LG G5 – My favourite shots from the Camera with commentary

Below are a selection of photos I took yesterday from the LG G5 with some commentary. To view the full size, click on photo and select original or full size.

Around and inside Foggintor Quarry #lgg5 #snapseededits

The above shot of Foggintor Quarry is superb. I have taken many shots with different phones of this place, but the wide angled lens of the G5 captured the walls too. Edited in snapseed with HDRScape filter.

Foggintor Quarry #16mp #normal #lens #lgg5

Above is the quarry with the normal 16mp lens. You can see my 3 dogs just before they jumped in for a swim. This is not edited in any way. In the past I used panoramic mode to capture the inside of this quarry, but the wide lens does a much better job.

Church of St Michaels #Princetown #lgg5 #wide

Take my local church and shoot it with the wide lens again. The effect is dramatic.

St Michael's & All Angel Church, Princetown #LGG5

Same church taken the day before but using the normal lens to give you an idea of the difference. This was the very first shot from the LG G5.

George sprinting with happy face #lgg5

So I tried some action shots with my dogs. Above is George. This is a cropped shot. Having 16mp worth of detail is great for something like this.

George sprinting again #lgg5 #wide #burstmode

Again another action shot using burst mode. But with the wide angle lens. Note how the clouds look as if they are moving inwards.

National Park Visitor Centre #lgg5 #normal #16mp

National Park Visitor Centre. Normal lens. Crisp and a good quality shot.

National Park Visitor Centre #lgg5 #wide

That wide angle lens on the G5 is something else. Look how much more was captured in the frame. Now this shot did curve the buildings more than shown, so using VSCO Cam app on the G5, I made a few adjustments and then edited in snapseed using HDRScape.

Drive out of Princetown #bothlenses #lgg5

Using both lenses to create the above shot. Not that excited about this mode.

Fury - She's looking pretty #lgg5

High quality shot using the normal lens of Fury. I like this one.

Tiggy showing off her teeth #lgg5

Cropped close up of Tiggy. This photo was originally too dark, so I had to raise the brightness and shadows.

So above is a small selection of the photos that I have snapped over the last couple of days. I found the wide angle lens to be wonderful. Not only that but the 8mp wide angle lens actually had a lot more detail than expected with file sizes around the 4mb. The Normal 16mp lens produced file sizes around 7mb.

Based on the full range of photos I have taken with the G5, I am able to write up my views on this camera versus the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera. This hopefully will be live tomorrow. But all I will say at this point is the G5 and S7 are so different its actually great news for consumers to have such choices.


5 thoughts on “LG G5 – My favourite shots from the Camera with commentary

  1. Awesome pics!! I tried to shoot my brother’s basketball game this weekend with my G5 and every picture came out blurry. I’m a newbie when it comes to cameras and settings. Any tips on how to get a clear action shot? Thanks!!


    1. Hi Katie. I’m assuming the game was indoors and therefore the lighting was reduced. First up I save all photos to internal memory and not the micro sd card. Internal memory is faster. Once I have decided which photos to keep these get moved to the micro sd card. Make sure flash and hdr are set to off. For action shots in auto mode, try using the burst mode. Press and hold shutter button. Up to 30 shots are taken. You can review and save the best shots. The other option is using manual mode and work with a slightly faster shutter speed and playing slightly with the ISO. Best idea is to recreate lighting conditions at home or work and practice taken photos when it doesn’t matter what the outcome is. For my dog shots I normally use burst with flash and hdr off and saving to internal memory. Gavin.


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