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Google Pixel Phone – First Shots from the Camera

When Google announced the new Pixel Phone, it claimed it had the best camera on any phone and had the highest mark ever awarded by DxOmark of 89. So to wet your appetite, below are a selection of photos from the Pixel Phone, courtesy of Google.





If you want to check out even more shots from the Pixel, hit the link below.

Source – Google


Microsoft Lumia 950 XL – Further Thoughts & Camera Shots

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL - The end of an era
So it’s been nearly a week with the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and I am starting to form some opinions of this phone. I also have the dock to review and test. Thanks to Steve Litchfield from @AA_WP for the loan.

The hardware is reasonably well specified but so is most other hardware nowadays. I have a red leather back cover, which looks very smart, but without this extra cost, the 950 XL is just too plastic.

The Windows Store for apps and games is dismal at best, but we all know that by now. So if the official app is not available you will be hunting for a decent third party option or not bother with an app, and use the web browser instead. You may be lucky and a universal app arrives though.

The highlight of the phone so far is the camera quality. I have taken some more photos.

The Tree at Yelverton Green #lumia950xl

The above photo is extremely accurate to the actual colours.

Yelverton Green #lumia950xl

Again, very well balanced shot.

The End of The Line #lumia950xl

Vivid true to life colours with the shot above.

One Way Out #lumia950xl

Difficult lighting but a great shot.

Wooden Living #lumia950xl

Unusual shot, but superb result.

Blossoming Flowers #lumia950xl

The white flowers are handled well and again overall a good shot. Some of the above photos were also snapped with a Samsung Galaxy S7, so have a look at the other posts today.

Whilst the 950 XL takes marvellous photos, I am getting frustrated by the processing or saving messages while it either saves or post proceses the finishing touches. There should be an option to complete this task without slowing down the phone so you can’t take another photo until this has finished.

I am also experiencing the odd bug and this is again a nusiance.

Anyway, more soon.

HTC 10 – A selection of shots from the camera

Below are a selection of photos from the HTC 10 camera. I really like the natural look of the photos.

Below is a crop from the 4:3 to 16:9.

Local Neighbours

The sheep suddenly walked across the road. The HTC 10 was quick enough to launch and snap this. Cropped again from 4:3 to 16:9.

The Highway Code on Dartmoor

One of several from a burst and cropped again.

Woosh - That Way

Natural shot of the ponies.

Happiness - New Life

New Life on Dartmoor

The local church. Realistic shot.

HTC 10 - 1s ISO 100 - 9.32pm

Merivale Quarry with the bird in the sky. Really realistic shot again.

HTC 10 - Merivale Quarry

Overall some really pleasant shots from the HTC 10.

So should you need to buy anything on Amazon, please head over by using the respective links below. This helps by contributing towards the running costs of Gavin’s Gadgets.

The best part is that it also costs you nothing extra!



Have a good weekend.

LG G5 – Recent shots from the G5’s cameras

Below are a selection of different shots from the G5’s camera taken over the last couple of days.


Above a lovely wide shot of a farmer mucking the field.


In this shot I prefer the jump lens as shown above.


Above a lovely macro of a dafodill.


Above shot of Postbridge Bridge and the original clapper bridge using the wide lens.


Again the 8mp wide lens. Produces a lovely shot.


Another 8mp wide shot but cropped inn and still there is plenty of detail.


Just for fun. Inside a train carriage. Wide.


Above 16mp lens. Not everything needs the wide lens.

The more I use the G5 the more I enjoy the phone.

LG G5 – First shots from the camera

St Michael's & All Angel Church, Princetown #LGG5

The first 2 photos I took with my retail LG G5 are above and below. HDR got triggered automatically as I was shooting partially at the sun.

The shot above is the standard shot from the G5 using the normal 16mp lens. And below is the wide angled shot.

St Michael's & All Angel Church, Princetown #wideangle #LGG5

How do I feel about the wide angle shot. Blew my socks off wonderful. I have snapped my local church hundreds of times and this shot ranks as one of my favourite versions. I love the way its draws you into the church.

