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The new Honor 6A – My Review – A lot of phone for under £150

Welcome to my review of the Honor 6A. As smartphones creep up in price, it is refreshing to see a new phone being released for under £200. In fact the Honor 6A is currently available for £144.90 on Vmall UK , £139.99 on Pay as You Go with a £10 top up from Three UK or on contract and also from Amazon UK for under £140.

The Key Features / Specifications

– 5.0 inch HD (1280×720) IPS, 2.5D glass front
– Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 Octa-Core (4x 1.2 GHz + 4x 1.0 GHz)
– 2GB RAM, 16 GB ROM + microSD card up to 128 GB
– Android 7 (Nougat) + EMUI 5.1, July security update
– 13 MP main camera and 5 MP front camera
– 3.020 mAh battery
– Bluetooth 4.1
– LTE FDD:Cat4
– Dual Nano SIM or Nano SIM + microSD
– FM Radio
– Headphone Jack

The Honor 6A also features a metal body, a 13mp rear camera that focuses in 0.5s using phase detection, selfie beauty options, eye comfort, a superb photo editor for enhancing your photos (more in my review on this) but it doesn’t have NFC or a fingerprint sensor. It also still uses a micro usb connection for charging and not the newer USB Type C. However, at this price most people will probably still be using Micro USB cables. EMUI 5.1 provides lots of extra options too, from themes, screen colour adjustments and more, all of which I have detailed below in my review.


The camera is one area where Honor shines. The auto mode is reliable and quick. All my dog action shots were in focus and the overall colour balance was impressive. Also the Honor camera app includes a superb front selfie mode with the ability to create your own custom beautify setting. Pro modes are available for photos and videos. In addition to the comprehensive camera app, Honor include a great photo editing app with more features than many paid photography apps. I have explained all the options in my video review below along with many other aspects of the Honor 6A. 

Camera Samples

George was running at high speed. Snapped in auto mode. 

George has a really long tongue. 

Fury, she’s looking happy. All 3 shots have captured the scenes really well, with accurate colour and contrast. 

Video Review including Detailed Camera Review & Showcase


With phones forever increasing in price, it is good to see an option available for under £150, that has a strong focus on photography with decent battery life. Recommended.   

Available from Vmall and Three UK and also on Amazon UK for under £140.


Amazon Prime Day – All the BEST Deals with Times & Priced Checked – UPDATED 11th July

Amazon Prime Specials



Amazon is holding a special Prime Day Sale. It seems to have started although the official kick off time is 6pm tonight through to 11th July 2017.

I have listed my favourite deals that are available and also crossed checked the prices against UKCamelCamel (UCC). UCC tracks the prices on Amazon and lists the lowest ever price the item sold for. I have shown this price for as many items as possible. This way you can check if the Prime Sale offer price is a decent deal or not.

This page will be updated so keep checking back.

Amazon Prime Deals – Latest Offers –

Amazon Echo will be £79.99

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation – From 6pm tonight just £34.99

30% off Hive, Nest, Canary and Other Smart Home Brands Gear

30% off TV’s from Sony, LG and others

30% off headphones from Sony, Sennheiser, Philips, Jaybird, Bose and more.

30% off Smart Lighting from Philips Hue, Lifx and others. Huge offers.

Up to 30% off Smart Watches from Samsung, Huawei, Garmin and more

Microsoft Surface 4 with Cover £476

Up to 20% off Sony Cameras. Now’s the time to grab that camera!

Uo to 30% off Fitbit

Sandisk 128gb micro sd card , just £27.49

Polar Unisex M600 Sorts Fitness Watch
Deal starts at 2.05am 11th July. UCC Price £202.

AUKEY USB 3.0 Hub 4 Ports Aluminum. Deal starts at 3.20am. UCC price £8.90.

Aukey 20,000mAh Power Bank Lightning & Micro USB input, dual outputs, price will be £15.99. Deals starts at 5.40pm on 11th July.


