LG G4 – 4 Month Review – The Ultimate Package and its last hurrah


This will be my last post, review, opinions on my LG G4. Why, because I am moving to an iPhone 6S Plus tomorrow. (However, since last night I have been using a Honor 7 which is a PR review unit)

I have had the G4 for 4 months as my main phone and that is a record breaking duration. My G4 package shown above is brilliant. Not shown in the photo is my slim port MHL adapter which connected the G4 via HDMI to my TV. This feature is not even included with the new Note 5! Over the duration of ownership I added to the range of rear covers. The G4 came with a black leather finish and a gold cover in the box. I added a ceramic white and orange leather cover.


Then I got the buzz to fit Qi wireless charging and added this to the orange leather cover. NFC was also included with the Qi sticker. Finally, I protected the screen with a tempered glass screen protector.

So from a hardware standpoint I found the G4 really flexible. It did everything I needed. Expandable memory via the micro SD card slot. I used my 128gb micro SD card. Whilst the G4 does have Quick Charge 2, nothing beats swapping the battery out for a fully charged one. 0% to 100% in less than a minute.

The camera IMO is the best out there currently. And by quite a margin over most other smartphones. The whole phone was kept in touch with a decent Snapdragon 808 which unlike the 810, did not overheat. In use the G4 was fluid and became a great workhorse. A flexible, powerful, adaptable phone. And now I have perfected the phone and its accessories it makes perfect sense in my world, to move on to the next challenge.

But that is the hardware, but what about the software. Well I used the LG launcher for at least 6 weeks and finally relented and installed Nova launcher with Material Cards icon set as shown below.


As some of you will also know, I was at IFA 2015 and got to see all the current and soon to be released phones. As I held each new phone, my natural instincts was to compare it to my G4, and without exception there was not one phone either current or soon to be released that offered anything better than the G4.

So as I bid farewell to my G4, I can honestly say that I will really miss it.

BUT I know what you are all thinking? Will the new iPhone 6S Plus take better photos than the G4? Weather permitting, I intend to undertake this challenge. At this point in time, I have no idea if the new 12mp camera from the 6S Plus will better the 16mp LG G4 camera. This should be interesting so stay tuned 🙂

5 thoughts on “LG G4 – 4 Month Review – The Ultimate Package and its last hurrah

  1. Have to agree with you about the G4. I’ve had this since launch along with all the other high end Samsung’s, Edge, Note 4, 5 etc. (I work in Qatar so we usually get these phones at launch)

    After a couple of months I usually sell my phones on but the G4 I have kept. It is my daily workhorse and does everything I need just right. The camera is always fantastic.

    For the first time ever though I am also considering an Apple product, the new 6S Plus. Will still keep my beloved G4 though.


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