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HTC 10 – Camera Shots from the weekend

Over the weekend I took several shots with the HTC 10. I also had the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7. I discarded most of the S7’s shots except one as I preferred the photos from the HTC 10. I will create a separate post for the LG G5 and S7 shots.

George – Pro mode, RAW, cropped to 16:9

George having a quick blast #HTC10

Mud Bath

Fury says to Tiggy "I think we found the dirtiest & muddiest bog" #HTC10

Panoramic Shot of Dartmoor

Panorama over Dartmoor #HTC10


Woooooosh - Tiggy #HTC10

George and Tiggy

As fast as a lightning bolt - George & Tiggy #HTC10

Sharp Tor

Sharp Tor, Dartmoor #HTC10


The Green Tree on Dartmoor #HTC10

LG G5 & Samsung Galaxy S7 – Camera shots from the weekend

Most of my photos this weekend came from the HTC 10, but I did snap several from the LG G5 and S7. Sadly I was disappointed with the S7 photos versus the rest except for one shot below.

George and Fury – S7

Mud Runs on Dartmoor #SamsungS7

Sharp Tor – LG G5

Sharp Tor and beyond, Dartmoor #LGG5

Soussons Forrest – LG G5

Soussons Forrest v2 #LGG5

Stormy Clouds over Warren Inn, Dartmoor – LGG5 wide

Stormy Clouds above Warren House Inn,  Dartmoor #LGG5

Soussons Forrest – LGG5 wide

Soussons Forrest, Dartmoor #LGG5

I do think the LG G5 is better for landscape type shots especially using the wide lens. It will be interesting to see how the S7 fares when I use it with the official wide lens from Samsung later this week.