Asus RT-AC3200 Tri-Band Wireless Gigabit Router
Deal starts at 6.10am 11th July. UCC Price £145.

TomTom Runner 3 GPS Running Watch
Deal starts 6.40am. UCC price £185.

Aukey Clip On Wide Angle & Macro Lens for iPhone, Samsung and more , recently reviewed by me, will be £12.99. Deal starts at 7am, 11th July. UCC price £15.99.

Netatmo Rain Gauge. Deals starts 7.10am. UCC price £45.

Panasonic 4K Blu-Ray Player
Deal starts at 8am. UCC price £257.

Samsung 4K Blu-Ray Player
Deal starts at 8am. UCC price £195.

Panasonic TX-32CS510B 32 inch Smart HD Ready LED TV with Freetime
Deal starts 8.05am. UCC price £218.

Sandisk 256gb micro sd card. Class 10. Deals starts 8.25am. UCC price £125.

Pentax Papilio II 8.5 x 21 Close Focus Binocular. Deals starts 8.40am. UCC price £125.

Sony XDRS40 DAB/DAB+/FM Ultra Compact Digital Radio. Deal starts 9.05am. UCC price £28.

Pioneer XDP-100R High Resolution Digital Audio Player
Deal starts at 9.40am. UCC price £269.

DJI Osmo Mobile Phone Stabiliser
Deal goes live at 10.15am. UCC price £257.

Jabra Elite Sport True Bluetooth Wireless Waterproof Fitness EarBuds
Deal starts at 10.24am. UCC price £127.

Aukey Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth in Ear Headphones, just reviewed by myself, will be £14.99. Deals starts midnight 15th July.

This page will be updated so keep checking back.


My Top 5 Smartphones of 2016 & a message from me 

Can you believe that 2016 is nearly at an end. And what a year 2016 has been. World events have been seismic and so has the technology. 

So what are my top 5 phones for 2016? 

5th Place – Asus Zenfone Zoom – What a phone and what a clever piece of hardware. With 3 x optical zoom, this was a fabulous phone and camera. As Apple has shown, having optical zoom is so useful. 

4th Place – LG G5 – the phone that has every technical specification. Replaceable batteries, micro sd card slot, dual lens system with a super wide lens (so cool), one of the best Bluetooth music using HD APT-X and so much more. Just let down by its build quality versus its competition. If the LG V20 had been sold in the U.K., this would have replaced the G5.

3rd Place – HTC 10 – the phone that everyone forgot about, yet is the phone that has the best audio quality with a headphone jack, solid premium build and super fast. I was going to put the Google Pixel phone in 3rd, but the HTC 10 is a lot less to buy.

2nd Place – Honor 8 – with its dual lens system, infra red blaster, gorgeous hardware and £300 price point, sometimes even less, this is a killer choice and a deserved second place. 

1st Place – Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Apple was helped towards this win due to Samsung suffering a PR disaster with their faulty Note 7. However, IMO there isn’t a single phone on sale at the moment that can offer everything that the iPhone 7 Plus provides. Great camera. Superb audio. iOS 10 and the Apple eco system. For me using the Apple Watch, with an iPad Air,  MacBook Pro and AirPods is a dream setup. HomeKit integrates tightly and Siri for me works very well. 

To catch up on my reviews on all the above phones, and all the other top phones of 2016, click here REVIEWS . Using that link, you can also get to all my Bluetooth headphone reviews and more.

Now in case anyone thinks I am an Apple fanboy or sheep, this is not the case. I just want the best of what’s available. Prior to the iPhone I was using Samsung S7 as my main phone with every Samsung accessory possible. However, after going through a horrific Samsung customer service experience with my Note 7, I have vowed never to use anything with a Samsung logo on it. Following my  Note 7 saga I also sold every Samsung piece of hardware I owned. 

The Holidays 

As we are approaching the holiday period,  news and reviews will be slower. This will allow me to look at the website design and try and improve it in a few places. I will also spend more time with family and friends. So whatever you are doing at this time of year, enjoy the next few days if you can and I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! 

