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Apple Music lands on Android – So What Comes Next?

Yesterday Apple released Apple Music on Android complete with a 3 month trial for new users. If you sign in to Apple Music on android with the same email used on iOS you can use your iOS subscription to play your tunes on Apple Music with your android device now.

The release of Apple Music on android is significant. It competes directly with Google Play Music and Amazon Music. By offering more of their services on a range of hardware, Apple has moved itself even deeper into the online service offerings.

Maybe, Apple realises that smartphone growth has peaked so now its time to spread its wings to compete elsewhere.

What do you think? And have you downloaded Apple Music on your android phone?


60 Reviews covering Smartphones from all Platforms, Tablets, Laptops and Chromebooks

The reviews pages often get unnoticed, but this is where you will find my reviews on smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, internet of things, accessories, headphones, DAC’s and power amps. There are also historical reviews covering some popular classic smartphones. Whatever device you’re browsing on, just click menu, reviews, or if on a PC web browser, reviews and then choose the sub category.


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Acer Iconia 8 Tablet (A1-840) – Review


Welcome to my review of the Acer Iconia 8 Tablet. This comes with a 8 inch screen and 16gb storage/1gb ram all wrapped in a aluminium body. The build quality is one of the first things that you notice about this tablet. Just look at the photos.



Due to its size and slight curves, the tablet fits nicely in your hand. For times when you need a camera, it comes equipped with dual cameras and microSD™ card slot, dual speakers, producing a good sound experience. The Intel® Atom™ processor with 7.5 hours of battery life has allowed me to use this all day and with a reasonable nippy response when jumping from app to app.

Key Specifications –

– Android™ 4.4.4
– Intel Atom Z3735G Quad-core 1.33 GHz
– Micro SD card support
– 20.3 cm (8″) WXGA (1280 x 800), Active Matrix TFT Colour LCD
– Wi-Fi
– 1 GB ram, 16 GB Flash Memory
– Connectivity – GPS, WiFi, LAN, IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, Microphone
– Battery – 4,600maH, Video playback 7.5 hours
– 2MP Front camera, 8MP rear camera
– HDMI (mini) port

The screen is only WXGA and I can notice the lack of resolution compared to some far more expensive tablets that have 1080p and above screens, but then again those tablets costs a lot more money. For many people the WXGA won’t matter. It does mean however, that there are less pixels to push so the tablet generally runs fairly fast in use. Rather unusual is a separate connection for a mini hdmi port as shown in the photos.

The Acer Iconia 8 is based on a near stock experience, but it does have some software tricks for turning on the device. Laying all 5 fingers on the screen allows you to turn on device or turn on with a selected app of your choice. You can do the same thing using 2 thumbs. Both these features can be turned off too. The tablet also features a split screen mode which is so simple to use. Say your using Chrome, tap the split screen icon bottom and the you can choose from a number of apps which support this mode. There were a decent selection of apps supported too from Chrome, Play Store, all Acer apps, accuweather, Amazon, audible, Amazon app store, astro file manager, calculator, eBay, email, Gmail, Evernote, maps, people, play books, officesuite, play movies, play music and youtube. Another neat option is Acer Intellispin. This makes rotation smarter. When you rotate the tablet the screen image can automatically rotate to match the new orientation, even if the tablet is lying flat. In addition you can add users which each have their own profile.

Acer installs many apps as standard. All those mentioned above and Acer cloud apps for docs, files, music, photos, and videos. By installing the same apps on your home computer you can access everything via the cloud on the tablet. Acer assessories, Acer portal, Acer suggests, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Local, Amazon Music, barcode scanner, booking.com hotels, Wild Tangent games portal, istorytime, Skype, top HD games, Tunein Radio and Zinio are also installed. Apart from that it is a near stock experience. The keyboard is Google Keyboard. You can uninstall several of the apps and or disable them if you want.

It is also preloaded with far too much extra software in my opinion. Some of it is useful, but perhaps Acer would have been better to include optional download links. The 16 storage model have just under 9gb free to the user. The loudspeaker goes fairly loud. Sound through the headphones is reasonable too. The camera takes ok photos in good light but does have many options from picture collage, various capture modes (normal, HDR, continuous, panoramic, presentation capturing), scenes (barcode, fireworks, landscape, night, night portrait, sports), white balance, timer, EV, ISO (auto, 100-800), metering, scale, resolution, Touch shutter, camcorder settings include time lapse, mute, 1080p, 720p & 480, storage, location, grid and a tutorial. In fact there are so many options in the camera that you should be able to photograph many scenarios.

The Acer Iconia 8 is available from Amazon currently for £139.58, Acer Iconia Tab 8 deal at Amazon UK which makes it fairly good value.

