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Samsung launches a band adapter for the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch

1 gear s2

This is long overdue, but Samsung has launched an adapter so that you can fit any watch strap or band to your Gear S2. With the Band Adapter, the Gear S2 is now compatible with standard 20mm watch straps.


Samsung Gear S2 – my views as a Smartphone guru



The Samsung Gear S2 is Samsung’s latest smartwatch and they think it’s amazing.

The above photos show the classic model on my wrist. There is also a sport model which looks dull on photos but in real life is rather good to admire.

I have owned a wide selection of smart watches. See here for my reviews https://gavinsgadgets.com/review-links/wearablesfitness-trackerssmartwatch-reviews/ .

So what did I think of the new watch from Samsung. Actually, it is rather smaller in person, and consequently looks and feels consider a smaller than the LG Watch Urbane.

So what you have is a watch that looks good on wrist and not overbearing.

Then you have the news that Samsung is allowing other Android phones to connect to this watch. There is a rumour coming out IFA that Samsung will allow this watch to connect to iPhones. The only issue of using another brand of Android phone or an iPhone is the watch will lose some of its functionality.

So what is the Gear S2 like to use in real life? Actually it is the smoothest and slickest out of any watch including my own LG Watch Urbane. It scrolls really quickly between screens and with the rotating bezels makes light work of everything. I was impressed.

So what are the drawbacks? Maybe it will be the lack of third party developers developing for the platform!

However even if the number of apps out of the box are minimal, it still provides an awful lot out of the box and should be ideal for many people!

This is the Samsung Gear S2 – My views


Samsung has released a teaser photo of its upcoming Gear S2 smartwatch. What we can see from this photo is a good looking watch which clearly has a number of smart functions. If Samsung follows tradition, this will continue to run Tizen and work only with a handful of Samsung phones.

When I owned the Samsung Note 4, I also had the Gear S which also ran Tizen. However, despite the lack of apps, it was a pretty decent smartwatch and fitness device, albeit tied to the Samsung eco system.

With the next iteration, the Gear S2 looks like a lovely piece of jewellery and not a prison tag. I do hope though that Samsung opens up its S Health application so it becomes far more useful and is accessible via a web browser.

Source – http://www.androidcentral.com

The Samsung Gear S2 – Copy or Original

Samsung has released a video highlighting some information about its new smartwatch, the Gear S2.

Is it me, or does it look similar to another brand of smartwatch? Regardless, the app/eco support along with linkage with Google Now cards will determine the success of this device. At the moment, Android Wear is not good enough to be used as a fitness device like the FitBit Charge HR. For example, FitBit and MyFitnessPal link together really well.

But maybe, Samsung and Google have some surprises on the software front too next month.