Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Random Camera Shots – Part 4

Below are just a few quick camera shots from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I have been asked what sensor my S7 Edge has and it is the ISOCELL sensor. I am very happy with all these shots. It seems when sunlight has gone, the S7 Edge takes good quality photos.

Daffodil Macro

There were a few daffodils outside the pizza takeaway, so I took a quick shot.

Daffodil at Springtime #macro ##SamsungS7Edge

Dartmoor Panoramic

I do like the stitched image of the panoramic shot. This is just before dusk, so the lighting was just starting to fade, with some fog appearing in the distance.

Panoramic of Rugged Dartmoor #SamsungS7Edge

Cropped Image

I was driving along and saw this pony grazing by the road. I lowered my car window and took a quick snap. I then edited the shot to lose the road and focus on the pony. So long as the image is not too far away, there is plenty of detail for cropping. I was probably about 20 feet away from the pony.

Natural Habitat #Dartmoor #Ponies #SamsungS7Edge #Crop

Normal Random Shots

Another scenic shot of Dartmoor and then a bike that was also next to the pizza takeaway.

Fog Descending #Dartmoor #SamsungS7Edge

Red Michigan #SamsungS7Edge

5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Random Camera Shots – Part 4

  1. Here in Qatar, I will receive the S7 Edge Duos on the 14th (Launch date here). 2 x SIMs or 1 x SIM plus Micro SD.

    Apparently, it also has the Sony IMX260 sensor.

    Price wise, it is 2,799 QAR which is 543.00 UK pounds. Not too shabby.

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