ViewRanger – one cool piece of software

Viewranger GPS Trails and Maps is a cool app that will probably soon rank as my favourite app ever.
Above screen shot shows a track route that I walked and then shared. When the recipient opens the link the above is what they will see. They can also change the map overlay from Open Street Map to a number of drop down menu options and even change miles to kilometres. If you want to see the above shared map on your own computer or mobile phone then click below –

“I’m sharing my #walking trip with you. Total distance 1.52mi, http://my.viewranger.com/track/details/MTA4MjA1OA== . Via @ViewRanger”

ViewRanger is the complete offline mapping, navigation & guided trail service for Outdoor Enthusiasts. The app & free web tools will help you at every stage of your adventure, so it’s easy to plan trips, gives you peace of mind when you’re out on the trail and helps you to store & share your experiences. Perfect for exploring mountain ranges or simply days out in the countryside. In my case, ideal for exploring Dartmoor and the coastal paths.

ViewRanger was voted as one of the best apps in 2013 on “Google Play” .Used & trusted by over 150 Search & Rescue teams across Europe and the North America. And after using the app, I can see why this software is used by the search and rescue teams.

Now ViewRanger is just a glance away on Android wearables.
● GPS mapped location, even without mobile signal
● Offline map mode* – store in advance using “Create Saved Map”
● Access to 10,000’s of route guides and trails
● Track recording – view your path on map to keep or share, even add Flickr photos
● Sports computer stats – view distance, speed, etc.
● Real time location sharing** – BuddyBeacon (requires data connection)
● Active Route Navigation***
● Powersave mode in the GPS settings
● Synchronises with web account for route planning, publishing and sharing.(http://my.viewranger.com)
● Share tracks via Facebook and Twitter
● Record a track, navigate and view track stats on Android Wear™
● OpenStreetMap© & OpenCycleMap
● Bing Ariel Imagery, Ski map, Transport map
● GB Road Atlas from Ordnance Survey at 1:250.000, map for England, Wales & Scotland
Download Great Britain Ordnance Survey Explorer 1:25,000 & Landranger 1:50,000 maps via in-app purchase (ViewRanger Store). Licensed maps from other national mapping agency’s are also available for over 21 countries.

Below are some screen shots from the ViewRanger store giving you a tiny insight into the maps available. The app is free to download, and as mentioned above a number of the maps are free too. But the detailed Ordnance Survey maps are chargeable but well worth it if you walk off road.


There are many ways to search for a map type, by country, type and so on.


The track that I shared above provides the additional data as shown above and below. You can also see the detailed OS map screen shots below.



In use you can zoom in and out with ease. In fact there are many options including a live buddy share when walking.


Another screen shot providing information on the route.


I am only just beginning to learn how to use this app and service, but so far have been blown away at just how useful it is. For the first time, I have real time information on my Dartmoor wilderness walks.

The app is available on iOS and android. It is also available on Symbian but not on Windows Phone. I have tested the app on my LG G3 and my wife’s iPhone 5S. Very impressive on both.

Links –

Google Play store – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.augmentra.viewranger.android

Apple App Store – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/viewranger-outdoors-gps-os/id404581674?mt=8

PhotoSync app – awesome app for wireless photo transfers – read on

PhotoSync is an app that really everyone should own. It is so well designed with so many features and works exactly as advertised.


So what does it do? Depending on what devices you have you install the respective mobile app. So if you own an android phone or tablet, head over to the Google Play store. If you own an iPhone or iPad head over to the Apple App Store. The iOS version costs £1.99. The android version is free with in app purchase of £0.99 to remove the banner ad. There is even a version for Kindle. If you own a mac there is a free companion app on the Apple Mac App Store. The same applies if you have a Windows PC. So once you have installed the software on your respective machines it now is as simple as ABC.


As an example, I have opened the app on my Samsung K Zoom and selected 4 photos. You can tap to select which ones you want to send, or press and hold to select a range. You can view your photos by all or albums on the K Zoom. Now open the iPad app.


Now, tap the red sync icon top right on the K Zoom, confirm your selection and as quick as ABC the photos are sent on to the iPad.





So what the above screen shots show is the process of moving 4 photos I selected from my android phone to my iPad. The order is slightly wrong, but I’m sure you can fathom out the correct order of the screen shots 😉 But you could move the photos, or receive, between any combination. What is also clever is that you can send the photos from say my Samsung Galaxy K Zoom to my mac. The photos can either go to a folder chosen by yourself, or end up directly in iPhoto or Aperture. Neat touch. And because it’s using wifi you can be downstairs and send the photos to your mac which can be located in another room.

Within the app, the options and settings are extensive. You have the option of using a web browser, personal hotspot, drag and drop, creating new albums, the app remembers which photos have already been transferred, raw photos also supported as well as video , meta data left intact, size of photo left untouched, transfer speeds of up to 5mb/sec and much more.

The iOS app version has been around for longer so adds so extra functionality allowing transfer to and from cloud services like Dropbox, Flickr. Google+, Picasa, Facebook, SmugMug, Zenfolio, Box, 500px, OneDrive, Google Drive and Sugarsync. Backing up videos and photos over (S)FTP or WebDAV to NAS, mobile storage, or remote server. You can also use 3G or LTE. And even more features.

At the end of the day, the app just works really well and being cross platform is such a bonus. Highly recommended.