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HTC 10 – Camera Shots from the weekend

Over the weekend I took several shots with the HTC 10. I also had the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7. I discarded most of the S7’s shots except one as I preferred the photos from the HTC 10. I will create a separate post for the LG G5 and S7 shots.

George – Pro mode, RAW, cropped to 16:9

George having a quick blast #HTC10

Mud Bath

Fury says to Tiggy "I think we found the dirtiest & muddiest bog" #HTC10

Panoramic Shot of Dartmoor

Panorama over Dartmoor #HTC10


Woooooosh - Tiggy #HTC10

George and Tiggy

As fast as a lightning bolt - George & Tiggy #HTC10

Sharp Tor

Sharp Tor, Dartmoor #HTC10


The Green Tree on Dartmoor #HTC10

HTC 10 – A selection of shots from the camera

Below are a selection of photos from the HTC 10 camera. I really like the natural look of the photos.

Below is a crop from the 4:3 to 16:9.

Local Neighbours

The sheep suddenly walked across the road. The HTC 10 was quick enough to launch and snap this. Cropped again from 4:3 to 16:9.

The Highway Code on Dartmoor

One of several from a burst and cropped again.

Woosh - That Way

Natural shot of the ponies.

Happiness - New Life

New Life on Dartmoor

The local church. Realistic shot.

HTC 10 - 1s ISO 100 - 9.32pm

Merivale Quarry with the bird in the sky. Really realistic shot again.

HTC 10 - Merivale Quarry

Overall some really pleasant shots from the HTC 10.

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Have a good weekend.

HTC 10 – Camera action shots

Yesterday I published the very first photos from the HTC 10. Later on I took my 3 labradors out on Dartmoor and attempted to see what the HTC 10 could achieve. Don’t forget, click on each shot to see the full size.

Below is a shot of George shaking his head. The movement is frozen fairly well.

HTC 10 camera action shots

Next up is the 2 girls Fury and Tiggy. This was part of a burst, all of which were fine.

HTC 10 camera action shots

One more from the above burst, this time with just Tiggy.

HTC 10 camera action shots

Another shot below from a burst sequence. The HTC 10 choose a decent shutter speed for this. Again ALL of the burst shots were in focus.

HTC 10 camera action shots

The photo below of George smiling is part of the burst shot above.

HTC 10 camera action shots

The photo below is a 4:3 pic cropped to create a pano style of photo of Princetown.

HTC 10 - views of Princetown

The photo below is the from the same image as above, just cropped differently.

HTC 10 - views of Princetown

Now this is just a single shot, ie. burst mode wasn’t used. I did crop the 4:3 slightly to 16:9. What was interesting was watching how the HTC 10 took the shot. I actually focused in on George and then took the photo. This was all very fast but impressive.

HTC 10 action shot of George

Again cropped and not pin sharp, but look at Tiggy’s boots 🙂 She’s jumped into a muddy bog and went back in after this shot to be totally covered in thick smelly bog mud.

HTC 10 camera action shot of Tiggy

It is very early days with the HTC 10. But so far I am fairly pleased with the results. I also have the LG G5, Apple iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Huawei P9. The crazy thing is all the phones offer something different to each other!

HTC 10 – First shots from the camera


The HTC 10 arrived earlier today thanks to the superb service from Clove Technology.

So after restoring over 100 apps and updating to the latest firmware this is what the camera can achieve with a quick shootout.

HTC 10 camera samples

Guess what I had for dinner tonight. Nothing wrong with this photo. It does appear slightly soft in places.

HTC 10 camera samples

Shot a photo into the sun. I was quite pleased with the result.

HTC 10 camera samples

If you zoom into the pipe in the roof its nice and defined.

HTC 10 camera samples

The Domino’s sign looks just as good, albeit slightly soft again. i.e. not over sharpened.

I intend to test the various modes of the HTC 10 along with the audio.

HTC 10 – The reviews are out

All the HTC 10 reviews have appeared from a number of tech websites. My HTC 10 is due shortly and likely at the same time as the Huawei P9. However, my first focus will be putting my LG G5 retail unit through its paces, now that this has now arrived.

I have a special treat for the G5 camera (weather permitting) so stay tuned.

So the reviews from Engadget, Pocketnow. Mobilegeeks, Android Authority and many more all seem to summarise that they really like the HTC 10. Clearly there is some love left for the company.

Below is a review from Pocketnow.

HTC 10 – Just how good is the camera? – Shots from the Camera

HTC have just released the HTC 10, its new flagship. The main focus was world class cameras. Both the front and rear cameras have optical image stabilisation.

So what are the photos like? Well Grryo in conjunction with HTC, got a load of photographers to use the HTC 10 and snap a range of photos.


All the photos seem ok. Nothing dramatic but nothing wrong with them either.


Obviously pro photographers were used, so the shot should look good as well.


Low light is shown and again this looks reasonable.


I will be receiving my HTC 10 shortly so will put this through its paces. If you want to see more of these shots then head over to Grryo.

HTC 10 – My First Thoughts and Opinions vs the Competition – Plus discount codes


HTC announced their new flagship the HTC 10. Full specs can be found on HTC’s website – click HERE.

Firstly, I thought HTC did a rather clever job of announcing the new flagship without a big live event. In fact, at 1pm UK time, all the content just appeared on HTC’s website along with a 13 min introduction video to the new flagship and what makes it special.

At the same time, all the major website also released all their content on the HTC 10 along with first impressions. Full reviews are likely to follow soon as well.

So instead of reproducing the same content as every other website, I am going to discuss the high and low points of the HTC 10 and then provide my thoughts re the competition.