In the meantime,  if you are buying anything on Amazon UK, using my affiliate link helps me towards the increasing running costs of the website. The good news shopping via my link costs you nothing extra. 
Amazon Shopping
If you wish to make a one off dontation (thanks to everyone who has so far) please do so using my PayPal account.

Amazon’s First Drone Delivery – Incredible but at what cost to the economy? – Editorial

Amazon Prime Air Private Trial Flying-HIGH RES

Amazon revealed they have made successful deliveries by using a drone to two customers in under 30 mins from placing of the order. See video below.

Impressive for sure. This is a private beta test involving two people but this will expand to more and more people over time.

In terms of how the drones work and deliver the packages, this is a great use of technology. But at what cost does the technology come. Amazon made online shopping a thing. In the process high street shops couldn’t compete and started to close down. This trend is sadly continuing and ruining the communities and high streets. However, the flip side of the online boom are jobs in the warehouses and more delivery drivers being employed. (if you can call these types of jobs equal to the lost jobs)

If drones became more mainstream. delivery drivers will not be required. If Amazon replaces people in their warehouses with robots, the human being will no longer be required. So what will people do for work?

Slowly but surely, technology is replacing the workforce but there will come a point in time when people will not be able to find new jobs due to smart new technology. Then what do we do?

Apple HomeKit vs Amazon Echo Dot – My Experience – Alexa vs Siri vs Google

Black Friday arrived. And so did a price reduction on the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. I quickly setup the Echo Dot.

Echo Dot

Now in terms of potential options that can connect to the Echo Dot, the list is fairly vast. But what you have to do is add a skill into the Alexa app. I connected my Belkin Wemo Smart Lights to the Echo Dot via a third party skill using an app to link everything. The app was called Yonomi. Alexa needed me to speak voice commands pretty precisely otherwise it failed to deliver the result I required. In fact, after getting my lights setup, it just stopped working with the lights. I also had issues with voice recognition. Several times, it decided I wanted to enquire about the price of goods and asked if I wanted to buy it.

To stop unwanted purchases, I strongly recommend adding a pin code which you will need to be spoken to confirm any expenditure.

Other things, like playing music and other miscellaneous items worked. A bonus is playing podcast. Just say Alexa, play Tech Addicts Podcast and it will play the latest episode. This is accomplished by Tunein Radio.

All these skills and services make the Echo quite compelling and gives it an advantage over any other option with the following proviso being its security.

The only part that worried me about the Amazon Echo setup is the security aspect, or lack of. Skills were added via a third party. Amazon had no 2 factor authentication. And what about these third party services and apps needed to add skills? Again, the security aspect is not controlled centrally by Amazon or with 2 factor authentication.

Apple HomeKit.


I have seen the HomeKit app on my iPhone 7 Plus for ages and it did nothing. So after being totally frustrated with the Belkin Wemo Smart Lights, I invested in the Philips Hue lights, which work on both the Echo and Apple HomeKit.

I decided to setup the Philips Hue in my living room first. It was so simple to install and setup. Then to link into the Apple HomeKit and Siri was quick and easy as well. Remote access is controlled by my Apple TV v4. You cannot activate remote access unless you have 2 factor authentication on your iCloud account. So unlike Amazon’s setup, the Apple solution feels and is far more secure. No third parties controlling the internet devices.

Now saying, Hey Siri turn on the lights, or change colour to red, blue, green or activate a scene, or dim or turn off is simply a breeze. You don’t need to speak an exact phrase, you can converse fairly naturally. Now obviously, my wife needs to be able to control the lights. So from HomeKit settings, I sent her an invite.

My wife appears, having accepted my invite, with HomeKit now setup on her iPhone and Apple Watch with all the scenes and lights that I had on my setup. So now she could just ask Siri to operate the lights. My wife hates technology. This is probably the first time I have seen her enjoying the experience of adjusting the lights and colour of the lights just by her voice. As the expression goes, it did just work.

I also know that the Apple solution is the better option, since my wife asked if I could install a few more around the house. Also, using your Apple Watch to control your lights is cool IMO.

