Apple produces 6 videos to promote the new Apple TV – Plus updated review on the Apple TV

Apple has released 6 new videos to promote and or sell the Apple TV.

You can view the next 5 clicking HERE.

I have now had Apple TV for several weeks and even purchased the Nimbus Game Controller as well. The new Apple Siri Remote is a pain in the arse to use. The top half is a trackpad which I seem to touch by accident even from the edges when picking it up off the arms of the sofa. That means my accidental presses keep interfering with whats playing on the Apple TV. Sometimes I end up fast forwarding a movie, pausing or even quitting it. 

The remote also doubles up as a game controller. Some games work really well with it, others are more fiddly. So I bought the Nimbus Game Controller for the Apple TV and it works half of the time. The issue is limited support by developers. The good news is the game controller works with my iPad Pro and iPhone. The Nimbus game controller is the best game controller I have used on iOS. It recharges using a lightning cable.

I use my Apple TV for viewing films and TV shows. This function works fine, and for the fast time on Monday night, I pressed the siri button on the remote and said “what did he say”.  I was watching Walking Dead, and the Apple TV rewound the program back about 10 seconds and turned subtitles on, to reveal the word spoken as “help”. That is so freaking cool and useful. 

Another issue I have had is the Apple Siri Remote not responding as it was flat and needed recharging. That meant I could not operate the Apple TV until I put some charge back in the remote.

There is still a shortage of apps but in time this will be rectified. App discovering in the UK Apple TV store is not as easy to find stuff as the US Apple TV store.

Apart from that, I love it and all the other aspects from Airplay all work beautifully. 


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