HTC 10 – My First Impressions

A typical unibody slab of metal from HTC which will help it feel and look premium in the hand. The effort HTC’s went to task to simplify the software with Google will mean this phone will be super fast to use. However, for some and probably me included this could also mean a boring phone with no added extra software perks. The next stand out feature is the Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Headphones. This is for playback and recording via the microphones. This is really excellent if you like your music. The loudspeaker setup is a tweeter at top and bass/subwoofer at the rear. This should sound reasonable. 12mp rear camera f/1.8 1.55 microns pixel size, with OIS, two tone flash and laser auto focus. To me this sounds like the Nexus 6P rear camera but with OIS. Expect good photos. The front 5mp camera has OIS too. The rest of the specs are all run of the mill for a flagship phone. Apart from Airplay support built in. Unusual for an android phone. Due to all the software optimisations with Google, battery life should be one day. Handy Quick Charge 3 is included. Another claim to fame is the HTC 10 holding the top rating for its camera with DxOmark. I also liked that the HTC 10 had adoptable storage.

HTC 10 vs The Competition

Nexus 6P – I would pick the HTC 10 over the Nexus 6P. That is unless you wanted to ensure fast and quick firmware updates directly from Google. The HTC 10 should have better cameras and audio.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Whilst the HTC 10 has larger pixels in its rear camera, the S7 has a f/1.7 vs a f/1.8 for the HTC 10. Both rear cameras are 12mp. Personally the S7 would be my choice for camera due to its incredibly fast focus. The S7 is also water and dust resistant. If selfies are your thing, then maybe the HTC 10 would be a better option. The HTC 10 gets the thumbs up from me on the audio front and the fact it has adoptable storage. On paper I still think the S7 Edge looks more premium. It also has a better screen and battery. Whilst Samsung include lots of extra apps, some are really useful and add extra functionality.

Xiaomi Mi 5 – HTC 10 has the camera and audio edge. The Mi 5 features an IR blaster and is a lot cheaper. But it is not as readily available world wide.

LG G5 – I still think the 16mp rear camera on the G5 is my preferred choice over the 12mp HTC 10. Whilst the G5 doesn’t offer a front camera with OIS it does offer a higher resolution at 8mp. The 8mp wide angled rear camera is unique. Audio quality will be better on the HTC 10, even with the G5’s DAC module potentially. However, bluetooth audio on the G5 should be better than the HTC 10 due to the G5 supporting APT-X High Definition codec. The G5’s modules offer something different to the HTC 10. The HTC 10 is far more premium looking. An IR Blaster is still included with the G5 and not present on the HTC 10.

Huawei P9 – I think the P9 will have a tough time competing against the HTC 10 except for the fact the P9 at launch will be £100 less in price. The P9 also has a unique dual rear camera lens setup. But these lenses do not feature OIS meaning blurrier shots will happen more frequently.

iPhone 6S – Apart from the iOS vs android debate, I really think the HTC 10 beats the iPhone in audio and camera, at least from a specs point of view.

Microsoft Lumia 950 – Whilst the camera on the 950 may be respectable I believe the HTC 10 would be a better all around option.


It is worth remembering these are my initial thoughts. I have yet to see the HTC 10 in person and like everything the specs may look good, the promotional material may shine, but does the phone deliver on what it promises! Time will tell but it really does look like HTC have delivered a decent offering this year.

If you order directly from HTC there are discount codes available as follows –

– USA – Code – HTC1008 – Saves $100 – Price reduced to $599 from $699
– Canada – Code HTCCA1008 -Saves $100 – Price reduced to $899 from $999
– UK – Code – HTC10 – Takes 10% off. New price is £512.99 from £569.99 – Also selecting Express Shipping instead of standard, makes shipping free.

This is the HTC 10 – Full Reveal & Specifications

At 1pm today, HTC will officially reveal its new flagship the HTC 10. However, why wait until 1pm!

Below are the specifications are full product video.

Specifications –

– Processor – Snapdragon 820, Adreno 530
– 32 Storage, 4gb ram
– 3000 mAh battery
– 5.15 inch Amoled QHD display with 570 PPI
– Gorilla Glass 4
– USB Type C
– 12mp Ultrapixel Rear Camera with OIS f/1.9 26mm, laser autofocus, dual tone flash, a 5mp front camera with OIS
– Micro SD Card support up to 200gb
– Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, hotspot
– Bluetooth 4.1, APT-X
– Boomsound speakers
– Fingerprint sensor
– Quick Charge 3

And below is the full product video. So is this enough for you to consider this as your main phone?

HTC 10 – The Latest of the new Flagship from HTC

HTC is due to announce its new flagship the HTC 10. It is claimed to have world class cameras and boom sound.

Now just to make sure Huawei didn’t get all the limelight with its new Huawei P9, HTC released another video.

This claims that all aspects of the phone from camera, audio and more have been perfected. Optical image stabilisation, 4K video, boom sound and Ultra Pixels.

Sounds promising but I just wonder how it will fare up against the Samsung S7 focusing speed which really makes a difference in obtaining that magic moment.

The below shot was taken yesterday on my S7 Edge. So fast to focus. I have post processed it to add a few HDR effects.

Full Stretch #Seagull #SamsungS7Edge

HTC 10 – Featuring the Best Boomsound Ever! – The Latest

HTC have released a bold video claiming that their new flagship the HTC 10, which is being unveiled on the 12th April will have the best boomsound speakers and audio output via the headphone jack.

Not only that HTC have stated that the front and rear cameras will be world class. I imagine large pixels on both the front and back.

But that’s not all. HTC have also claimed that this new phone will be the fastest to operate. Lots of bold claims, lets hope HTC deliver a true flagship.