The problem with HomeKit is lack of devices and services that connect to it, although it does have decent security.

Alexa vs Siri vs Google.

So now we get down to the different platforms and voice control. All three are different and all three work in different ways. Google is better at finding information from the web. Google now has its own Google Home system. Whilst it is early days for Google, it does show some great promise. Alexa needs to be spoken to in a precise manner and links well with Amazon services and a range of third party apps. I am concerned about the lack of security currently with Amazon’s setup. Alexa struggles to recognise my voice quite a bit. Siri is more like a virtual personal assistant that in my world works really well. And now Siri controls my home lightning in a natural way.

As to which system suits you best will depend on what you need it to do and what hardware you own! To have the sleekest home setup you may more than one system.

One thing is certain, and that is the future is going to be fascinating!

Useful Links

More information and latest pricing on Amazon Echo and Echo Dot
More information and the latest pricing on Philips Hue Lighting

Amazon Echo Dot – The Highs & Lows of Amazon’s Little Connected Miracle

Echo Dot<

Amazon had their Echo Dot on a Bank Holiday offer which took £10 off the price, making it £39.99. The offer is still valid today on Cyber Monday, so if you want one, click the link below in the useful links section at the end of the article.

There is not much to the Amazon Echo Dot. In the box is the Echo Dot itself, a micro USB cable that plugs into the UK adapter. A few mini booklets are provided. All you have to do is download the Amazon Alexa app, plug the Echo Dot in to the power socket, sign in via the app and it takes your wifi credentials and sets itself up.

You can now say things like, Alexa will it rain tomorrow. Or will it rain on Wednesday, and stuff like that. If you want the Echo Dot powered by a voice spoken assistant called Alexa, you can add more features, called skills. The USA has over 3,000 skills. The UK is somewhat behind that number, but it has only recently been launched in the UK.

So what can the Echo Dot do now –

– Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms and more
– Connects to speakers or headphones through Bluetooth or 3.5 mm stereo cable to play music from Amazon Music, Spotify and TuneIn
– Controls lights, switches, thermostats and more with compatible connected devices from WeMo, Philips Hue, Hive, Netatmo, Nest, tado° and others
– Hears you from across the room with 7 microphones for far-field hands-free voice control, even in noisy environments or while playing music
– Includes a built-in speaker so it can work on its own as a smart alarm clock in the bedroom, an assistant in the kitchen, or anywhere you might want a voice-controlled device
– Always getting smarter – Alexa updates through the cloud automatically and is continually learning, adding new features and skills

So in no particular order these are the lows and highs, starting with the lows first –

– sometimes it did not understand my voice/accent.
– you have to remember to start every sentence with Alexa. It is not aware of context and any commands have to be spoken precisely as it has been programmed
– my Belkin Wemo Smart Lights did not work with the Echo Dot without adding a skill (or service) from Konomi. Once added I could say things like “Alexa, lights on”. This was all working perfectly, and then none of the voice commands worked. I got this working again, only for it to fail again
– Be careful with compatibility. I though Wemo products were supported by the Echo Dot. Turns out it is only certain WeMo products and not my smart lights. (in hindsight it would have made more sense 2 years ago to spend the extra and buy Philips Hue lights)

And now for the highs –

– setup was a breeze
– I really like the small size of the Echo Dot. It is small enough to not disturb the look of any room. The microphones work really well.
– despite the issues with Belkin WeMo Smart light bulbs, this is the only product that has been able to connect to these and allow operation by voice
– Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot has vastly more connectivity services than Apple’s HomeKit.
– The speaker on the Echo Dot is much louder than I expected and sat on a solid wooden shelf delivers a lot of punch for its size
– With Prime Music (the free option) I can play music from most genres
– If the sound is not loud enough, connecting to a bigger speaker is easy.
– Its early days but the amount of stuff and services the Echo can connect to is vast

The big plus is it doesn’t need voice training. That means my wife can turn the lights on, off or dim them using her voice. Early days but so far, its great fun and impressive little piece of kit.

