Samsung Gear 360 – Using it Upside Down

I have been using the Samsung Gear 360 a fair bit. Unfortunately, not outdoors due to the terrible weather. The indoor footage is private so cannot be shared, but needless to say I now have a 360 degree video of a special occasion that truly is superb to have as a memory.

Anyway, I wondered how the Gear 360 would work upside down.

360 Challenge 2

So here it is, attached upside down and gently swaying in the wind.

Below is a 360 degree photo. To get this into 360 degree mode, you will need to click on the photo and ensure you view the Flickr upload via a web browser and NOT the flickr app. Once viewing via a web browser it should load in 360 mode. If it doesn’t go to desktop mode on your phone, select full size. It should work.

360 Challenge

Below is a shot just using one of the lenses in 180 degrees, and shooting into the sun.

360 Challenge 2

And now the 360 degree video filmed in 4K. Hopefully these are all showing the correct way up!.

Another aspect I really like about the 360 is being able to control it without a phone. The physical buttons and little screen work perfectly.


19 thoughts on “Samsung Gear 360 – Using it Upside Down

  1. “The indoor footage is private so cannot be shared, but needless to say I now have a 360 degree video of a special occasion that truly is superb to have as a memory.”

    Oh la la!

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  2. Hi, I’m trying to use my Samsung 360 upside down and did not see any options to flip the image. Did you use an editing system to flip the image? Thanks


  3. Hi Gavin,

    how it can flip automaticaly, with mine it doesn’t flip…. the video is upside down on my S7 even on my Gear manager app…. Do you have any tip for me ?



      1. I’ll wait for it… I’m getting crazy. I don’t find it in the mobile app. In youtube if you rotate the video it lose the 360 šŸ˜¦


  4. Sorry Gavin, I can’t find the post where you explain how to rotate a video filmed upside down. Could you be so kind and post the link to the post please? Thanks a lot!


    1. It’s in the settings of the app for the Gear 360. You also then need to save video using your Samsung phone and not via a PC. The white balance differences could easily happen depending on the brightness and conditions that vary from behind you vs in front of you.


  5. Also, is it normal to have one half of the video with a light blueish tone and the other half of the video with normal colors?


  6. Ok, am i densed or was the question asked about recording with the gear 360 mounted upside down and between all the rambling there was no answer?


  7. For all of you stil asking about the flip/rotation. The video will first be flipped after importing/downloading to the phone. There isnā€™t any flip functionality on live video, while hanging upside down. (took me a while sorting this out)


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