HTC 10 – First shots from the camera


The HTC 10 arrived earlier today thanks to the superb service from Clove Technology.

So after restoring over 100 apps and updating to the latest firmware this is what the camera can achieve with a quick shootout.

HTC 10 camera samples

Guess what I had for dinner tonight. Nothing wrong with this photo. It does appear slightly soft in places.

HTC 10 camera samples

Shot a photo into the sun. I was quite pleased with the result.

HTC 10 camera samples

If you zoom into the pipe in the roof its nice and defined.

HTC 10 camera samples

The Domino’s sign looks just as good, albeit slightly soft again. i.e. not over sharpened.

I intend to test the various modes of the HTC 10 along with the audio.

5 thoughts on “HTC 10 – First shots from the camera

  1. HTC … I like this but this premium look don’t feel like it in the heart of customers….

    I say again it’s the end of it … and it’s 😦


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