Useful Links
Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon’s Black Friday Sale Continues – My Best New Picks for Sunday

Amazon’s Black Friday Deals on Sunday. Once again, like yesterday there are lots of good deals. I have picked out the best so far for today . You should also have a browse yourself for the tech deals using the link below. I will update this post throughout the day.

All the tech , gadgets, phones, headphones, audio & computing deals today

Big discounts on smart home products, worth browsing this section as some great big brand gear on offer e.g. Amazon Alexa, Hive, Nest, Netatmo, Philips, Sonos

£20 off Amazon Fire 7 Tablet now £29.99

£10 off Amazon Fire TV Stick £24.99 now

50% off the most have toys for this year.

£30 off Amazon Echo and £10 off Amazon Echo Dot. The smaller Dot does have a built in speaker as well.

55% Sennheiser HD 598 cS – unique opportunity to get these headphones. These are closed back, 23 ohms, 115db, making them ideal for portable devices. Mine arrived yesterday and they sound awesome.

Up to £350 off TV’s and projectors, major brands. Getting a new TV now is a good time at these prices

Up to £250 off laptops, major brand laptops

£199 Xbox One S 500gb Bundle – Minecraft and Forza Horizon 3

From £229 – 249 Sony Playstation 4 1TB Deal Bundles – Call of Duty Legacy Edition Bundle + FIFA 17 / Lego SW Game + Movie / Uncharted 4 / Mega Game Packs

Large discounts across all Sandisk Micro SD cards from £5.99!

25% off Anker Best selling products. Some great stuff available.

£100 off Pioneer XDP-100R – High resolution Digital Audio Player. I reviewed this too. Stunning piece of kit

£150 off Astell & Kern AK JR High Resolution Audio Player – stunning sound and great price

Amazon’s Black Friday Sale Continues – My Best New Picks for Saturday

Amazon’s Black Friday Deals on Saturday. Once again, like yesterday there are lots of good deals. I have picked out the best so far for today along with the times of lightning deals to look out for. You should also have a browse yourself for the tech deals using the link below.

All the tech , gadgets, phones, headphones, audio & computing deals today

£10 off Amazon Fire TV Stick £24.99 now

£30 off Amazon Echo and £10 off Amazon Echo Dot. The smaller Dot does have a built in speaker as well.

55% Sennheiser HD 598 cS – unique opportunity to get these headphones. These are closed back, 23 ohms, 115db, making them ideal for portable devices.

£199 Xbox One S 500gb Bundle – Minecraft and Forza Horizon 3

From £229 – 249 Sony Playstation 4 1TB Deal Bundles – Call of Duty Legacy Edition Bundle + FIFA 17 / Lego SW Game + Movie / Uncharted 4 / Mega Game Packs

Large discounts across all Sandisk Micro SD cards from £5.99!

Massive discounts on 55 inch 4K TV’s from Sony, Samsung, HiSense, LG and Panasonic

Same as above but for 40 inch TV’s from all the major brands

I will add the lightning deals when I see some that are worth including. None so far but its early on Saturday morning.

It’s Black Friday – My Top Picks on Amazon along with times of the best lightning deals – UPDATED

Amazon’s Black Friday Deals. There are so many today. I will update this list throughout the day, so do check back. Also have a browse yourself for the tech deals using the link below.

All the tech , gadgets, phones, headphones, audio & computing deals today

The best deals on TV’s, laptops, Surface Pro, Sony Playstation bundles, Xbox and more

20% off Amazon Echo now £119.99

£10 off Amazon Echo Dot now £39.99. In case you’re wondering this does have a speaker built in.

55% off Sennheiser HD598 Closed Back Headphones. These are desgined for portable devices.Two cable options: 3 m detachable cable with 6.3 mm jack and 1.2 m detachable inline remote with 3.5 mm jack. These are 23ohms and have a 115db efficiency.