Now I already have lots to say about this phone. You’ll have to wait until Monday. But just to quench some rumours and clear some facts up:

1. Build quality on my gold finished G5 is excellent.
2. It is a damn load more comfortable and easier to hold than my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
3. Camera – more tests required but very pleased so far
4. Loudspeaker – much louder than S7 Edge
5. Headphone Output – rumoured to be quiet. Significantly louder than my S7 Edge with 4 pairs of headphones.
6. Bluetooth Audio – Better than anything I have heard so far
7. G5 home launcher with no app drawer. Piece of cake to manage with and actually is easier to use. See previous post with all 150 apps on one page.

Are there some annoyances. Yes. Those will be revealed on Monday along with everything else discovered by Sunday night.

HTC 10 – Just how good is the camera? – Shots from the Camera

HTC have just released the HTC 10, its new flagship. The main focus was world class cameras. Both the front and rear cameras have optical image stabilisation.

So what are the photos like? Well Grryo in conjunction with HTC, got a load of photographers to use the HTC 10 and snap a range of photos.


All the photos seem ok. Nothing dramatic but nothing wrong with them either.


Obviously pro photographers were used, so the shot should look good as well.


Low light is shown and again this looks reasonable.


I will be receiving my HTC 10 shortly so will put this through its paces. If you want to see more of these shots then head over to Grryo.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Fresh Photos just off the Camera Today – Updated with more shots

The photos below were just snapped with the S7 Edge a short while ago.

It really is a lovely day on Dartmoor today.

George and Fury zig zagging. Or something. Not sure really but they were both charging around.

No its this way - George and Fury having fun on Dartmoor #SamsungS7Edge

Fury and George playing on Dartmoor #SamsungS7Edge

And here is George with his tongue. Fury and Tiggy are playing in the background.

George and his long tongue enjoying Dartmoor #SamsungS7Edge

A lovely shot of Fury. She looks wet and muddy 🙂

Fury loving the sunshine on Dartmoor #SamsungS7Edge

This is the view at the moment. Stunning.

Glorious Day on Dartmoor near Princetown

And lastly here’s Tiggy, also wet and muddy 🙂

Tiggy enjoying the sunshine on Dartmoor #SamsungS7Edge

And now for some macro shots just taken a few minutes ago.

Purplicious #Spring #Macro #SamsungS7Edge

Purplicious #Spring #Macro #SamsungS7Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Random Camera Shots – Part 4

Below are just a few quick camera shots from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I have been asked what sensor my S7 Edge has and it is the ISOCELL sensor. I am very happy with all these shots. It seems when sunlight has gone, the S7 Edge takes good quality photos.

Daffodil Macro

There were a few daffodils outside the pizza takeaway, so I took a quick shot.

Daffodil at Springtime #macro ##SamsungS7Edge

Dartmoor Panoramic

I do like the stitched image of the panoramic shot. This is just before dusk, so the lighting was just starting to fade, with some fog appearing in the distance.

Panoramic of Rugged Dartmoor #SamsungS7Edge

Cropped Image

I was driving along and saw this pony grazing by the road. I lowered my car window and took a quick snap. I then edited the shot to lose the road and focus on the pony. So long as the image is not too far away, there is plenty of detail for cropping. I was probably about 20 feet away from the pony.

Natural Habitat #Dartmoor #Ponies #SamsungS7Edge #Crop

Normal Random Shots

Another scenic shot of Dartmoor and then a bike that was also next to the pizza takeaway.

Fog Descending #Dartmoor #SamsungS7Edge

Red Michigan #SamsungS7Edge

LG V10 – Photos from today – Extreme Fog and Macro

Suffering from man flu, I have only managed a few shots from the LG V10 today. In addition the weather on Dartmoor was horrendous, as you will see below.

Salt crystals #macro #LG #V10

Extreme Fog, Live Weather Shots from Princetown #LG #V10

Extreme Fog, Live Weather Shots from Princetown #LG #V10

Something interesting occurred today as well. I was copying music across to the V10, and it displayed its device name as the LG G Flex 2 on my computer.

PS. Tomorrow the Asus Zenfone Zoom full review goes live!

Sony Xperia Z5 – camera shots – so is the camera any good?

Sony upgraded the sensor on the Xperia flagship range. Below are 3 photos. Each taken in a different mode.

8mp Mode – Full auto


Remember to tap to get full size.

Another auto shot.


And now using the full sensor at 23mp.


It seems a shame that Sony missed OIS off the specifications.

