HTC 10 – Just how good is the camera? – Shots from the Camera

HTC have just released the HTC 10, its new flagship. The main focus was world class cameras. Both the front and rear cameras have optical image stabilisation.

So what are the photos like? Well Grryo in conjunction with HTC, got a load of photographers to use the HTC 10 and snap a range of photos.


All the photos seem ok. Nothing dramatic but nothing wrong with them either.


Obviously pro photographers were used, so the shot should look good as well.


Low light is shown and again this looks reasonable.


I will be receiving my HTC 10 shortly so will put this through its paces. If you want to see more of these shots then head over to Grryo.

2 thoughts on “HTC 10 – Just how good is the camera? – Shots from the Camera

  1. Hmm, dxo sub section scores for stills suggest a 6p beating camera. As sharp as the 6p for the details and a good ten points ahead of the s7 & g4 for artifacts handling. That artifacts score alone got me excited. Natural looking pureview like shots.

    The few samples on review sites I saw did not give me that impression. The ones on the verge were not flattering. Really bad.

    The 10 has IR focus and f1.8, expected it to match or at least come close to the G4. Have not seen that yet. Some reviews suggest difficulty with AF in less than ideal light and something we’ve not come across before. The camera informing the user that they blocked the IR sensor and could not focus. And it can happen even when nothing is blocking it.

    I need to see more photos and expect HTC has some updates to make before this camera starts behaving as its specs would suggest.

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