128gb Sandisk Micro SD card £22.99 – amazing price

30% off Amazon Kindle Paperwhites

£10 off Amazon Fire TV Stick £24.99 now

£20 off Amazon Fire 7 Tablet now £29.99

28% off Fitbit Blaze smartwatch fitness – lowest price

32% of Wileyfox Swift 2 and Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus

28% off Nest Security Camera now £114.99

£30 off Sonos Play Speaker

Up to 40% off Withings Activity Watches, Trackers

Up to 50% off Smart Home lighting

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan: Photoshop CC Plus Lightroom – 12-Month Licence – Download (PC/Mac).

Lightning deals. Most Amazon Basics cables, iOS cables, adapters, on a lightning deal from 7.59am. Includes all batteries, packs, chargers.

Lightning deals. Most Amazon Basics laptop cases, iPhone 7 Cases, on offer today. Deals from 7pm on some speakers.

Lightning Deal. 7.59am. Apple iPhone SE Gold 16gb Sim Free Certified Refurbished

Lightning deal at 8.59. Amazon Basics AA Pre Charged Rechargeable Batteries. Pack of 8.

Lightning deal at 8.59. TP Link Smart Plug. Works with Alexa. With energy monitoring too.

Lightning deal at 10.14am. Fiio X1 Music Player.

Lightning deal at 10.34am. Beyerdynamic T1 Luxury 2nd Gen Headphones.

Lightning deal at 2.14pm. AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ Headphones

Lightning deal at. Harman Kardon External Wireless Bluetooth Adaptor. 6.24pm

Lightning deal at 7.14pm. RHA T10i High Fidelity In ear headphones.

My Top Picks for Amazon’s Black Fridays Deals on Thursday with Lightning Deals Start Times

Amazon’s Black Friday Deal for Thursday seem to be ramping up with better quality items. Yesterday, Amazon added stuff during the day too. I will update this post later on. For now below are my top picks along with any start times for the lightning deals.

All the tech , gadgets, phones, headphones, audio & computing deals today

30% off Amazon Kindle Paperwhites

£10 off Amazon Fire TV Stick £24.99 now

32% of Wileyfox Swift 2 and Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus

Lightning Deal. at 8am. Bose Soundlink On Ear Wireless Bluetooth headphones. These will go super fast.

28% off Nest Security Camera now £114.99

Up to 40% off Withings Activity Watches, Trackers

Lightning deal at 9.10am. Fiio X7 MP3/MP4 Player. This will go fast.

Lightning deal at 12.40pm. RHA T10 in ear headphones.

Lightning deal at 3pm. Bowers & Wilkins P5 on ear headphone. 2nd gen.

Lightnind deal at 11.59pm. Bluedio V Victory Patented 12 Driver Bluetooth headphones. I have reviewed these too.

Black Friday Deals – My Pick for Today including times of the Lightning Deals

Amazon’s Black Friday Deals this Wednesday are really good but you need to search through over 500 entries. I have searched through all the current options and highlighted a few of my favourites plus lightning deals and the start times.

If you want to browse all the tech, computer, phones, headphones and accessories only

30% off Amazon Kindle Paperwhites – good reader too

£10 off Amazon Fire TV Stick £24.99 now – this is a usual discount during sale times but if you haven’t got one, its a great product

£20 off Amazon Fire 7 Tablet now £29.99- cheap as chips really

48% off LG SH6 All-in-1 Sound Bar – Black £209.99

Lightning deal at 8.40am Fiio X5ii 2nd gen Audio Player. This came up yesterday on a lightning deal and all got taken really fast. I missed this yesterday, so am hoping for good news today.

Lightning deal at 8.45am Fiio X3 Lossless Portable Audio Player . Again this went really fast yesterday.

Lightning deal at 10.10am Sony RX100 MK2 Amazing Pro Camera with 1 inch Carl Zeiss lens

Lightning Deal at 11.00am Sony NW-ZX100HN High Resolution Audio Walkman with Noise Cancelling

Lightning Deal at Sony Bravia KD55XD8005 55-Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV (2016 Model) with TRILUMINOS Display, PlayStation Now, Google Cast – Black. This went extremely fast the other day.