So what’s your verdict?

More soon on the Xperia Z5 range.

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro – Camera Shots

The Xiaomi Mi Note Pro is similar to the Mi 4i that I currently own. The camera app follows a similar path except it has HDR Auto mode and a few other tricks. Below are some camera shots from the Mi Note Pro.

I noticed that panoramic shots are rather small in file size. Overall, the photos look fairly reasonable. However, the camera performance in my opinion not in the same league as the LG G4.But what do you think?

I will cover off more aspects of the Mi Note Pro when I post my full review as it does have some true flagship winning aspects.

National Park Visitor Centre, Princetown #Xiaomi #MiNotePro

Happy cows and ponies on Dartmoor #Xiaomi #MiNotePro

Happy cows and ponies on Dartmoor #Xiaomi #MiNotePro

Happy cows and ponies on Dartmoor #Xiaomi #MiNotePro

Happy cows and ponies on Dartmoor #Xiaomi #MiNotePro

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Various shots taken with the #Xiaomi #MiNotePro smartphone

Xiaomi Mi 4i – First Impressions / Benchmark / Camera Shot


Apart from the Huawei P8, I also have a Xiaomi Mi 4i. Above and below are my current home screens.


I haven’t spent time theming or changing the wallpaper yet, as I just wanted to install my apps.

What do you notice? Google apps and services are already installed. I even got an over the air update. In fact I’m typing this on the Mi 4i as I also listen to Pocketcasts.


My full review will follow in a few weeks but initial observations are positive. Very good camera and headphone audio.


Below is a photo I took with the Mi 4i.


If you have any questions, please let me know so I can add them in my review.

Huawei P8 – Camera Shots

These are the first shots I have snapped using the Huawei P8. The camera has lots of options and over time I will explore these in more depth. In the meantime, enjoy the handful of shots taken around Wistman’s Wood Nature Reserve on Dartmoor. All photos are unedited, and taken at 10mp which gives the widescreen view. If you wanted to use the full 13mp, this provides an aspect ratio of 4:3. In terms of sunlight visibility the P8 adjusted the screen contrast and brightness to make the screen readable in bright sun!

Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor

Stunning views, Wistman's Wood, Dartmoor #HuaweiP8

George and Tiggy – note the difficult shadow and sun conditions

George and Tiggy at the gate, Wistman's Wood, Dartmoor #HuaweiP8

Tiggy looking happy

Tiggy running , Wistman's Wood, Dartmoor #HuaweiP8

Littaford Tor, Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor

Littaford Tor, Wistman's Wood, Dartmoor #HuaweiP8

The Ancient Trees of Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor – the lighting was near impossible to capture with darkness and mega bright sunlight pouring in

Ancient Trees of Wistman's Wood, Dartmoor #HuaweiP8

From Wistman’s Wood looking towards Princetown, Dartmoor

View towards Princetown, from Wistman's Wood, Dartmoor #HuaweiP8

The Girls – Tiggy and Fury having fun

Fury and Tiggy having fun, Wistman's Wood, Dartmoor #HuaweiP8

George having fun

George in Wistman's Wood, Dartmoor #HuaweiP8

Another shot of Wistman’s Wood

Wistman's Wood, Dartmoor #HuaweiP8

LG G4 – More shots from yesterday’s travels

At present, I am tracking across Dartmoor. Once again, unedited photos from the LG G4. Click on each photo to see full resolution. Also note my dogs photo bombed some of these shots 🙂

Panoramic from summit of Sittaford Tor, 1,730ft

Panoramic view from Sittaford Tor, Dartmoor #LGG4

Fernworthy Forest Trees

Beautiful Trees of Fernworthy, Dartmoor #LGG4

Fernworthy Stone Circle with George and Tiggy appearing

Two Dogs mysteriously leap out from the Ancient Stone Row Circle at Fernworthy #LGG4

View towards Fernworth Forest – no chance of a takeaway!

View from Sittaford Tor with Fernworthy - nothing for miles and miles #LGG4

Tiggy and George near summit of Sittaford Tor

Tiggy & George near Sittaford Tor, Dartmoor #LGG4

Grey Wethers Stone Circles – 2 Stone Circle

George appears from Grey Wethers Stone Circle, Dartmoor #LGG4