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Samsung Gear 360 – Editorial – Shooting in 360 and 110 degrees with your phone

360 Challenge 2

The Samsung Gear 360 is one piece of tech that I absolutely love. Its execution is beautiful and its a joy to use. The downside is that it only works with Samsung’s flagship phones. It also works upside down.

I also have the Samsung Lens Cover which is available for the S7 and S7 Edge. This is the wide angle lens fitted to the S7.

The Official Samsung Lens Cover case for Samsung Galaxy S7 with Wide Angle lens fitted

Even without the lenses fitted to the S7 you can obtain some amazing shots. See below.

Haunting #Church #Princetown #Historic #S7

The bee shot below is taken without any add on lenses. Just used Pro mode, macro and fixed the shutter speed.

Feeding Time #macro #SamsungS7 #ProMode #Bee

But now inside the church and outside here are shots using the wide angle lens attachment. See how the extra width at 110 degrees does make a difference.

Inside the historic Church of St Michael & All Saints #Princetown

Church of St Michael #frontview #SamsungS7 #lenscover #wideangle

So now you can see the difference with the outside view of the church with using the wide angle lens.Looks great.

Anyway back to the Gear 360. This can take some amazing photos. For these to display in 360 degrees, you will need to click on photo and view via a desktop PC. Or make sure you change Chrome or Safari web browser to Desktop Mode and make sure you’re viewing Flickr in desktop mode.

St Michael & All Angels Church , Princetown #Historic #Church #Samsung #Gear360 #360degree #photo

The shot below is of the inside of the church. Here the 360 degree camera shines and is ideal for such a scenario.

Inside The Church of St Michael & All Saints, Princetown in 360 degrees - To View You Need to Access Flickr via a PC

I really love the difference photographing makes in 360 degrees. However, shooting in 360 degrees does not work all the time. Sometimes just using the phone without any attachments is the best option, but other times have either the wide or 2 x Telephoto lens changes the end result completely.

Samsung Gear 360 – 360 Degree Photo of the Week

Now for something in Virtual Reality , 360 degrees. So you have 2 options with the photo below snapped in 360 degrees.

For both options you will need to click on the photo, and view it via a web browser in desktop mode. You cannot view this via the Flickr app.

To view via your Virtual Reality headset, you probably will need to download it on your device first.

To view without a headset, once you have clicked on the photo, Flickr recognises it as a 360 degree photo and it will start rotating around automatically.

Below is a 360 degree view of the famous church that is used in all my phone reviews. It is the Church of St Michael & All Angels, Princetown, Dartmoor. It is a historic church built in the 1800’s by the French Prisoners of War.

St Michael & All Angels Church , Princetown #Historic #Church #Samsung #Gear360 #360degree #photo

Samsung Gear 360 – Using it Upside Down

I have been using the Samsung Gear 360 a fair bit. Unfortunately, not outdoors due to the terrible weather. The indoor footage is private so cannot be shared, but needless to say I now have a 360 degree video of a special occasion that truly is superb to have as a memory.

Anyway, I wondered how the Gear 360 would work upside down.

360 Challenge 2

So here it is, attached upside down and gently swaying in the wind.

Below is a 360 degree photo. To get this into 360 degree mode, you will need to click on the photo and ensure you view the Flickr upload via a web browser and NOT the flickr app. Once viewing via a web browser it should load in 360 mode. If it doesn’t go to desktop mode on your phone, select full size. It should work.

360 Challenge

Below is a shot just using one of the lenses in 180 degrees, and shooting into the sun.

360 Challenge 2

And now the 360 degree video filmed in 4K. Hopefully these are all showing the correct way up!.

Another aspect I really like about the 360 is being able to control it without a phone. The physical buttons and little screen work perfectly.

Samsung Gear 360 – First Impressions and Video

So having used the LG 360 Cam and being slightly disappointed by the photo and video quality I had no intention of even looking at the Samsung Gear 360.

But then I started to see some footage and read some early reviews and noticed that the video footage looked a lot better than that I took from the LG 360 cam.

Primarily the Samsung Gear 360 has higher quality optics and better software stitching – well that is the claims  I have seen so far.

I will say because the LG 360 cam’s profile is more rectangular / flat in shape it’s far easier to stick in your pocket.

Anyway back to the Samsung Gear 360. First impressions of the hardware and test photos and videos have been pleasing. I will be sharing some of these soon.

I mentioned there was a lanyard strap in the video below. I have since discovered that  this connects to the black tripod. This becomes apparent when you watch the video as you will see the lanyard attachment holes .

For now enjoy my unboxing video and overview.