The Grand Tour starts 18th November 2016 -Special offer on Amazon Prime


Grand Tour Season 1 starts this Friday on Amazon Prime. To watch it you need to be a member of Amazon Prime. For the next few days Amazon is taking £20 off the annual membership of £79, making it just £59.

Click HERE for your Amazon Prime offer.

Obviously apart from the Grand Tour, you also get access to all the other Prime benefits.

Today’s best deals on Amazon’s Black Friday sale

Amazon has started their Black Friday deals yesterday. I went through all the tech and gadgets offerings and to be honest there were slim pickings. However, below are the best ones I could find today. What I found last year is leading up to Black Friday day itself, the best deals were found. Maybe there was less stock of that item.

Nextbit Robin Smartphone – Both Colours -now  £179.99  –

Netatmo Weather Station – 20% off includes extra modules. I have used this now for 2 years. Connects to internet. Has an IFTTT channel too. Lots of third party app support. My review of this weather station is available too. Just use the menu, reviews, connected apps –

B & O Play H3 Noise Cancellation in ear headphones. 45% off. Now £109. –

TV deals from £99.99 and discounts up to £350. Seems this is a good time to get a TV.  –

One of the best TV deals for something really special is on the 2016 model, Sony Bravia 65 inch Android TV, with 4K HDR, Youview, Freeview HD and Playstation Now, Class A. £400 off, now £1,299.

To browse all available tech deals on Amazon –

Tech Addicts Podcast – The Next Episode is Live – Pixel, Oppo & Bluedio


Tech Addicts Podcast is back again with new episode starring Gareth Myles, Jay Garrett and myself. Tech Addicts is released every 2 weeks.

To listen to the latest episode subscribe by searching “Tech Addicts” within your favourite podcast app, iTunes, Google Play Music Podcasts or use the URL “” to add directly.

Or listen below using the in-built player. Have fun listening!

The Deal of the Month – £99 for a Chromebook – It’s Awesome – Updated Again!


A few days ago, I decided to take a gamble and buy the Lenovo N22 Chromebook that was on sale at £99. It is still on sale today, Saturday at £99.

N22 shots

The Lenovo N22 has 2gb ram, 32gb storage, 2 x USB 3, HDMI, headphone socket, stereo speakers, bluetooth, wifi, a 11.6 inch HD anti glare screen and more. It is a semi rugged design with stronger framing, a thicker cover, reinforced hinges and ports too. The screen hinge opens out to 180 degrees. Due to all these factors, the N22 is drop resistant from a height of 70cm. It is also fanless and has a non slip material.

It has an intel celeron N3060 processor that enables massive battery life of 14 hours. On top of all of this the integrated web cam rotates 180 degrees. The battery is user serviceable/replaceable.

N22 shots

The Lenovo N22 chromebook arrived yesterday morning and I used it all day yesterday. The battery is at 70% still!. Not only that it has an integrated carry handle and is a semi rugged design with a water resistant keyboard. The touchpad is sealed too.

N22 shortcuts

It has more too. The help guide also had a page of keyboard shortcuts. So cool. I will add a photo of these shortly too along with a video, but I just wanted to make sure you all new about this deal before it disappears. There are also shortcut keys.

N22 shots

N22 shots

N22 shots

Being a chromebook, all I had to do is sign into my Google account and all my music, videos, photos, email and documents were available. It is such a good experience. Not only that I am trialling wevideo to allow video editing using the cloud to process all the heavy lifting.

Last night I was streaming my music to my bluetooth headphones and also casting from the Chrome web browser to my TV. All from a £99 machine that actually has replaced my now defunct and wounded 6 year old macbook pro.

One more thing. There are 2 offers. First is 100gb Google Drive storage for 2 years. And if you havent had a Google Play Music trial before, you can redeem a 3 month trial.

The N22 is also ready for android apps. Don’t miss out on this great bargain.

More on Amazon –