HTC 10 – Camera action shots

Yesterday I published the very first photos from the HTC 10. Later on I took my 3 labradors out on Dartmoor and attempted to see what the HTC 10 could achieve. Don’t forget, click on each shot to see the full size.

Below is a shot of George shaking his head. The movement is frozen fairly well.

HTC 10 camera action shots

Next up is the 2 girls Fury and Tiggy. This was part of a burst, all of which were fine.

HTC 10 camera action shots

One more from the above burst, this time with just Tiggy.

HTC 10 camera action shots

Another shot below from a burst sequence. The HTC 10 choose a decent shutter speed for this. Again ALL of the burst shots were in focus.

HTC 10 camera action shots

The photo below of George smiling is part of the burst shot above.

HTC 10 camera action shots

The photo below is a 4:3 pic cropped to create a pano style of photo of Princetown.

HTC 10 - views of Princetown

The photo below is the from the same image as above, just cropped differently.

HTC 10 - views of Princetown

Now this is just a single shot, ie. burst mode wasn’t used. I did crop the 4:3 slightly to 16:9. What was interesting was watching how the HTC 10 took the shot. I actually focused in on George and then took the photo. This was all very fast but impressive.

HTC 10 action shot of George

Again cropped and not pin sharp, but look at Tiggy’s boots 🙂 She’s jumped into a muddy bog and went back in after this shot to be totally covered in thick smelly bog mud.

HTC 10 camera action shot of Tiggy

It is very early days with the HTC 10. But so far I am fairly pleased with the results. I also have the LG G5, Apple iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Huawei P9. The crazy thing is all the phones offer something different to each other!

6 thoughts on “HTC 10 – Camera action shots

  1. When did you get the iPhone 6s? That one seemed to sneak in there!! I don’t remember you mentioning that after u sold the 6s plus.

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  2. Considering that you have s7 and G5 could you say your first opinion about HTC 10 shooter comparing it with s7 and G5. Is HTC 10 behind s7 and G5 when it comes to taking better photos?
    Just interested in your personal opinion. Thanks.


    1. Hi Marius. If only that question was easy to answer because it’s not. Each phone has strengths and weaknesses where one phone will be better than the other and then the other will be better in a certain scenario.

      So question back before answering. What sort of stuff will you snap? Will you take video? What time of day? Etc…


  3. Some Something at shots there, the one of George drawing his front paws is priceless 😀

    Tiggy isn’t sharp as she tricked the light meter. Same will happen with Fury if as prominent in a frame.

    Push the shutter to 1/500 and you’ll get her.

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