brand reputation

The above are just a small example of problems TalkTalk are going to face. In reality, the brand is being destroyed. I personally believe this is not a maybe but a possibility and that TalkTalk may never survive this Cyber attack.

Source – BBC News – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34615226

This is the Samsung Gear S2 – My views


Samsung has released a teaser photo of its upcoming Gear S2 smartwatch. What we can see from this photo is a good looking watch which clearly has a number of smart functions. If Samsung follows tradition, this will continue to run Tizen and work only with a handful of Samsung phones.

When I owned the Samsung Note 4, I also had the Gear S which also ran Tizen. However, despite the lack of apps, it was a pretty decent smartwatch and fitness device, albeit tied to the Samsung eco system.

With the next iteration, the Gear S2 looks like a lovely piece of jewellery and not a prison tag. I do hope though that Samsung opens up its S Health application so it becomes far more useful and is accessible via a web browser.

Source – http://www.androidcentral.com

The Samsung Gear S2 – Copy or Original

Samsung has released a video highlighting some information about its new smartwatch, the Gear S2.

Is it me, or does it look similar to another brand of smartwatch? Regardless, the app/eco support along with linkage with Google Now cards will determine the success of this device. At the moment, Android Wear is not good enough to be used as a fitness device like the FitBit Charge HR. For example, FitBit and MyFitnessPal link together really well.

But maybe, Samsung and Google have some surprises on the software front too next month.