LG G5 – First shots from the camera

St Michael's & All Angel Church, Princetown #LGG5

The first 2 photos I took with my retail LG G5 are above and below. HDR got triggered automatically as I was shooting partially at the sun.

The shot above is the standard shot from the G5 using the normal 16mp lens. And below is the wide angled shot.

St Michael's & All Angel Church, Princetown #wideangle #LGG5

How do I feel about the wide angle shot. Blew my socks off wonderful. I have snapped my local church hundreds of times and this shot ranks as one of my favourite versions. I love the way its draws you into the church.

Now I already have lots to say about this phone. You’ll have to wait until Monday. But just to quench some rumours and clear some facts up:

1. Build quality on my gold finished G5 is excellent.
2. It is a damn load more comfortable and easier to hold than my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
3. Camera – more tests required but very pleased so far
4. Loudspeaker – much louder than S7 Edge
5. Headphone Output – rumoured to be quiet. Significantly louder than my S7 Edge with 4 pairs of headphones.
6. Bluetooth Audio – Better than anything I have heard so far
7. G5 home launcher with no app drawer. Piece of cake to manage with and actually is easier to use. See previous post with all 150 apps on one page.

Are there some annoyances. Yes. Those will be revealed on Monday along with everything else discovered by Sunday night.


20 thoughts on “LG G5 – First shots from the camera

  1. Lucky man grrr lol, good weekend πŸ™‚ stupid question, the raw – jpg option, where are located the storage of the raw ? i see on the huawei p9 that the raw are only backup on the internal storage…

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  2. The photos look lovely. For the first time we get to see how it looks to you when approaching. The details on the roof and building walls are good. I think HDR here could counter any extra attracting by creating a less artificial look. Would not have said that with the G4.

    Can’t see much distortion in the wide angle shot. If it’s there the scene chosen hides it well. This intrigues me. How you compose a shot makes the difference. Have to plan wide angle in a different way than regular. Need to come up with some guidelines.

    1. Avoid horizontal lines crossing the frame particularly close up. Lines going away into the distance like the path here are OK.

    Since you have taken the shot with the church slightly angled there is a natural looking diagonal that appears normal in the wide angle.

    The roof appears slightly softer in the 8MP than in the 16MP, we’ll just have to tolerate that now that the blinders have been removed.

    Max did some comparisons with the S7 and took some shots at the seashore. The curves looked good there and if you work those into the shot the results are stunning. Won’t see the distortions unless looking for it.

    He also mentioned something interesting about the G5. It will soften objects in the distance and give you a sharper circle in the centre. This is something new. S7 otoh had everything sharp foreground to background.

    Juan did some headphone volume tests and showed the headphone output on the G5 is less than the G4. This surprised me. In some countries they require volume limiters. Thought this was only in Europe. Suppose there will be a mod to fix this. Won’t be possible to mod anything on non Euro units though as no root possible 😦


  3. So I was thinking, couldn’t he just step back a bit and get similar with the primary.

    Church of St Michael & All Angels, Princetown #LGG4

    Not possible!

    See how close the entrance is. All church shots are taken literally at the gate.

    This means for now, the G5 is the only phone camera that can produce a shot sotc like this. No other can until wide angle options appear on others.


  4. Cannot wait to get mine. It should have been available on Apr.15, but it is postponed to the end of April in the Netherlands. I know G5 in my neighbour — Germany — has been on sale.


  5. Do you get the feeling this is only the beginning ?

    We couldn’t change lenses before so they gave us one more.

    What’s better than two ? Still one more.

    Ever wanted a longer focal length so you could get closer to the action and still have a wide aperture πŸ˜€


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